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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Berlin Zoo

Jared took the kids to a University and then to a graffiti tour, in which the students got to paint their own graffiti pictures. I took a map, $50 Euro, and navigated us through the U-bahn stations to a nearby part of the city where we spent the day at the Berlin Zoo! We saw everything that the zoo had to offer, including its humongous playground for kids. And since it's Germany, you know the playground is unbelievable! After having spent the better part of 2 hours just at the playground, we headed to the petting zoo section where we were serenaded by bahhhing sheep & goats. We laughed so hard at their noises, and bossiness as they wrily stole pebbles of food from our hands. 

Stories for the day:

Some guy and his kids watched some monkeys at the same time as we did. We were looking through a window in a building as they stood outside by the cage railings. His kid throws a stuffed monkey towards the cage and it lands at the base of the bars. The monkeys, of course, reach through and pull it in, proceed to fight over, bite, the rip apart said toy.  Worst yet, they tried to eat the stuffing, which I'm sure wouldn't end well. Lukas and I knocked on a door where zoo workers could enter to walk between enclosures and care for animals. Finally someone came and we could explain what happened...in German...And they were able to remove the dumb stuffed animals. 

On the way home, Lukas was so tired, that his eyes were closing...sagging at the weight of those sandbag eyelids. Since there was standing room only when we came in, and Lukas had finally gotten a place to sit, the buff soccer sporty guy next to him said yes, he'd catch him if he started falling off his seat. Lol. The passengers around him had an amusing end-of-day ride home watching this little man's head bobbing back and forth between consciousness and slumber.

He managed enough energy to get dinner with me at the bakery and eat ice cream on the way home. But after just four sentences into our goodnight story, Around the World in 80 Days, he was out like a light!

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