We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

At the Carwash...in honor of uncle Jeremy's bday!

The mixed emotions of fear and wonder. The carwash. The ultimate time killer on a looooong day. Just writing that for future reference, of course. Happy Birthday Jeremy. We thought of you. 

Friday, February 22, 2013


And then Bo & Jordan came to visit the night after Tyrus and Dave left. A weekend of friends leaves the heart happy! We hadn't seen Aria since she was just a couple of months old! Lukas was as excited, if not more, than we! "She can talk? She can run?" were among the curious questions of astonishment. The kids saw each other and played a little before crashing for the night. Then it was down to business. A whole night of Hand & Foot card game and catching up. So glad they could visit us!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


While living at Wymount at BYU, we had these awesome neighbors, the Gardners. They were a God-send when we moved in there, helping us form a dinner group in the stairwell, being there with the door open to come back and forth and just talk, and having fun ideas of things to do with kids, although we were very much sans kids at the time. And their boy, Tyrus, was 2. Back then he used to eat dinner with just a diaper on because he was so messy! He would eat pizza and rub the sauce all over his belly while sitting in that high chair! Now he is, what, six? Seven? Lukas was excited to have a buddy, to go on the pier, and to eat at the place that gives you food in a box shaped like an old car. We watched fishermen on the way back down the pier and they let us hold their catches for fun! The boys loved touching the fish!
We went to Sea World too, and they had a ball- til Tyrus insisted on sitting in the Splash Zone at Shamu. We avoid it like the plague due to anxious whimmers at the mere mention of sitting there. Needless to say, Lukas and I sat way up high while Tyrus and his Pop were way down low. And soaked. And stuck buying an expensive towel because in San Diego terms it was "freezing"! It was great to catch up and to see the boys on their big adventure. Thanks Dave!

Monday, February 18, 2013

$0.50 Thrills

It's not like we ride the toys every time, but if we actually get to a mall, it means we are all under duress. Most of us detest the mall scene. Mostly the standing around, the having not enough money for what one COULD get, and the drudgery of finding the sought out item that brought us there in the first place.  So fifty cents for joy? Absolutely.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Empty Pants by Dr. Seuss

Enthralled with the poem after a group of kids from Germany recited it all by heart, it pops up into our daily life now and again. "Look mom! Empty Pants!"

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Yes Day

Happy yes day! Ten years ago today in Hamburg, Germany this awesome man asked me to marry him. And I stared at him for a second in surprise. Then I said yes. We celebrated as a family, heading to Sea World. Turns out, the day before, on Valentine's Day, Baby Shamu was born!!! and we got to see the baby swimming around with its mama in the big pool. All the whales were out of sorts, so they didn't do a show, but kept a round-the-clock-feeding-system going. Apparently baby whales can't stop swimming when they're born, so they stay on the side of the mama, and she has to swim around for a whole week. So the trainers have fish in buckets ready for the mom to get close enough to them to gape open her mouth and receive a whole bucket-load of fish, to-go-style.  Pretty amazing to have been there, seen the little whale, and see the story. Every time we go there, we see something new. The park is big, and has LOTS to discover. This time we also found a little-old-man fish in one of the aquariums, and enjoyed taking in the room-sized-walled-in-aquarium. It was a fun day to be together and reminisce. Jared's a wonderful husband and dream-of-a-father to Lukas. Counting my blessings.  

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Party- Little Gentleman

The bowtie makes it all. He's signing "candy" on his way to a Valentine's party. You can see the real motivation behind the holiday for three yr olds. Haha! Seeing how it was Lukas' first official Valentines Party, we made homemade valentines, stuffed them down into the official handmade-at-Home-Depot-valentines-box, and headed off! The children would be decorating sugar cookies (hence my reason for previously avoiding these things) so we dawned aprons and headed towards a sugar coma.  Once there, we easily found the house, decorated with tons of bright, shiny red, heart-shaped balloons. Lukas' eyes were wide with anticipation and excitement as we got out and headed into the house. He understands that Valentine's Day is a day that we show appreciation and love for friends and family by writing sweet notes. So, upon seeing Bennett, he ran up to him with his homemade note. But Bennett ran outside to play on the playset, so you can see Lukas' off like a shot to join him. Checking that his box was in order, of course. They decorated bags with stickers and colors, then decorated cookies together outside, til the pull of sticks, dirt and swing set was stronger than sugar, and they were off again, playing, talking, and imagining. I'm sure my cheeks were literally sore at the end of this party, thrilled to be this adorable little boy's mom, and to see him having so much fun!

Valentines Day Celebration. With the Dentist and park kids.

I remember my mom leaving a little heart shaped box of chocolates on our breakfast plate in the morning, so I wanted to do something like it for Lukas. Lindt chocolate works. :) Then we headed to the dentist for them to clean it all off, which was an adventure all on its own. It's sad that my child will request going to the doctor and dentist, because they all have fun tvs and video games in their waiting rooms. And hey, why not watch a movie while getting your teeth cleaned? He got to hold the spit sucker "Now give her a kiss" they'd say, and he vacuumed his own spit out like a champ. (The things mothers are proud of.) Went to the park after and played Peter Pan and Wendy on the swings for some time. Then Lukas met some nice kids with whom he played the afternoon away til it was time to leave to pick up Jared from work. I love the excitement they showed, running all over the playground in some thought up game. "Let's go men!" they'd yell and run together. Together!!! Cute kids.