We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

Loehrmann Family Favorite Recipes

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Auntie Patty!

On another day of Adventure in Laguna Beach area with Patty, swimming. I love this picture because it really captures them both well. Patty, ever willing to be IN the pool and playing with Lukas, radiating happiness, smiles, and kindness. Lukas, ever willing to be doted upon, and having a hay day tooting around in that pool while Patty and I talked, then jumped in with that heat! Love the chance to reconnect and do things together!

On another adventure with Patty this week we went whale watching together. "I'm going for Aunt-of- the-Year here!" she'd say. She took him (us) to lunch, took him whale watching, bought him a stuffed gray whale that he so lovingly calls "Wallie" ('Wal' is whale in German.) Here are pictures from some of our adventures together:

Saturday, April 26, 2014

My German students.

 Jessica Loehrmann, Katharina & Maja Nestorovic, Julia, Lucy, Sebastian Becker-Hill, Bobby, Sophie Rose Geierstange, Niko, Luca, Lukas L.

Sunshine in my soul today

Everyone needs an Uncle David & Aunt Patty. The type of people who can show up, make you feel loved, valued, and sometimes spoil you too. That relationship that fills your bucket no matter how long it's been since you've met up. The one you look forward to continuing and will move mountains to make that happen. Every morning while they visited I'd wake up, pack Lukas into the car and drive 45 minutes north to meet them at the luxurious resort where they were staying for a Spice Conference. It was like out of a movie, and the atmosphere was awe-inspiring. I saw the freedom and happiness that comes with positivity, and what stuck with me is something David said while sitting at the edge of a bubbling hot tub after playing pool-football with Jared and a bunch of random guys at the hotel pool : I don't have room and time in my life for negative people anymore. I want to surround myself with positive and motivated people. 

They had invited us for lunch at a beautiful restaurant on the golf course, and it was so fun that David finally got to meet Jared and Lukas for the first time! David said to me after hanging out with Jared for awhile, "Holy &^$^! He is AWESOME Jess!!"  :)  

Yes, David. I agree. As are both of you!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pictures from Lukas/ Kitten Birth

"Mom, here's a picture for you! It's me! Doing jumping Jacks!"
With the birth of kittens in our neighborhood, the kids were super excited! They got to see the new little babies, hold them, and see more being born. Definitely a cool homeschool moment. Did I mention how I love the sound of young 5 year old boys, especially mine, cooing, "Awwww! How cuuuuute!" ? LOVE IT!

Friday, April 18, 2014

88 degrees Happy

Spring Break. 2 weeks of daddy bliss. The reason to join the teaching profession: the breaks. Everyone slept in til 10 (unbelievable around here), ate huge breakfast before heading to the beach all afternoon.Then to the complex's pool, to get all the sand off, of course. Then Lukas was in Jammies by 6 and out cold by 7pm while I went off to learn more fundamentals of Cross Fit and came home tired and happy.  The perfect day!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Resurrection Eggs & Easter Sunday

Found this idea tonight & Lukas helped me put them together. He wants to gift a set to his friends. The best part? He'd ask, "What's this for?" And then we got to talk about everything that happened to Jesus on the way to Calvary. He was really excited to make the crosses from toothpicks with hot glue. And the clear dried glue remants apparently took the form of Jonah and the whale. Ah, to have the wonder of a 5 year old. :)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

There was a Mexican, a Catholic, a Mormon invited over for drinks one night...

Which was last night. Lukas' best friend's mom invited us for drinks at 5 at their place. She knows we don't drink but wanted us to come anyways. I was excited. We have awesome neighbors around and the boys were all thrilled to hang out together.  By 6pm their apartment was packed full of people, snacking, talking about unimportant stuff, or bragging about everything they've ever done in their lives (because once you're married for 50 years you're an expert... of course. Bwah ha ha) By 8pm, some had had a few and man, it was hiLARious to listen to the stories people would tell, or see the animation with which they'd tell em, or the honesty with which they would spill their woes. (You reeeeeally get to know people! Whoa. I was asked to text one of em to take em to church this morning.) All as I'm swishing my Horchata around in a wine glass that Jose so happily offered me wanting me to have a fancy glass too. And the kids all hung out playing in Jacob's room, then watched one of them play minecraft (dumbest game ever? Maybe?) while drinking Capri Suns and munching on Cheetos. There were a few breaks with Lukas lifting up the shorter species so they too could try gymnastics moves from the bunk bed bars. The Life.  Hopefully a moment of childhood to be remembered... it felt like a scene on "The Wonder Years" when they had that backyard party (except that one episode was sad because Whinny's parents were getting divorced). Later Jose made em all popcorn and put on a kid's movie (Again. THE LIFE.)  while "50+ yrs married Man" had more wine and shelled out more and more advice and one liners to remember. All whilst his wife rolled her eyes from across the table. haha. I don't often drink, but when I do, I prefer Horchata. Stay thirsty my friends.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

No matter how long it takes-olympic song

Getting stronger every time. He is loving this gymnastics class! It seems great for core development all the way around. And Coach Mic plays the coolest games at the end of class! He catches them after bouncing them up really high on the trampoline. And it's nice that someone else tells my kid what to do!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Cloudy with a chance of cheeseballs

We were there maaaaybe an hour. The washed up sea lion from days ago was still resting and trying to get warm. Lots of sea lions are weaning now and don't fish very well yet, so they come onto shore to rest and warm themselves in the sun. Too windy and cloudy today though. Even a weird ring around the sun!

Gewinne, Gewinne, Gewinne

To use up the rest of the tokens during Jared's spring break, we headed over to Chuck e Cheese for the evening. The boys played this pirate game for at least a half hour, working together to blast away little creatures running towards their pirate boat as they made way down a river. I was there to take pictures and offer moral support, and to know what Lukas would be talking about later that night when he would say he couldn't sleep because he imagined the huge crabs running towards the pirate boat. And I inhaled my fair share of bacon, eggs, cottage cheese over salad at the endless salad bar. I was starving at 4pm, and with nothing to do but watch them shoot things, I had no distraction from my stomach. Now that I started Crossfit, whenever I am hungry, I feel ravenously hungry. The huge creepy Chucky Mouse came out and threw a jillion tickets in the air. We were the only ones around to claim almost 200 tiny papers that we painstakingly shoved into the ticket counting machine. One.at.a.time. After scoring some cheap 'made-in-china' toys from the prize counter (and me sighing relief that only one of them was candy) we left, celebrating the last bday partiness for the bday kid. Lukas is the new proud owner of a Chinese yo-yo, thrilled that he "can do it better than the American yo-yo."

Saturday, April 5, 2014

General Conference

He loves the music. He cheers for President Eyring and President Uchtdorf. Then all the talking usually puts him to sleep. Here, Papa keeps watching through slitted eyes. So hard when we are all so tired from German School, and life in general. Lukas has the right idea here. Just looking at this picture too long makes me feel sleepy!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Habby Birthday Boo!

Breakfast at Coco's, a day at Sea World, and dinner at In & Out. Best.Day.Ever.
He is so excited to be five!! And wanted not much more than to touch as many fish/sharks/sea stars as possible. Sea world has these cleaner fish now, called Doctor fish, and when you put your hands in the tank they nibble all the dead skin off your hands. So Lukas had tons of little fish kissing his hands in swarms. And got to pet zebra sharks again and again. And I won't lie....having my hands in that fish tank for 20 minutes was like a free spa treatment! He is almost 48 inches tall. 52 pounds. Size one shoes. Love's color green. Sleeps with his favorite stuffed animal, "Bear". Likes playing with cars, sticks, snails. Love's riding his bike and scooter and hearing stories. We're in the middle of the stories of Tom Sawyer and hope Injun Joe gets caught soon.  He signs "no" pretty emphatically. I like it better than yelling. And I love that he signs "I love you" too! He has a best friend named Jacob, who is a month older and a whole head shorter. He cheers when I tell him we are having salad and asks to invite some friend's family over.  He likes to stay in jammies as long as possible mornings. He loves to eat eggs, salami sandwiches and pizza. He likes to watch BBC Planet Earth & Veggie Tales, and have family film evenings. He likes to play in the pool/jacuzzi at our complex, especially when "the girls" (Kaelyn & Riane) are there. He likes to help vacuum and clean the toilet (?) but dislikes sorting the silverware, which is his job every day. He loves to sing and dance, and do window hangs/pizza swings from the gymnastics bars. Dad is his Superman and right now Lukas wants to be a teacher like Dad. Maybe teaching biology or German. He says big words sometimes that make us laugh or stare in amazement. He loves/needs to move. A lot. Heaven help his Kindergarten teacher. I hope she "gets" kindergarten boys. He can kinda write his name and knows most all of his upper/lowercase letters. He likes to "read to himself" even though he cannot yet. He dislikes drawing, coloring, puzzles, and tomatoes at the moment (unless they're disguised). He is a spunky, loving, sensitive, giving 5 year old boy and I am grateful to be his mom.