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Sunday, May 19, 2013

First Talk in Church

A first talk in primary. I was thrilled!!  But Jared and I are those weird kind of people that love to give talks, but this,... this was different. Jared prepped little note cards with one sentence written on each one, numbered carefully in the corner. We asked Lukas about tithing and his experience with it, and just wrote it down for him, helping him with those "talk" parts to include, like a scriptural reference. His assigned theme was: The Prophets Teach me to Pay Tithing. Here was his talk:

1. The prophets teach me to pay tithing.  
2. In the Bible, the prophet Malachi teaches us to pay our tithing. Mal. 3:10. (Then he read it out loud from the Bible itself. His choice.So cute, wanting the big book and all!)
3. I know that God blesses me when I pay my tithing.
4.Last month I paid my tithing for the first time.
5. I paid 10 percent of the money I earned.
6.I felt happy when I gave my tithing to the bishop.
7. I know that God blesses us when we follow the prophets and pay our tithing. In the name...

I was so proud of him, sitting there with his Sunbeam Primary Class on the front row... with my cell phone to take this picture. Don't worry, I was all incognito about it with it on my lap! He spoke loudly and clearly, and was so confident. I felt so happy for him inside, seeing him accomplish this big milestone of his young life!
We had practiced at home, having him stand on a chair, turned around holding onto the back of it like a pulpit, opting to repeat after Jared what to say. I was thrilled at how giddy he was to finally go to the front of 'the big primary class' and talk from the microphone!!  

Once home he asked, Mama, who is Malachi? (And I laughed inside before answering!!) and when I asked him how he felt giving his talk, he said it was fun. And that he was nervous inside. He was surprised to learn that I also get nervous, and asked me why? It was a sweet little cross-generational moment. 


Ixchelle said...

So sweet. Wish I was there to hear him give his talk. Sure love the wonderful parenting going on in your home. Love and miss all of u.

Anna said...

When Joshua gave his first talk he really really really wanted to include a story about a little boy - even if it was made up. So his talk included something like this "Here is a story about a boy who learned about the Gospel. It's not a true story, just an example." he he.