We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

Loehrmann Family Favorite Recipes

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Unofficial Dandelion Day

A day where I make Mickey pancakes, go where the wind takes us, and hope that good things happen! We played, blew a zillion dandelions into the wind, and discovered pirouette cookies and got Dad's postcard from Germany in the mail!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Ward Summer Party

After enjoying grilled hamburgers on our picnic blanket, there were games to play, balloons to toss, relays to run, and watermelon to eat. It was Lukas' first eating contest and thoughts of his pediatrician ran through my head. Once when Lukas was a baby he downed 11 oz, which is quite a lot for a kid who is charted for 8oz. Amazed that he kept it down, Dr. Lee exclaimed that perhaps he would someday become a champion competitive eater. (Yeah. Every mom's dream for her child.) Some person in their great wisdom chose watermelon to down at this competition. Bless them. He was full and filthy when all was said and done, and rode his bike around in a makeshift bike parade. Oh yeah, and there was lots of gawking at a skunk that came into view on the clearing while picking up. One can tell that most kids hardly see "nature", the way they fuss over it when it presents itself. Hee hee. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stunt Man Returns

Back to his Razor Scooter and doing tricks after a long day of traveling and sleeping on the Airport Floor. I'd say he's feeling much better!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flying Home Adventure

Talk about an adventure getting home! First of all, there were lots of goodbyes at Grandma's house as Justin and Jana packed all the kids in their van to drive to their new home in VA. They'd left Ben at G'ma's for a week so that Lukas and he could play, and so they could finish packing up the house and get moved from NC to the new place at a new army base. I texted with a grumpy Grandpa up until Mom dropped us off at the airport. I ended up carrying Lukas initially because he was so exhausted from swimming in Grandma's pool and got a little bit too much sun and no nap. Options to check luggage outside? Done! Once at the airport terminal we could relax and take inventory. Then some guy breaks on over the microphone that some of the Greatest Generation were there, having been flown out to see the WW2 Memorial. Interesting that just a couple of months later it would be closed because of congress. Anyways, we all clapped for them as they got their "last mail call" and boarded shortly thereafter. Despite the dvd and ample things to keep him going, Lukas wasn't feeling too hot... apparently.  He did fine on the first flight, and feeling like a champ we got on the second one. It was later at night now, and people would want to sleep on this flight. And here I'm saying, "don't worry, he's a great little travel buddy."  Within 30 minutes I was eating those words as Lukas lost his. I caught them though...all of em. In a ziploc bag. Right next to the handsome buff BBC Planet Earth kind of guy at the window seat sitting right next to said boy and Ziploc bag. He just laughed and said it was alright. I took sick kiddo and extra Ziploc to the really sanitary airplane bathroom to get him changed into a night diaper so he could sleep through the long flight without worry of any accident. He used my second ziploc bag there, and I was praising that invention's creation. Poor kid. He fell right asleep in the chair for the rest of the time, even as the plane landed and lights were on. He didn't budge. So I carried him. He's about 45 pounds now. All the way through the airport. My arms were burning as I got to an elevator to take us to baggage. And as I watched for our bags and ride home, he slept by my feet on the comfortable airport floor. And he wasn't the only one! Poor kid. (And he doesn't remember, or believe me except that I have pictures to prove it! )He slept well that night though, in his own bed in his own home. And all was well. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

The National Zoo

Waiting there at the Cracker Barrel for Ben & Siah was fun. Having rocked his share and having scored a few candy cane sticks from the country store, Lukas was all about this place!

After taking Ben to the Pediatric Aids Assoc. building in D.C. to show off his cute baby before his meetings, we all left and walked down to the Metro that would take us to the Zoo. On the way down, a Trans man had to rescue Kasiah's flip flop from the shoe-eating escalators. Muh-ha-ha!
Kasiah texted Ben the laugh of the day with one shoe.
Lukas and Ben loved riding the Metro, and would yell, "WHOOoooaaaAAA!" when it got all dark from being underground. It was wobbly and shifty- as Subways are, and the boys had a blast. 

Just FYI, the tube next to the big tire the boys are pushing on, contains elephant poop.

We reaped more super hero poses throughout the day. This phase is cracking me up!
I'm glad Lukas got to have some fun times with Grandma. He said a few months after this, out of the blue, how much he loves Virginia! Or reminisces about something with Gramma Meredith! Pretty cute. 
Grandma got the boys tickets to ride the carousel, and how fitting that Lukas chose the poison dart frog, which he LOVES to look at while at the zoo, Sea World, museums, etc. , and that Ben chose the bald Eagle, with his Daddy in the Army!

Why I Love VA

At Prince William Forrest where I went to camp for a couple of years. It's a beautiful, good smelling hot. Especially under the cooler shade of the towering canopy. The smells of wooden cabins, rotting leaves, and the sounds of rustling wildlife and chirping birds... and hollering little people. Little people who have put so many rocks in their pockets that their shorts are falling down!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Lamb Piggy Bank

I had told Lukas that if my old piggy bank was still there, that he could have the money in it. I had no idea if I would even find it, but there it was. All of the kids had one. Justin had a big pink pig decorated with a red Mexican flower on the side. I'm pretty sure Joel had a brown bear, Jeremy a gray sitting pig, and I had this lamb. The only catch was, once money went in, it never came out. The material with which it was made though was pretty soft, for a fired piece, and some of the boys chipped holes in there to get the treasure. This thing has never been opened. Until I finally convinced Grandpa Meredith that it was in fact mine, and that it wasn't ruining memories by opening it or even breaking it. (Side note: I love that he called Joel, who has since the coming of the piggy banks had brain surgery and memory loss, to ask about the authenticity of my memory. LOL) Grandpa has cool gadgets out in the garage and opened poor lammy without having to smash him. It was one of those cross-generational "moments." I wanting to pass along one thing to my kiddo, and grandpa wanting to hang onto a happy memory with his. Glad it all worked out. Look at how giddy Lukas was to open it! Glad I can create drama memories for Grandma and Grandpa in the present.  

Coming Full Circle

Weather looks the same as the day I was married..rainy and dark  Lukas remembered our picture and yelled, that's where you stood mommy!

Also bittersweet to see a couple getting married on this day, and having had to sit through a "happy family" video while my mom was there felt awkward. Like sitting and watching what could have been while possessing the strongest realization ever that it was not that way, nor will be because of so many unspoken conversations that will never be spoken so that hurt feelings may finally be healed. But it is what it is. They chose what they chose based on their abilities and choices and capacities. And those capacities vary from neighbor to family member, due to lost baggage. Oh well.  The best part was that my kid got to see where our pictures come from, and see the massive edifice where Jared and I got married. And feel Virginia rain on his face.