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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Girls Camp 2014

Sad moment. My phone was stolen after camp and I lost all my pictures. What I have here are from my mom and from facebook. Sigh.  Anyhow.

Girls camp is held at an amazing camp just outside of Ramona, CA. It has a big pool with a tall curvy tube slide, a air-rifle range, a zipline, a archery range, and air-conditioned cabins. Certification was sparse if at all, and the food was catered. Not like the Girl's Camp of my youth. At all. And I'm pretty sure it's unlike most places in the US, and that Southern California considers itself an exception to most rules made by, well, anyone. So here we were 'glamping' in the summer.

Mom came to visit and help me run the archery range. We were outside for four days in a row, all day. It was hot but we had water. I didn't have to cook for anyone all week, or take care of any groups of girls. I just had to teach archery and show up to everything else. Vacation for me. I'm pretty low maintenance. Helped do a skit, danced through the ages at a Dance party, went on a night hike, zip-lined, handed out lots of bullseye awards(Mom shot jillions of bullseyes! She's a great shot!), ran the archery range, shot an air-rifle for the first time and almost shot my eye out, went on an early morning hike to see the sun rise, and generally came home exhausted. Haha!

Can't wait to go again next year!

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