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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trunk Or Treat in Vista,CA

I LOOOOVE being in a family ward!! There's just a whole new level of awesome when it comes to ward parties!! They built this cool little spook alley (which sported a lit up spider web that attracted Lukas and all his friends) and he'd run in, look at everything then run out. Check out the awesome ghosties and headstones.  Paaha ha. And they called this a fall party. Happy Halloween!!!

See the deco? And the cute gnomes? Lukas was happy to sit by a little friend.

I can't even imagine how long this took to do, but the effect was quite festive. And just "Wow" when walking in. What a fun night of hanging out with ward and community friends!

That's our super nice bishop. I'm pretty sure his tshirt read "Expert Zombie Hunter". haha.

Lukas downed his fair share of salad like a champ, and we were excited to try all the different chiles brought! I entered the contest just for kicks (which is nice because then there's no disappointment if one loses), but my new friend Rachel spent over 8 hours making her authentic gourmet chili that even contained Spanish chocolate, which ALSO didn't win, and I do believe she was a bit saddened. She did an awesome job of making a real chili with real food, but alas, the People don't like real food. Just mostly mixes and fake food.  But she called the crowd pleaser right away- the White Chili. I was actually just super glad that half my pot was still full at the end of the night so that I don't have to make dinner tomorrow and that I knew there was a chili there with real vegetables in it to give my kiddo, and know he'd like it!! And we loooooved the loaves of baked bread someone made. White bread is like candy. I realized all over again how little we eat it as Lukas and I ate multiple pieces of buttered white bread yumminess together.

My Sweet Chili recipe. From off the internet a few years ago. Without meat. SO good. SOOO not ever winning anything more than a place on my kitchen table :)
See all those curls? The haircut just had to wait til after Halloween- with the Gnome thing and all.

We'll have to trim Jared's white cotton ball beard too.

I thought the centerpieces were so simple, pretty, and festive!

Someone made Thing One and Thing Two costumes from footie jammies, that reminded me of a friend's kids in Davis last year. (Angela!!)
Lukas and Papili try their shot at the catapult.

Their reactions were priceless.

Lukas' greatest moment of victory was choosing a first candy of the night from a huge bowl- a TWIZZLER- and after 3/4 the way through was so done with it. He has been SO excited all day today in anticipation of tonight- with the chance to go Trick-or-Treating and eat lots of candies!

Isn't the Robin Hood and Maid Marion couple adorable? Really! Can we be that cute when we're that age?

All the children & some parents met in the primary room briefly to join in a big costume parade around the gym. We went all together, and Lukas became quite proficient at waving at people with his impish little grin. He got lots and lots of waves and smiles back, and my heart was so happy for this cute, joy-spreading little man of mine!!

After Trunk-or-Treating, he sat in the car savoring in his spoils. I do believe lollipops are the end of all ends for this kid! He sucked on that Tootsie Pop (he called em OOPSIE-POPS) all the way home, and as you can see, was more than just a little excited about it. Last year, it was a Kit-Kat. This year, Toosie.

We almost forgot to get a picture of our trunk! We actually "decorated" it this year by covering everything with a green blanket, and shoving a pumpkin and happy flowers/fall things in there... with of course, the mushroom on top. We were gnomes again this year because Lukas could still wear the hat, and ...well... since we moved, it was still 'new'.

I sorted out the looters loot, chucked the bubble gum, and began the trade. He REALLY wanted his M&Ms (which I KNEW he'd get) so I traded him some Sun Drops which are the same thing without the food coloring & garbage in M&Ms. The chocolate tastes better too! I know, I know. This is the ultimate food nerdiness of me. I don't know how long I'll get away with this, but so far, it's okay. I told Lukas that I'd trade him out of his junk candy for good candy. He was MORE than happy with those new m&ms that he was jumping all over our bed (still in candy excitement... of the whole evening really) and even offered some to us. Love his generosity.

What he GOT in exchange is AWEsome! Gummy Bears made with fruit juice. A kit-kat type bar, a sucker, and some chocolate 'rocks' and little chocolate pieces wrapped in Halloween foil. Awesome, huh!!

Brought to you by NaturalCandyStore.com. I also already ordered the candies we'll use for our advent calendar so that I don't have to cringe every morning we pull something out of it!

The new good stash replaced the old bad stash.

Which is now smartly hidden in the Corn Meal container, and will be handed out to the sparce number of trick or treaters we will get on Wednesday night.

It was a wonderful "Halloween Night"- and we felt so grateful to get to use the stickers and book Mom & Dad sent! Tomorrow we'll decorate our big pumpkin, which Lukas discovered outside this morning by the front door (since I went grocery shopping late last night) and was wide eyed and open mouthed to discover "ein RIESIGER Kuerbis!" (a HUGE pumpkin!) and little gourds on the breakfast table. Such little things are HUGE joys for him.
The Farnsworths: parents Steven & Rachel with Lukas' friends Adele and Dexter. Aren't their costumes awesome?!

Lukas' little buddy Will, who dressed as a guitar :) He's such a sweet boy!!


Helen said...

Schön, zu sehen, dass ich nicht die einzige Mutter bin, die möchte, dass ihr Kind wenig Zucker, Frabstoffe und anderes Ungesundes isst! :-)

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Tabitha said...

Your party looks so fun! I want to give some of those ideas to my ward. You guys look GREAT in your costumes. I think I finally convinced my husband that next year we should do a family themed costume.

V said...

Robin Hood and Maid Marian!
soooooo cute.

That party is incredible.