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Thursday, December 27, 2012

A long time ago... in old town San Diego...

A long car ride took us on an adventure. Naturally we took along a balloon and "puster" machine. I took a kadjillion photos and had a hilarious time finding funny faces of Jared while driving. Did I mention that I am so grateful that we have a car and not a covered wagon?

Imagine rocking chairs, and hacienda style buildings with beautiful Terra-cotta walkways leading to some stations to pan for gold. It's all a huge memorial to tell the story of when the US Government asked for 500 Mormon men to make a grueling march nearly 2,000 miles long from Council Bluffs, Iowa, to San Diego during the Mexican-American war. As influenced by Brigham Young, almost 500 went, even though they'd just been kicked out of Nauvoo. You can imagine how many people were jumping up to volunteer after the government did nothing to protect the Mormons from mobs, murders, rapes, burnings, and other unspeakable offenses. Brigham Young told his people it was a way for the Government to fund their immigration westward... an answer to their prayers. Because they DID go, some who went all the way down to San Diego panned gold at Sutter's Mill, and brought back the equivalent of 17 million dollars in gold flakes and nuggets which helped fund the temple being built in SLC, and establishing a city there. Along the way, some of the army were sick and taken to another place along the route to recuperate. I want to say Pueblo, which is now Colorado.  THOSE people learned irrigation skills that they brought to SLC when they were well, which was the perfect, since as they arrived, the first companies were heading into the SL valley. Aaaaand, the prophet promised the men that if they would go, and would remain faithful to their covenants, read their scriptures, etc, that they wouldn't face battle. And indeed, none of them ever faced battle. Every time they were supposed to be coming upon a place where a battle should have ensued, there was never anyone there.

Pretty cool, huh?

After our adventures in the interactive Battalion exhibit, we headed further into Old Town to check out the old shops and buildings. We even saw donkeys and Mexican dancers. Very festive. Very cool to watch.
From the next picture that follows, you'll see Lukas true motivation for going into Old Town. I told him there was an old timey candy shop where we could find sugar sticks. We watched them pull taffy there, and got a little white bag to put a few candies in to try out. We had lunch in the car, then trekked into the main square. It was amazing to me yet again, that we spent money only on the gas to get down there and a 1/4 LB. of candy from the candy store, and had such fun together! Such little money can create such fun memories.
Just take a second to savor that candy stick with Lukas. Just look:

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the hatch batch said...

We wanted to go there when we were in CA two years ago but we didn't have a GPS and nobody else wanted to go with us and we were tooo scares of the CRAZY LA traffic. Maybe someday! :) (P.S. Thank you for the Christmas card and the sweet compliment. You are too nice to me!)