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Monday, June 24, 2013

The National Zoo

Waiting there at the Cracker Barrel for Ben & Siah was fun. Having rocked his share and having scored a few candy cane sticks from the country store, Lukas was all about this place!

After taking Ben to the Pediatric Aids Assoc. building in D.C. to show off his cute baby before his meetings, we all left and walked down to the Metro that would take us to the Zoo. On the way down, a Trans man had to rescue Kasiah's flip flop from the shoe-eating escalators. Muh-ha-ha!
Kasiah texted Ben the laugh of the day with one shoe.
Lukas and Ben loved riding the Metro, and would yell, "WHOOoooaaaAAA!" when it got all dark from being underground. It was wobbly and shifty- as Subways are, and the boys had a blast. 

Just FYI, the tube next to the big tire the boys are pushing on, contains elephant poop.

We reaped more super hero poses throughout the day. This phase is cracking me up!
I'm glad Lukas got to have some fun times with Grandma. He said a few months after this, out of the blue, how much he loves Virginia! Or reminisces about something with Gramma Meredith! Pretty cute. 
Grandma got the boys tickets to ride the carousel, and how fitting that Lukas chose the poison dart frog, which he LOVES to look at while at the zoo, Sea World, museums, etc. , and that Ben chose the bald Eagle, with his Daddy in the Army!

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