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Saturday, December 14, 2013

German School Christmas Party


Has a link for the video of Lukas singing with his class: Kling Gloeckchen!
The German School from San Diego and from Vista convened at an old elementary school to perform songs and poems for the parents at Christmas time. The decorations were almost all from Jared's and my classes, and our group sang loud and wonderfully! Weihnachtsbaeckerei & Kling Gloeckchen. Frau Self from our school even made cute angel costumes for the little ones. (And Aria is the sweet little girl right in front of him in the picture, and is the girl with whom Lukas likes to play the most. He said once he wants to marry her in the temple. And he's 4. ) For being a first year school in GASA we ROCKED that party!! Our kids knew their stuff, and created a great showing with their cute crafts!! Yeah-yuh!! Jared's an awesome director of our Vista Campus and the parents adore him. And I must say, it is so-- much---work!! But we are grateful for the cultural experiences for Lukas and the chance to make some money doing something we like. It's so hard to wake up early every-single-Saturday morning, but when the parents and kids are so excited about us, it kinda makes it a little easier to swallow.  We've been so swamped with jobs/assignments this year, but this event was definitely a highlight after so much effort!!


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