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Friday, April 19, 2013

Beach Friday with Mama Exploring on the Jetty

Now that we've been watching the boys Monday through Thursday for 11 hours at a time, Fridays are not only looked forward to but needed immensely! A nice to for both Lukas and me to unwind from all the crying, vomiting, and caring for 2 very needy children.
The tide was so low it was a wide beach day!!

Staying where the water is warm. 

I drew faces, and Lukas added hair. And he doesn't know he is practicing pre writing skills by doing it either. Wha-la!

The sea anemones tickle your toes when you toes them. They wrap right around you and velcro themselves to your skin! Lukas would put a toe in there, giggle as he'd pull it out, then repeat. It was funny to see! And though you can't tell, the things you see are all under water. It was a still, clear pool where lots of little living things were just hanging out! Crabs, sea anemones, barnacles. Our little glimpse of BBC Planet Earth live. 

"Hier Mama!" as he gives me stones, feathers, shells, or whatever else he finds. We love exploring through the dredges of Nature's leftovers!

In his element: shoe-less, climbing around, and chewing on something. I'm pretty sure that string harbors crazy bacteria that would cripple the CDC should it become air-born. Sigh.
We found a huge oyster! Fully intact! It was beautiful and amazing at the same time!
Pulling his own weight.

1 comment:

Jeri said...

What fun to be able to go to the beach in the MIDDLE of NOVEMBER!!
I'm just a wee bit envious and excited for you at the same time. I especially excited that you got to see a sea anenome up close! Sounds like a perfect way to decompress and just RELAX & ENJOY!