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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Miramar Air Base in San Diego

The Blue Angels were getting fired up for their performance later in the day.

We had to take a tram across this HUUUUGE tarmac area to get to the field where the planes could be seen. It was all such a huge adventure.

I wonder if we were some of the few people to take pictures in front if this German plane. Haha.

It's awe-inspiring to see these planes up close, and hope that they'll never have to be used for their main purpose: defending our country from war.

The Patriot flight team was really fun to watch. They did lots of interesting maneuvers including flying back to top of each other, and zooming by close to the ground.

Lukas thought it was awesome to watch, and clapped for the pilots when they were driven by the audience after a performance. His favorite part by far (which he tells to others) was when he saw the really fast car -- with 10,000 hp --- going faster than an airplane it was racing. And the airplane got a head start. Guess that's what happens when you attach a turbine engine to your car. :) It was cool to go out and watch, except for the planes that flew right into the sun, so poor Lukas, who doesn't know how to shield part of his view yet to see something else near the sun, kept getting frustrated because he'd try to look and just get the sun in his eyes.

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