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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

California Fires 2014

While hanging out at a friend's pool during a playgroup swim day, I get a call from my friend Rachel, who informs me that there are fires breaking out around our area, that her husband's workplace was just evacuated on Palomar Airport Road, and that she was packing 72 kits into her car. Needless to say, we grabbed our things immediately and jumped into the car, stopping at Wal-Mart on the way home to buy extra jugs of water. I was puzzled that with the huge billows of smoke seen in the first picture from the store parking lot, that a)nobody was talking about it and b)nobody seemed to be in any hurry to get water or other kinds of basic needs. We got home and pulled our 72 hour packs out to the living room when suddenly I get a call from a friend who asked me to be the emergency contact for her 2 little ones at the montessori school across the street.  Twenty minutes later the montessori school called me to pick up the two little ones since they were evacuating as a precaution. 

Fires were within 5 miles away. 

It was 105 degrees outside. 

Even though the little school was just across the street, we drove to get them, squished everyone into our sedan, and came home. Evacuation for a family is one thing. Evacuation with someone else's kids adds a layer of complication to the whole plan. More needs. Less car space. 

Lukas wants to know if his books will burn. His books. I mentally pat myself on the back as I assure him we'll haul as many as possible should the need arise, and reassure him that there's no need to worry because Mommy and Daddy are totally prepared (except for that water-run at Wal-Mart of course!) We've listened to the counsel to have go-bags ready, and we've had em ready since living in Wymount housing years ago, and as I tell him I feel so grateful for our readiness and the feelings of peace and security it brought at an unsure time.

As the fire days continued, new fires popped up. UCSM evacuated. Fires close in another direction. Great. And all major highways closed. With seven fires being fought all the way around our city, we weren't really going anywhere any time soon. Most neighbors congregated at the pool, talked about the fires, and related stories from previous fire seasons that were much worse; people had to wear masks and school kids weren't allowed outside at all.

No wonder the people at Wal-Mart didn't seem to make much of a fuss.

You must know that for a few months afterward, everytime Lukas would see clouds he would call out, "Uh ohhhhhh!" in a worried voice, thinking that it was smoke. A year later as I write this, he doesn't even remember thinking that about the clouds. Thank goodness. 

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