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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Sweet Lukas! You're 4 now!

Arrrr you ready for a fun day? I woke up to a little body lying at the edge of our bed this morning. Then wanting food. Grateful for the leftover french toast in the fridge (his favorite breakfast) and muffins made last night for his birthday party today, he was one happy camper! Even cocoa. Life complete. Remember when life could be made complete just by a cup of cocoa? 

Jared set out all his birthday packages and letters the night before, and Lukas was thrilled to open them. We played the CD from Opa Uwe & Oma Sigried all morning "Papa, Wach auf!" was a definite favorite, especially since Jared was lying on the living room floor with his eyes closed at the time, super tired! And the look on Lukas' face when he opened the card from Grandma and Grandpa Meredith and found a dollar, he was super excited, since he saves them in his piggy bank. He now has three and feels totally rich. He earns money from recycling the plastic bottles with Dad on Saturday and last time they went he got two crisp one dollar bills and some change. Takes about a month of plastic bottles to acquire such loot, but so far it's worth it. He played with the hotwheels cars this morning and we read the new books (!!!) this afternoon for naptime. All of them. We got him a helicopter propeller launcher (super simple, but big thrill-effect), and took turns launching it in the livingroom this morning.

 Lukas wanted a pirate party back in the woods in his special place to play, under the old tall trees that canopy over a clearing with enough stumps, hills, and sticks to amuse any kid who likes being outside. The kids sure had fun. We met at the opening to the trail for Pirate training: Pirate clothing, mustaches, scars, and a hearty "arrr". There they also met Captain Jared who was so upset because he lost the parts of his map. They helped him find them, piece them together, and set off on an adventure to find the lost treasure!

 The first place they stopped was over near the tadpole pool where they collected cannonballs to throw at Captain Redcoat's ship. After successfully sinking it through multiple holes in the ship's side, the followed me through the woods, keeping an eye out for other pirates, and taking in the Eucalyptus forest along the way.

  Alas, the found the sunken pirate ship and had a great time climbing all over it. This was my favorite picture from that part of the trek. Love the look on Jared and Lukas' faces! HA!
 At the "Hill of Hope" the mighty men helped each other up the hill towards the treasure. When Jared called out "One ship, One Crew, One Captain" I laughed, remembering the words of the Sea World Whale show: One Ocean. He thought out all the activities so that the kids would work together as much as possible, but be free to explore and have fun. I love him for that! It was so much fun to watch him take on Pirate persona for a whole hour just for Lukas. :) Because I'm watching Will and Auri, and had Auri strapped to me the whole time (on purpose, so he would sleep!), Jared took over all of the setting up, pirating, and cleaning up. And I fell in love with him all over again as he led those little pirates all over the park with that awesome get-up!

 At the Pirate Camp Jared led the new pirates in sword fighting, with the hand-crafted pool-noodle swords he made yesterday afternoon. They were a big hit, literally, and the kids ran all over the pirate camp chasing each other, walking the plank, hitting each other with swords, and laughing. And I was smiling. And Lukas was smiling. Life is good.

 The time came to seek the buried treasure with the clues from the other side of the map. The each had shovels with which to unearth a buried bat.

It was then that they discovered that Buccaneer Becca stole the treasure and hid it somewhere else! Up in the tree!! p.s. Becca is the primary president at church and a really sweet girl with a never-ending smile, and we were so grateful that she was willing to come lend a couple hands today-- and even dressed up! Haha!

 After nabbing the spoils of Salt Water Taffy and Gold Coins, the kids finished lunches and played for the rest of the morning. We took a little walk to explore a bit, and spied some wildlife, and wild children. They had a blast climbing the gnarly looking tree trunks and pulling each other in the wagon. The only tears were from the 2 yr old who was overtired and wasn't getting his way. Otherwise, a really imaginative and content bunch, who were pretty tuckered out by the time noon rolled around when we walked the half mile back to the entrance for moms to pick em up. Good timing too, since Will had to go to the bathroom, and Auri had already gone. Everywhere. Haha. At least he was content and happy though! The boys went right down for naps. Before falling asleep, I asked Lukas what his favorite part was. He said the pirate pinata and the candies. I'm so grateful to be his mom! He is such a joy to our family, and we feel so blessed to have him!! (I just love the last picture of my little pirate fast asleep!)

Lukas we love you so much! We are so grateful that you are a member of our family, and that we get to be your parents! You're full of life and light, and we are just crazy about you!!! Here are some things about you that I wrote down a little while ago and didn't want to forget about you at this age:

You love to crawl into our bed in the mornings, snuggle in, and go back to sleep. You've become a bit afraid of the dark, so we got you this cool nightlight and leave the door open if you'll stay in bed. You go potty all by yourself now. You don't love to be told, but you go. You wear footy jammies to bed. You wash your hands all alone now. With soap! You make your own toast, and are so clever to have thought up running over to the stove to grab a hand-towel to use to get the toasts out without burning your fingers. You pray alone just wonderfully. Most often you pray thanks for food, even in your bedtime prayers.  Your most requested breakfasts are granola with jogurt or almond milk, or toast, or oatmeal with frozen fruit & nuts in it.  You are friends with Bennett & Dexter, Will, Logan, Francis, Jacob, Kaelin & Reanne. You LOVE to say hi to Jill across the street when she pulls in.  In fact, when you see her car pull up, you'll even run out onto the balcony to yell, "Hi Jiwl!"...."You wanna eat with us?".  And often she does!  You are really into counting, and want to know how many of everything there is present. For example : Wie viele ___ sind auf dem Tisch?  Wie viele _____ sind an der Wand?  You drink from a tea cup and saucer at the table and pour your own water with a caraffe. You sing "I am a Child of God" and "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" at the top of your lungs.  You are so proud of riding your "fast" 16 inch bike, or razor scooter. Usually you don't mind sharing at all, and are really good at playing with little babies and helping them to be happy, which is really sweet and rewarding to watch.  Sometimes you worry that a kid thinks your toys are theirs and you worry that they'll be gone. You love to visit the duck pond and hike to special places with mom. You will play with anyone who is nice to you at the playground and enjoy climbing and running. You LOVE books! And Mama & Papa LOVE to read to you before naps and bedtime. We've read quite a list of adventure stories, including Swiss Family Robinson and The Jungle Book, and you could not wait to hear what would happen next. We love you so much and are proud of who you are!

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