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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Checkpoint Charlie: Vantage Point to Communist Power Play

The guard took his passport as asked, "Where are you from?"
Lukas stared at him, his uniform, the piled up sandbags around the booth, the flags, and stared some more.
"Are you from California?"
"What city?"

And so it continued before he pounded six different stamps into his passport: USSR/Soviet Union, FRANCE, BRITAIN, EAST GERMANY, WEST GERMANY, AND AMERICAN ZONE CHECKPOINT CHARLIE.

The guard put a soldiers hat on Lukas for the big group picture, and he beamed with pride.

Now a tourist attraction, but earlier the edge of a boundary looking at East Berlin, where overnight a wall went up and a country stood divided.

Two years after the wall went up, visitors could enter under strict conditions, but pop music, Mickey Mouse and weapons or toy weapons of any kind could not. 

Interesting enough, it was the people, who after almost 30 years living under communist rule, through peaceful protest set themselves free. Guards at the borders looked dumbfounded as streams of people crossed over into West Germany. 

It goes to show what a massive unified group of people can achieve through mutual cooperation in a common cause, no longer inhibited by fear and oppression, and moved by love, freedom, and want for change.

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