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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Opa Uwe & Oma Sigrid Visit from Germany!

Uwe & Sigrid were in town after visiting many cities on the west coast, including Vegas, Salt Lake, St. George, and some others. Sigrid served a mission in Idaho and Uwe's mission president lives in the West. They visited lots of neat places and people. Then they visited us. The boys played "Kraken Alarm" for the first time, and has been a hit at our house ever since. We visited the U.S.S. Midway together. It was Memorial Day time, so there were special bands, singers and presentations going on, including some fly-bys from some very loud fighter planes. Jared helped Lukas earn his Junior Pilot Wings through listening to a guided tour and answering some questions about certain places. In the brig, for example, you only get bread and water. The most common injury on board? Head lacerations from the low doorways. Shower length? 2 minutes, I think. The older gentleman in the engine room reminded me of Uncle Hank. Before we left, Lukas picked up his 'wings' from an old sailor- now museum volunteer- and said, looking in his face, "thank you for your service!" with his sweet little Lukas voice. The man could barely reply a your welcome as he was getting teary eyed. It was a touching moment.

They had a good time, and we had lunch afterwards at some mall where I splurged five bucks for a new pair of earrings. (We don't have a lot of malls around us). We spent some time one evening at a lake which has a path all the way around it where we walked, but not too too much since Jared's foot was still in a boot- waiting for a doctor to look at it. Lukas and I took turns riding his little bike down a crazy hill there, for adventure's sake, and he loved pedaling along the path. Our last hurrah for their stay was a bonfire at the beach. We grilled hamburgers and corn on the cob. And Uwe fulfilled his goal of swimming in the Pacific Ocean. Brrrrr!

Photo: Life is good! We will never be rich in money, only in time together!

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Jeri said...

What's the fastest way to the beach? Aaah, this is the life! Save me a roasted marshmallow!