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Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of School

While driving home in the early morning hours after dropping off Jared at work, Lukas asked if we could go hiking. And I had this quick little argument with myself in my head, knowing that today is his official "First day of School" but that, gosh darn it, the name he chose for our school is "Lukasmobile Abendteuer Schule", meaning we are mobile, and we have adventures. So yes. Yes, Lukas, we are going hiking. But we'll drop by the house for water and snacks. Since we both had peanut butter toast for breakfast, we are going to need a little more to hold us over.

No problem. 

Pretzels, grapes, shorts, and a big bottle of water later, we left. On the first day of Lukasmobile Adventure School. Where two hours of homeschool work sat waiting on the piano bench, and cafe table, and counter. (I teach on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. He goes to school all day Thursday and all day Friday. His teacher is super sweet and there are 11 kids in his class. Eleven, people!)

It was heartwarming to see that a huge crowd had gathered to congratulate Lukas on his first day of school! The Great Blue Heron was in plain sight, stalking his breakfast. Up in the branches a few trees away perched a Snowy Igrit, and at the bank of the pond- around the bend of the reeds stood a Black Crowned Night Heron. Still up after hunting all night, I suppose. It was the first time we'd met. The fish were sending up bubbles into the thousands, and the whole place seemed alive.

On his first day of school. And this moment, I was grateful, neither of us missed. And felt so much freedom and bubbly joy that our choice allows us such a moment.

Then shows us Daniel. A 75 year old man who just finished a 3-Mile walk, and sat catching his breath on the nearby bench. He asked if we'd seen the Heron. We had. And were waiting for him to swallow a fish, so we could see the comical, cartoon way it goes down its skinny throat. Patient. Like a Great Blue Heron. Something Lukas used to say. Nature brings it out of him: the pondering, quiet, observant little boy who we sometimes refer to as the Animal Protection Agency. He knows their names, or tries to learn them,  and he loves them. Daniel even got his Field Guide to look up the little birds with the yellow legs, reddish beaks that look like Mudhens, or coots. But aren't. They start with a G and our friend Amy, the biologist would know. So I take pictures to send her later to ask.  :)

We sat close munching grapes & pretzels. Listening to Daniel, our private tutor on birds til he had to go get things done for the day. 

We hiked up the "big hill" and felt our hearts beat along the way, testing out our lungs (as it was part of the science lesson for today). We stopped at the dirt hills to practice climbing them & sliding down them. The dirtier the day, the more fun was had, right??  Encouraged by some bees, we made our way back to the bottom and checked out the little creek with the frogs. Lukas spied one in all his bright green glory. (Most of the time they hear us and jump under the water.) And was excited to check out the turtle bridge to see if any were out. The water was murky and still. And occupied by the largest frog I've seen in my entire life. As big as a dinner plate!! And a little boy was ecstatic with joy, and I was grateful again for our choice.

Once filthy enough to warrant a good shower, we headed home and began with (of course) science, creating his Science Notebook for the year and talking more about the body organs. Played an online educational game to place body systems into a body. Did some history. I.E. Lukas began to color a book about himself for the "All About Me" unit. We did some math on the white board and did calendars on Starfall. Lukas was all business, moving from one thing to the next. We did the reading/writing lessons, and realized that the only sad moment today was created because I didn't read some lesson plans all the way through, but after a popsicle break we were fine, and Lukas is totally enthralled with the online "Lexia" reading program part of his Language activities. I love that he is begging for more when it's time to stop. :)

We got all the "work" done in 2 hours. He would've been in school for 6.5. And we got to learn in German. And English. 

We drove up to the top end of our Stake Boundaries where an art teacher was doing a lesson for all little kids Lukas' age, hoping they'll join her class on a regular basis. They talked about a Tree of Life that an artist had painted, and how he made it look even grander using gold and shiny things. And let's throw in that story with Lehi in the middle of things somewhere for kicks. I like how she tied in world cultures, that lots of different religions and people have different representations of a tree of life. 

And he had fun. Drawing, Gluing, Glittering. And then playing with the boys in the sticks and the dirt afterwards!

We got back to town and experienced the fabric store to buy material for me to help the Young women at church make maxi skirts Tuesday, and Lukas was excited to pick out a green material for some TMNT pants. Halloween is coming after all. Anything to keep him excited about the fabric store. 

We bought a donut next door to celebrate this momentous day before heading to Jared's school for the monthly German Movie Night. During Monsters Inc., my favorite part was hearing a 5 year old's giddy laugh while sitting in a room with high school teenagers! Ha! 

It was a whirlwind but almost magical first day of school. Everyone's content. At peace.

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