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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trip to Sin City

Embarrassing, but yes. So we had this free stay in vegas trip and decided to go, just for adventure's sake. None of us have been there, and most likely none of us will return, but it was a memory filled experience for sure.

The most heard conversations in the car:
1) Americans cannot merge
2) Americans loooove to just stay in that left lane, even when the right lanes are clear.
3) It's taking too long!
4) Americans cannot merge.
5) But why couldn't we watch the pirate show? I like evil!
5) Can we go to the pool? (after leaving it 200 miles ago)
6) All that traffic held up just because of rubberneckers!
7) Can we go to a restaurant?
8) Lukas, look over there! (sometimes to keep from looking somewhere else)
9) Aber waRUM k├Ânnte ich die Piraten Show nicht sehen?
10) Nothing.....when Lukas had a sucker in his mouth.

We weren't 10 miles from home when Lukas complained that it was too long, which had us laughing til tears welled up. Once there, I could not beLIEVE how bad the strip really was. Let me put in perspective... driving down the strip with a four year old when along side of you drives up a car advertising nudy girls. THAT's what I mean. The buildings in and of themselves are actually really cool. And tons have some cool feature to get people in the doors. Free parking they say. Free shows they say. Yummy buffets, they say. But while here please inhale all the smoke on your way to any decent part of a casino, and do gamble away your social security checks next to that old granny sitting over there who has no idea what time it is because there is no source of natural light to give you any sense of time here.  My overall thought? Looks are deceiving. In everything. Fake Fake Fake! The waitresses and casino people do NOT look like the pictures. Puleeeeze. There are 50 yr + wrinkly people trying to make a buck waiting tables, the Girls cards everywhere are airbrushed, and surely even if they were that pretty in real life what you are getting is cheap, deceiving and a lie. I did pretty good, I must say, at directing my son's attention to cool things in opposite directions of slutty pictures. It was kinda stressful though, I won't lie.

The cool parts were the Circus Circus acrobats, the awesome buffet food that night- especially the amazing choices of desserts! The cranberry/orange juice mixed with soda water for Lukas-- major highlight. Haha. The hotel was decent. The boys played in the pool and I relaxed in the hot tub.There were other awesome things, like the Fountains at the Bellagio & the music: "It's Time to Say Goodbye". Whenever Lukas hears it he remembers the water and asks me to sing it. There was also a huge exploding volcano at the Mirage with real fire. The music and heat had Lukas a bit nervous... i.e. he will remember it for a long time. We also saw the White Tigers from Siegfried and Roy. There's no show anymore since one of the tigers disfigured and almost killed one of them a few years ago, but the sanctuary is nice. Jared loves tigers, so we went. There was also some Treasure Island show, that is family friendly when the economy is good. When it's bad, the pirate ladies wear less and make more sexual innuendos than ever necessary, so we left after about 3 minutes and talked about modesty over dinner. It's been a point of conversation for a long time since going. In fact Lukas will cover people up for modesty's sake. If a shirt is riding up, he pulls it back down. He talks about how the lady's popos were showing (booty shorts, people) and how it wasn't enough clothes!  Well, glad we had that conversation early. At age 4. He was mostly sad because it was the show he probably wanted to see the very most, being so into pirates and all. So we made a deal to make up for it later by going to one of those cool pirate dinner shows. VERY family friendly. Loud but friendly. (They wear clothes there and have a plot other than sex in the story line). We did see Elvis, and an Ernie and Bert walking down the street. We also saw some kid who was double jointed everything, and made quite some money on the street with his act. Tax free no less!


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Jeri said...

What an adventure. The tigers were cool! I especially like the last 2 pictures. First, "My feet are tired from all the walking" and then, "Home, Jeeves! I'm worn out!"