We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

Tonight I wrote a friend: I'm "mothering" three boys now. Lukas, 4 on Tuesday (WHAAAA???), a little boy Will (3 in May), and a baby who is 3.5 months. Yeah. I know, right?  Loooooots of learning going on here. About me. About all the inhumane thoughts going on in my head when they don't stop arguing, or just get all whiny and throw a fit (Will) or poop outside randomly one day in the apt. complex landscaping (not Will), and just think: "I'll laugh. Because otherwise I might cry. Or freak out. Or say very unrighteous things." LOL

Last night after a stressful week of super whiny, frustrated and disobedient kiddos, while Jared was home sick during his Spring Break, and not getting enough sleep (SUCH a bad idea!) I was about "done". Luckily, my calling in YW required my presence at the YW broadcast at the Stake Center, and I went, purely out of duty this time since I was just so spent in every way. Two of my Laurels were being recognized for personal progress achievements so I wanted to support any of them that actually came. There were just a few girls there, but what made it totally worth my while was the talks I got to listen to that left me feeling uplifted, inspired, and ready for the Easter celebration and another week of nannying. I have a new perspective and made a game plan and that feels like success. 

After the meeting I made up for all my holiday procrastination by heading to the store to finally buy Lukas the white button up shirt I have wanted to get him for a month. Yeah. Awesome on the timing. I'm truly a Meredith at heart. I hoped so much to find one. First store no, but second yes. And everything else there too. Including eggs and sausage links, which if you know me means I was doing some major sucking up to my family. 

I decided to actually celebrate the next day instead of letting it just pass by. I wanted it to be meaningful and fun, but super simple. So I left a little plate at everybody's place the night before with a dark chocolate square, a Ferrero Rocher, and a strawberry. They stood for the bitter cup Jesus drank, the sacrifice of his blood, and the stone rolled away from his tomb by angels. In the morning, I put some of our homemade yogurt into bowls with honey in the shape of a cross. The milk and honey represented the sweetness of the bountiful blessings we receive through Christ's atonement. The scrambled eggs, like the Easter eggs, represent new life, bought with a price for all men who will take upon the name of Jesus and be spiritually reborn, and for the free gift given to good and evil- the resurrection- the promise of living again to all. The sausage was far fetched, but as Lukas kept asking what things meant, I had to come up with something.  It represented the beams used to make the cross upon which Jesus was hung. The pear? Oh, the "first fruits" of the resurrection. After a lot of on-the-fly thinking, I thought it turned out pretty neat, and plan to do it again next year-- minus the super stressful week before hand. 

The evening was great, despite Lukas' knees being scraped to bleeding from a huge spill on the sidewalk. He got TLC, ointment, huge bandaids, ibuprofen, and a blessing before heading back outside to run around some more. Our friend Jill came over with her daughters for our simple but yummy dinner, and I laughed as the kids turned the water table into a hot tub. I added hot water to it so they could play in it. Next thing I knew I looked outside to see all of them hunched down in chairs with their feet soaking in the water table. Easter relaxation made easy. Looks like I have a few lessons to learn. Ha!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Letter of the Week: F

Farben!! Kreide malen

Fahren!!! Fahrrad (& Roller)

Funny Faces lunch

Music: Farmer in the Dell/ Frederich Chopin


F-worter auf Deutsch ...ist aber die Feder. Tja.


Fort building






Fraternity ...lol

Finding! Forschen!


Foliage - Leaves of three, let them be!

Food !! We're FAMISHED!

French Toast


Friday, March 22, 2013

Sea World: Atlantis

Amidst rides, shows and food booths galore, there is Zen. Lukas sat and hung out with this kid for a long ol time as we sat in the grass midst the chaos around us.  This day was significant because Lukas made it to Atlantis. And went on it with us!  His face on the ride:priceless. Joy and utter fear at the same time... and later when we asked the scariest part? He says, the music. Admittedly, it was creepy and we have a child with auditory sensitivity to such things. He dislikes Lion King because of the music he heard from the CD where Scar is singing. Yep, he feels good vs. evil pretty easily. And just look at that little ol man fish! Creepy huh?

Life is good.

This is year-long summer.
This is a playground.
This is was photo frenzy.
This is oohs and aaaahs.
This is sea lion humor, dolphin flips, Amazing acrobats and humongous splashing whales.
This is family togetherness.
This is a Lukas-led adventure.
This is our life and sometimes I pinch myself.
This is Seaworld!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easter Playgroup at Blair's

Easter play group at Blair's house today. I think there were 22 kids and 16 adults at her house. Super crazy but tons of fun.
This picture with the spinning Old Mac Donald toy from the 70s CRACKS me up! What's up rabbit ears? "Who you callin' rabbit ears??!!"

Adele, Dexter, Lukas, some girl I don't know, Kara, Wyatt, Gavin, Will, girl's sister, Teagan, some kid,
Matthew, Bennett, Logan, Noah, Cruz, Amelia, and the rest I have no idea. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Gone Will Watching in San Diego

We have just experienced our first day of a new era. We are taking in two boys while their parents have to go to work. A three month old and a two (almost three) year old, who is familiar with German and gets along with Lukas. And with Will's new baby brother and Lukas's lack of siblings, it kinda works.  We had a great first day. Now, just one day at a time.