We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Prepare for Implosion

Update: Jared's surgery went fine. They pulled out a piece of cartilage floating around by pumping his leg full of water, apparently. (And this surgery was 3 months after the incident. Yay HMO and American Healthcare. Jared said in Germany this never would've happened.) He's been on crutches now for 3 weeks. He's got almost 3 more weeks still of crutches and not allowed to put any weight on it whatsoever until the 6 week mark is up. He can shower finally, once the doctor took off the dressings. Before that, he and Lukas both got baths. Joy.

 He cannot drive, so I am a chauffeur for any meetings (for Elders Quorum, German School, German Exchange Program, Soccer Team Boosters, School, or otherwise) unless he works out a ride otherwise. I am so so so grateful for those who make "otherwise" possible. Bless you.  He's been a great sport about it. Really. Such a good positive attitude. SOOOOO much better than when that blasted Achilles blew. Like night and day comparison actually.  I am so glad we survived that.   The biggest downers withe the surgery for me include driving the car more than ever before to bring people from A to Z, filling the 5 gallon water jugs and hauling them home, taking out the trash and getting recycling done... all things that Jared did before... along with just helping me in general to clear the table, tidy up, or checking on Lukas at night... putting him to bed.  So my days are longer to get everything really done.

That leads me to the implosion factor. Between Jared's Elders Quorum calling, German School Principal and Teacher job, German Exchange Program Coordinator Assignment, Soccer Team Coach, and his actual job teaching in the HS, he has a brain full of to-dos, and I'm so surprised at how little I hear about most of these things. He just gets them done calmly in his own way, and really tries to be home when he's home.  Each has it's own time to get done and it's not like they are all happening at the same time or all the time. Just lots to keep track of on the calendar.

I've been burning the candle at both ends for too long, so now I'm sick with a nasty cold and had a fever for the last two days. For all those who think I have allllll this time on my hands because I have only one kid, let me just set the record straight for once. You are right. I have time on my hands. 24 hours in a day actually. Just like you. And I fill it. Just like you. The difference is probably that I have much more flexibility in my schedule than many... like those who have a hellish school drop off schedule (especially the poor moms who have to drive to three or more different schools! Yes! Awful! I totally feel for you Katrina!!) or tons of activities to constantly get to.  Usually we just have a couple "have tos"-- i.e. things I'm paying for, like Lukas' new music class, and German School, and soon a gymnastics class. Otherwise, I've got my young women's calling, which means planning Mutual Tuesdays, teaching sometimes on Sundays, Night of Excellence to plan, and training YW in their callings. And there's low-stress playgroup  & Lukas' Let's Play Music class on Wednesdays. I do preschool for Lukas and his friend twice a week, since I watch the other boy while his mom takes some college classes. It's awesome since it's Lukas' best friend- so it's guaranteed looked-forward-to play time!!. And now I have my paying job teaching German School on Saturdays. I get 6-7 year olds for a few hours Saturday mornings while their friends are probably at soccer or baseball fields.It's a nice outlet to use my teaching skills and German language skills to earn some money. Kinda funny that I sort of work for Jared since he's the principal.  On top of that, there are fun things like visiting teaching (I visit super interesting people who I wouldn't have met/hung out with otherwise! LOL) and get to help with RS activities, like this month's on family history: I'm doing a booth on journaling, showing my blog books, and things like that.

But even with all that I do have time. UnadulteratedTime others don't have. So we are the ones to watch other people's kids during the day, help people with 4.5 kids unpack moving boxes, visit ward members who could use a friend, help activate, motivate, regulate and set things straight. Since we live right next to the High School we have an occasional drop in from a young woman who needs to talk. Boy are they sometimes in over their heads, but they all have to live it and go through it. .In there somewhere though is making dinner, doing laundry, grocery shopping, and planning my lessons for Saturday, and dragging Lukas along the whole way.

So ask us in November how we're doing. Because that is when Jared's soccer season starts. That's one big piece of straw on this haystack. I just hope he can drive by then! (smerk)


V said...

Glad you updated. Sounds stressful and emotionally depleting. I hope people near you think to help!

I'm still confused...how did he get cartilage free floating in his leg? What was the incident? Is the normal method to pump someone's leg full of water? Was that painful or was it drained sufficiently while under general anesthesia?

Anna said...

It kind of feels good, I think, to lay everything out on the table (figuratively speaking) and then say to yourself, well of course I'm tired! I didn't realize it in my life until I slept 12 hours straight a couple of days ago. I very much hope you get a 12 hour night soon. You sound like you are doing such fun and wonderful things, even if they are all piled up on top of you right now. Good luck.

Jess said...

V- Jared got kicked in a soccer game some months ago, in the lower shin/ankle region. It was hurting and movement was limited in strange ways. Something was amiss, and after MRI's, etc, it was discovered that a piece of cartilage had been kicked off. To flush it out, it's apparently normal to pump the leg full of water to get the loose piece to rise to the top. They got it out, and drilled into a bone to let out blood that should hopefully form some sort of new clot layer (like filling a pot hole) and let the leg heal. It's been over a week off of crutches now. I feel like a huge burden was lifted now that the man can literally lift a finger to help. Before he never had hands really free since he could put absolutely no pressure on the foot. You should've seen us at church... He's at the end of a pew with his whole leg up on the bench with us!
We kinda just got through it. We're "the Loehrmanns" so generally people assume we are fine and don't ever worry. So that was that. Someone did bring us cookies one night during FHE and it felt so good to be thought of. Seriously. Hope things are great for you!! Love from me in CA!!!