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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Just scored the first goal of his Life

Today was a day to pack in a bottle and store on the shelf! After collecting bottles from his 'customers', we went to his soccer game. The third one of the season already! And today was 'game on'! The kids worked pretty well together, and try less and less to get the ball from their own teammates, and try more to use their teammates for help instead.  Lukas scored the first goal of his life! Super exciting! (And on Uncle Joel's birthday!! Happy bday Joel!!) He is so used to being the gentle giant, and 'sharing', that getting him out on the soccer field where he should 'be aggressive' and go take the ball is kind of a foreign concept.  We made a deal for every time he goes after the ball and touches it, (not just haphazardly touches it) and wha-la! Tons more touches on the ball! He's definitely a kid who responds well to positive motivation! And might I add, it is comical to watch 5 year olds play soccer. There are so many reasons to smile, and giggle, and cheer on that it's a fun experience for the parents too :) At the end of every game the parents make a tunnel with their arms for the kids to run through while cheering and they love it. Almost as much as team snack at the end.

We took off for the Lagoon afterwards where we went kayaking. We made it to a distant spot to pull off and have lunch on the beach and play in the water before paddling back. Lukas gave the oars a try and especially liked riding the waves when a boat or jet ski wake would reach us! I imagined how God gives us this whole earth to enjoy, and that of course our families are happier when we have wholesome recreational activities together, because we're unplugged, we're enjoying His creations, and we're doing that together, building memories.

 Then we took our sticky ocean water selves to the beach for a couple of hours to enjoy this beautiful hot weather. There was a heat advisory out today, so staying anywhere near water was the best option for us. At the beach Jared and I went boogie boarding. (I know. I actually went it, which means it was really stinkin' hot!). I caught some HUGE waves, and even though it sometimes felt like I was in a washing machine on the way back in, it was wonderful to cool off, and to experience the loud roar of waves from within one! And on our beach it's okay to be loud, because the digging of shovels and hollering of people pales in comparison to the steady crashing of the surf! We built sandcastles together, played with kelp, and Lukas brought his kickboard to boogie board in the surf.

Once home, it was back into H20. As if we're fish that need constant hydration (or sand washed off of very dirty limbs!). The elders met us at the grill area for dinner with our neighbors while Lukas washed off the heat (and all his left over grit) with Kaelyn & Reane...his pseudo sisters. :)

A day to bottle. A day to just be. To be together. Just the boys and me!

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