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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mormon Battalion Day in Old Town San Diego

Since Jared volunteered to man the rope-making booth in the morning, we went down to see the sights set up in Old Town in honor of the Mormon Battalion celebration. With all the rain that morning on the way down, I was grateful that we all had boots on to stay warm and dry as we trudged through the muddy grass there! Lukas was thrilled with the rope-making contraption where Jared was helping, and got to messy his hands making sod bricks at another booth. We watched a large parade comprised of mostly young missionaries, all dressed up in old-time battalion clothing- with name-tags on. Even the sisters were in old pioneer dresses, and made a special point to call to Lukas and wave at him. What a fun day to be a missionary, I thought! We found some fun simple wooden toys that kept Lukas' attention for quite some time. Now I just need to head to Michael's and get a couple of parts to make him a few simple things! There was also a music tent set up, and Lukas is still singing "Oh My Darling Clementine" here and there throughout the day. I was most proud of my boys when they pitched in to do laundry, the old-timey way, and am keen to go buy a washboard and let the boy wash his own socks, while he still thinks such work is super fun.While playing with the marble runs, it was announced that there would be basic training for the Mormon Battalion kids parade. Given the choice to hold a little flag or a big wooden gun...well...you see what he picked. Then he and Papa marched around the big square, those little legs trailing along well behind the others, but marching nonetheless. With a stop at the Old Time candy shop for a lemon sugar stick and some taffy, we ended the day there. 


Here are the DIY projects I picked up from this day: 
Homemade tops, and a marble racer.

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Bonnie said...

What a fun day! I love how old Lukas is now! I still think of him as little, so I'm glad I can see his cute personality here!