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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Finally Landed

12 hrs + flying.
1 bag each.
1 layover in France.
4 times little man got sick.
15 total in GAPP group arrived.

Got here. Check!

Funny story: As we got off the plane, down the steps & onto the tarmac, an old school German man promptly broke out the rest of a cigar and went right to it. The airport worker, who was directing people to the awaiting busses, saw him and started yelling, "Nicht am Flughafen!! Sofort!" and pointed down. The old man patted him on the shoulder as if they were the best of pals, during which time he pulled out the cigar with the other. The worker was stiff and angry...definitely not his best friend. And his face showed it all the more as the old pal tossed the stogie down and squashed it out with his shoe.

On the tarmac. 

Some people really don't get it. Lol. I sure chuckled about it as we drove away. 

Once we all made it to the U-bahn, the adventure continued. First, a completely drunk fellow got on, yelling foul swear words the entire time. Once he got off, and we sighed in relief, a Penner gets on, asking for " eine kleine Spende" as he offers magazines and newspapers for sale. His large dog accompanied him. They both wore collars. 

Once he left, entered a musician, playing his heart out on a guitar. His music wafted through the station as we got out and headed for some hefty stairs with our luggage. Ha.

Then, after 12 hours of flying, plus crazy travelling, we walked down around the corner and into town to stand in line for 40 minutes to get Döner and Uledag. It was worth every minute!

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