We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Jared

For Jared's birthday, we had our friend Jill watch Lukas while Jared and I went to "Boomers" which is like "Trafalga", or "Putt Putt", or a "Fun Land" kind of a place. You know, mini golf, go-carts, arcade games, etc. And we mini golfed. Jared won for most of the way. It was hilarious to think that I actually played in a Jr. Putt Putters of America competition as a kid. Oh, the wiley days of the 80s in Texas. Oh yeah, and I stink at putt putt now. HA! We had a blast though, and especially as we went round after round on the go carts. The smell of gasoline flooded my mind with memories of Ms. Quick driving bus 176 to Spotsylvania Middle School. Oh, how that woman could not drive a clutch, or run a clean mouth, but at least it was a free, diesel-smelling ride to school!

With our almost 1000 tickets we won from arcade games, we brought Lukas, Kaelynn and Reanne (Jill's kids) some pretty sweet cheapo 'prize booth' toys, which had em all excited when we got back. Nerf dart poppers to shoot into the air. Awesome.

To top off the day with awesomeness, Jill invited us over for homemade tacos and bday cake. (It was Kaelynn's bday that week) and Jared blew out the candles on this beautifully crafted birthday cake (after she blew them out the first time):

Friday, December 28, 2012

I looked out the window and what did I see...

...popcorn balls for Christmas just for me!  Except, with us eating healthy and all, it's kind of gross that I didn't even to cover them and they'd stay soft for days. Childhood memory relived....check. Aaaaannnd, maybe for the last time. Repeats of long ago events tend to be a bit sobering, eh? Like watching Flight of the Navigator, now that the technology and special effects of the eightys seem so elementary to today's norm. Haha. Realizing the ingredients of stuff I ate as a kid and wondering the havoc it may or may not have reeked on my system: bologna, hotdogs, Texas T soda, banquet chicken, canned stew, all those little debbie snacks and SC&O lays chips I bought for myself with paper route money in Middle School, all the Stove Top and instant mashed potatoes from High School, not to mention the hords of Ramen Noodles consumed in high school and college, helped by boxes of Rice-a-roni and canned soups. So here's to nutrition. And an end to an era of popcorn balls. The moment was magical though, sitting there on the kitchen floor before bedtime, indulging in the sugary, buttery, corny goodness. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mary, Did you Know?

We searched for quotes for this picture for days.
The funny ones felt blasphemous. The serious ones unfunny, but intriguing.
If you think Lukas' face looks angry, then statements like, "Your camel is parked in a fire zone!" and "But I saw you on LOST with drugs!" could be funny.
But when you look at his face as a searching and questioning one, then
"Mary, did you know?" seems appropriate. Or, "Don't worry!! In the end it all works out! He lives!" 
"How nice to meet you, Mary, the mother of our Savior!"

 After the day in Old Town SD, we stopped by the temple. The nativity would be up, as well as the lights if we could hold out long enough til it darkened. Lukas shows such reverence around baby Jesus and it is quite touching to behold his spiritual sensitivity at such a young age. He was nice enough to take a picture for us after we got a picture of him. So accommodating for a 3 year old, huh?

 When we had seen what there was to see, and I convinced Lukas that climbing on the donkey and ox were not allowed here ("But why Mama?") we waited around for the lights. It was getting cold though, and it had been a long day. We were pretty satisfied with the day's joys and highlights, and didn't want to push our luck much further. Plus the goldfish baggie was almost empty and we had a long ride home. While admiring the beauty of the temple though, I took a few shots with my camera, and thought how fun it would be to have photography for a hobby. It's not the right season of life for me to really do that, but the thought was fun.

A long time ago... in old town San Diego...

A long car ride took us on an adventure. Naturally we took along a balloon and "puster" machine. I took a kadjillion photos and had a hilarious time finding funny faces of Jared while driving. Did I mention that I am so grateful that we have a car and not a covered wagon?

Imagine rocking chairs, and hacienda style buildings with beautiful Terra-cotta walkways leading to some stations to pan for gold. It's all a huge memorial to tell the story of when the US Government asked for 500 Mormon men to make a grueling march nearly 2,000 miles long from Council Bluffs, Iowa, to San Diego during the Mexican-American war. As influenced by Brigham Young, almost 500 went, even though they'd just been kicked out of Nauvoo. You can imagine how many people were jumping up to volunteer after the government did nothing to protect the Mormons from mobs, murders, rapes, burnings, and other unspeakable offenses. Brigham Young told his people it was a way for the Government to fund their immigration westward... an answer to their prayers. Because they DID go, some who went all the way down to San Diego panned gold at Sutter's Mill, and brought back the equivalent of 17 million dollars in gold flakes and nuggets which helped fund the temple being built in SLC, and establishing a city there. Along the way, some of the army were sick and taken to another place along the route to recuperate. I want to say Pueblo, which is now Colorado.  THOSE people learned irrigation skills that they brought to SLC when they were well, which was the perfect, since as they arrived, the first companies were heading into the SL valley. Aaaaand, the prophet promised the men that if they would go, and would remain faithful to their covenants, read their scriptures, etc, that they wouldn't face battle. And indeed, none of them ever faced battle. Every time they were supposed to be coming upon a place where a battle should have ensued, there was never anyone there.

Pretty cool, huh?

After our adventures in the interactive Battalion exhibit, we headed further into Old Town to check out the old shops and buildings. We even saw donkeys and Mexican dancers. Very festive. Very cool to watch.
From the next picture that follows, you'll see Lukas true motivation for going into Old Town. I told him there was an old timey candy shop where we could find sugar sticks. We watched them pull taffy there, and got a little white bag to put a few candies in to try out. We had lunch in the car, then trekked into the main square. It was amazing to me yet again, that we spent money only on the gas to get down there and a 1/4 LB. of candy from the candy store, and had such fun together! Such little money can create such fun memories.
Just take a second to savor that candy stick with Lukas. Just look:

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Anticipation 2012

The other night as we paid a young woman in our ward to babysit our child, I felt like we somehow arrived to some place I used to think was in the distant future. It's not that the days of free date-swapping are over (at least I sure hope not!!), but in order to have someone put my kiddo to bed at my house in his own bed, and go on a date that's 3 hours, ...we folded.  And the perks of being the Laurel's Adviser are kicking in. Good girls. Get to know them a bit. And my son sees them often and knows who he likes, and who likes him and gives him attention.

And then to hang out at an all adult gathering, where one has to create small talk with people one doesn't know well until ones you know better show up. We were the token "young couple" there. I'm still not sure how we made this list. Thank Jared for his coolness amongst people he runs into here and there. It was fun, and I witnessed the most hilarious white-elephant exchange I have ever seen. I laughed so hard, and noted how much funnier and less reserved people get once they have teenagers. It was liberating. And again, so so stinkin' funny.

Lukas was thrilled to get to pillow fight, roughhouse, eat grapes, read books and just play with Kim before crashing. And I hadn't thought before how exciting it would be for him to have someone come over just for him. The anticipation was high before she arrived. In our family prayer he thanked Heavenly Father three times "that Kim Binfet was coming over to play with me." 

And he can't WAIT to open his presents on Christmas Eve!!