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Saturday, December 8, 2012

The After Party on ICE

After an entire day of helping me decorate for the church Christmas party, and then having the party that night, I felt so grateful for a child who goes with the flow when it's time to roll up our sleeves and help someone out with something. The young women were in charge of decorating this year, which meant that the leaders were really in charge... except that most of the 6 have other obligations. So the president and I hung out a lot this day, painting centerpieces and covering tables. Once the yw came for the two hours before the party, we finished everything lickety split! I love the power of many helping hands. And the party was... nice. Very removed in some ways, but nonetheless, fun, because my three year old went up with the primary kids to sing away in a manger and let his little voice and beaming face be seen. I was giddy with excitement at his eagerness to sing! But seriously, it was a loooong day. And the day after was absolutely glorious!

 We found an outdoor skating rink in downtown San Diego that just happened to be hosting a Family Day with Paneras next door. Free cocoa & cookies, balloons, pics with Cat in the Hat and Curious George.
It was Lukas' VERY first time ice skating. I loooooove to ice skate. It's been years since we've gone.  And since we buy experiences instead of stuff for Christmas, I put it on the advent calendar activity list. (And so did Jared!) The "ice heros" in red jackets were so helpful to give me tips on how to help Lukas learn to skate. (FYI: They say to have them "march" as they go, and once they try alone, to keep arms out front, and to put hands to knees if it feels like they'll fall). Wha-la! He could skate!! Holding our hands at first, but later... ALL BY HIMSELF!! I felt very sturdy out there, so if he'd slip I'd nudge his skates back under him or just hold him up. Poor Jared had Bambi skates and biffed it one time, but one too many. Outdoor rinks can be very wet from sun melted puddles forming. But Lukas skated from me to Jared a dozen times this day! Much like learning to walk, he did it!! It was thrilling really. And he was so very proud of himself. And tired. So while Jared took him across the street to see Santa, I skated for a bit longer and did turns in the middle for awhile. Ahhhh, it is a glorious feeling to spin on the ice and glide around with the wind in my hair... under the sunshine... when it's 65 degrees outside.  And there's an awesome mall area across the way where you can eat at Ludini's pizzeria and look down at the ice skaters below! It was perhaps a perfect day. I feel so fulfilled by our adventures together. There were smiling faces from us, the people helping us, the people skating by us... Christmas goodness and happiness in the air. Like in a movie. And Lukas skated!!!!

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