We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Day I Noticed the Super Hero Pose was Formed

Doesn't he remind you of Florian in this picture??
It started out that Lukas wanted a picture with Mabel. She wasn't so sure, but we figured at least they'd both be in the same picture, and mission would be accomplished. What happened after that- was completely unexpected. But I love how it turned out !
Along came Paige... We just kept taking pictures. 
Then Avery walked in and also jumped in.
Then Ben.... and Mabel and the superhero poses were still hanging tough.
...then Paytee came walking through, jumped in the picture, and then there were seven!
Then in walked Justin and the whole family was there! Photo shop the hero out and you've got yourself a Christmas card! haha!

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