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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another Spin on Halloween

This was Costume B. Once the Superman costume was worn for the Trunk or Treat, he was storm trooper Lukas *(a donation from a neighbor that week). So when trick or treating with his buddy Finn tonight he wants to wear it.

Here are pics from the playgroup party:
(Awww, April!! Who's  since moved!!)

Here are all the pictures from the Ward Trunk or Treat. We went SUPERMAN themed, which was funny since I really just wanted to wear a wig and have us match. So I tried a few, came up with something for Lois Lane, and Jared was a bit not-thrilled to have a painted face. No masks are allowed so he had to dress like robber without the face sash. And then he said he felt bad because he thought people gave him dirty looks. The EQ president as a bank robber. Hee hee. What else could he have been?? 

The coolest part of the Trunk or Treat ward party was that friends from Davis came through town and got to come WITH us!!! Yayyy!! People to sit by at a ward thing!! I adore Angela and her ability to communicate. Really, she is masterful at it. We have the best discussions about life, and how it's really going. And since at the time it wasn't going great, I appreciated the sounding board until the wee hours of the morning. Her family LOVES Halloween, and it was super fun for Lukas to have buddies to hang out with and dig through candy stashes with! Thanks Jill for a rare family picture!!

p.s. It was really fun to be blonde for a day :) And why why why do I have no pics of Angela???

And as if the trunk or treat didn't yield enough sugar, we headed out Halloween Night to our friends the Saabe's so Lukas could trick or treat (for real) for the first time. Man! He had that knocking thing down FAST! He'd lean in, give it a good knock, then wait so patiently. It was aDORable!! And of course, we, his totally doting parents, could be seen 'awww'ing at the end of the walk. Gotta say, though, some of those gruesome yards were a quick walk to pass, but the neighbor with the video playing on his garage door was genious- heat lamps set up and everything! (And hey, less candy collected if the kids watch a movie, right??) They got back to the house, sorted candy, ate some, and warmed themselves by the fire. Because I'm sure it was just "freezing" in the 60s or something. 

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Jeri said...

Oh, to be 4 again and find joy in something as simple as a chair spinning in circles! Hard to say which child is having the most fun!