We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

Loehrmann Family Favorite Recipes

Monday, March 31, 2014


The little boy in this picture, Jacob Ortiz, is a month older than Lukas. You catch that? One month OLDER! Ha! Good buddies though. Jacob made him a little card and put a car in the package for his friend, and Lukas went on about how sweet that was from Jacob. Loving the age of these little people with big hearts!

Happy Birthday Lukas!

It is birthday week! Tonight is a party with all of his friends at Chuck E Cheese. We are doing a tailgate pizza party outside, then going inside to overstimulate a bunch of 4-5 year olds before singing "happy birthday" and eating cupcakes (which are actually apple cinnamon muffins with cream cheese frosting with sprinkles...per Lukas' request.) At church yesterday I swear he invited 5 more kids, and says that he hopes "his guests" will like it. Such an old soul talker. Anyways, I'm surprised he even slept last night. More later...

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Faculty vs Students Basketball Game

Faculty won 58-50. Not bad for some math teachers, a grounds guy, chem teachers and language teachers...oh, and there was the really nice pe teacher too: Blake Mormon. He got a technical for some pretty excited celebration. Way too much fun with that job!

Soccer Awards Night. Coach Loehrmann.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Since the era of pole climbing has begun at our house, we figured we'd ought to find an outlet for it. This seemed like the perfect place! And he LOVES it! 

Whale watching boat trip

A turning point. A tipping point. A boiling point. The straw that broke the camel's back. We have many saying to convey the moment in which something has reached a point of elemental overload, causing a certain change. A turn. A tip. A boil. A break. 

A moment in which a change is needed is a huge opportunity to use decision power and change our course. We can choose the change or fall victim to the change, letting the change merely 'happen' to us, instead of becoming the catalyst. 

I wanted to choose to have an adventurous life, to feel like I was living instead of merely surviving, so in a non earth-shattering way it happened. We planned a whale watching trip and dinner out in old town with a friend. A break from the routine and a pause from responsibilities A way to fill my inner bucket and set me apart from all the crazy stress of the last months. A chance to be me. The inner me who loves adventures, loves to be fit, to climb, to search out and explore. If what I do represents who I really am, then I was currently the sucker. Doing things for everyone else except myself, and feeling tired and empty, and slowly resentful towards every trial and person behind a few of those trials.

So we jumped in. We went on a three (or four) hour tour. Saw a bunch of dolphins. and learned to stand on the boat without holding onto anything, even as it pitched on the waves. Now, to go forward in life and do likewise. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Symbiotic Relationship

Nailed it. (jk)

 To be truthful, I had a horrible Monday with Lukas so I gave myself a redo and celebrated on Tuesday. Simple, but wow he was all excited to have green eggs & blue pancakes for breakfast and we watched a 3 minute YouTube video a friend posted on fb about Saint Patrick while eating. Who knew he was a slave for 6 years and that the St Patrick's day color used to be blue??  Anyways, as a complete opposite of the day before, it was amazing the immense joy that a few drops of food coloring and a neatly set table brought. I didn't go alllll out with some party scene, with balloons and treats in shoes or a trashed living room from leprechauns (that's like a mix between Nikolaus Tag and a day with Lukas)  but made the day a little different, just to make it fun. (Not that doing more is BAD, it's just that...well...it's just Saint Patrick's Day. And I don't like to promote getting, getting and more getting. And more cheap crap in my house.) So, well, I decided after feeling guilty for not doing a darned thing for the green day (i asked- little man didn't want to wear green. And why whould I have convinced him to change? Because of some social pressure? Oh, honey, that's what middle school is for. Not four years old when you're finally dressed in anything and out the door) and to boot, he had one.tantrum.after.another.on Monday. So my goal was to make it much different than the horrible day which preceded it. Is it weird to call the fish sticks leprechaun legs? It works, right? That hat was a dollar by the way. Thank you Dollar Store and the hardworking children in China for the cheap fun you brought to our home after a day worth forgetting.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Oops. Big oops.

I met Sri in the hall Sunday after the Sacrament meeting. She wanted to donate a sack of baby clothes somewhere.  We happen to have a clothing swap coming up, so I told her she could leave em in the bishop's office since she said she was passing through. She came around to where we attend gospel essentials, and said she hadn't been in a long time, and needed to talk to the bishop. I told her it was no big deal, to come on in with me...made her feel comfortable and welcome. No judgement. Just come in. And breathe. She said she hadn't been in years. I told her "who cares?! It isn't a contest." She was all kinds of grateful, and said she and her boy left with just two bags, and though it might seem irresponsible, she was doing what she felt she had to do.  Said the boy's father beats her and him, and she doesn't want it to ruin the boy. The typical battered woman right? I'm praising her for doing what she feels like God wants her to do, and keeping the boy safe. They stayed for the baptism that afternoon, and her son Nico even helped put away tables, etc. Such a good boy. Really. Just 11 yrs old. I hoped they'd gotten enough to eat, and asked if they wanted more. She tells me the bishop put them up in a motel for the night and needed maybe one more. She was asking about cheap apartments and Jared and I are recommending places and giving her numbers.When I asked how much she could spend, she mentioned she was "on disability. And with good reason." We gave her some apartment options we knew of.  Maybe not in the best neighborhoods, but cheap enough for a fresh start in a new place.

While waiting to make potato derby cars with the youth in the week, I asked the sisters about an YW investigator and about Nico and his mom . Then Sister Beretera gets this crazy surprise eyed look on her face and gets all close and animated. Turns out, they told me, that the state-wide Amber Alert sent out yesterday (which I, too, received on my cell, and without a second thought went on with my day), was for that mother with her son Nico!!! She had kidnapped him during her visitation days in Long Beach and took off with him. She is now in jail and her boy is back in custody of his father.

And she has my phone number.

And apparently I aided and abetted a fugitive. As did the church!

Jared's response? "At least you have a new story for 2 truths and a lie."  Nice.

And speaking up safe atmosphere at church: three drunk guys showed up to Jared's EQ lesson, actively participated too. Lol. Moral of the story: Um....keep an eye on your kid at all times in our ward. Who knows who is going to show up!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Aunt Carol Passed Away.

I met her one time. I was on my way home from college after finishing spring courses. I would be home for the summer, and then I would be off on some new adventure.  I had volunteered to drive a man's suburban from Utah to VA  for him. I was getting a free ride home out of it and he was getting his car to family members who needed it more than he did. Dad flew out to UT to do the drive with me (so the ride home wasn't exactly free....) And we took a detour through Michigan City, Indiana. We went up the sand dunes to look out over Lake Michigan and even drove by the old house dad grew up in with Shari, Bill, Carol, Debbie, Georgia, Patty, Steve, Celia, and Andy. All those kids in that small wooden house.

We went over to the Wal-Mart where Carol was working. She didn't really know we were there, or if she knew Dad was there (as he is talking to her on his cell from the garden section) she certainly did not know I was there. Family is a funny thing. You can never have met, but the pure fact that you're family means joy and hugs for otherwise complete strangers. Carol was kind, and worked hard. She hadn't had an easy life. Like most the others who never really left that place. We hugged and exchanged some stories before she had to get back to work. She was tired. But the flicker of joy she had was memorable, and sweet. It's my only memory of her.

We spent the afternoon with Andy at his place eating pizza and chatting before heading on our way. I didn't really know these people other from the few stories I had heard about Uncle Andy growing up. He seemed kind hearted and humble; a dad who worried about his kids and had a pretty rough life. I never knew good things about him growing up. (Side note: It is funny though that even my son knows the story of Uncle Andy walking on the freshly cleaned carpet with dirty socks....because we actually got our carpets cleaned once. And just a couple days ago he came in with filthy socks and no shoes, and I had to laugh.)

So whenever a family member passes, it causes us to think of our last interactions with them and our involvement in their life. And it gives cause to pause and realize how much one had invested and if it leaves one satisfied or uneasy. And hopefully it lights that fire in us to keep trying to invest in family that is still living, so that in the end we can feel peace and be still.
Rest in peace Aunt Carol.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Best Babysitter Yet!

Lukas talked all evening about all the things he and Renee did together...including taking this pic with his Superman cape on and the wind blowing. Lol. And singing Davey Crockett to his record player, and she made him eggs on the stove, and built a huge fort. And let him watch a superman cartoon, and have a croissant.  He had a great day. I hope Renee had a good time too, and hope she will want to babysit for us again!

I was so glad someone could come while we are bound to teaching at the German school every.single.Saturday. Super lame if our own kid is sick since there are no subs. Once he lay on the floor in my classroom and later threw up. So gross. This time Lukas has pink eye, cough, congestion and fevers, so I was super glad someone could come over to help him have fun. (So glad he can blow his own nose. Sigh.) Money doesn't buy everything, especially peace. Doubt we will run the school next year.