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Saturday, October 6, 2012

General Conference Weekend

 It's that time of the year again, when members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints all over the world "meet up" per satellite and watch a large number of speakers over a two day period, broken up into 4 main sessions of meetings. 2 on Saturday. 2 on Sunday.  It's a great feeling to listen to inspired men and women deliver messages that apply to my life right now. I usually come away from a "conference weekend" feeling motivated to try harder, be better, and organize my priorities in a more productive order! Lukas made it through one and a half sessions each day, and was VERY excited to listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir 'live' from SLC.  As each session would begin Lukas would sit on the floor grinning from ear to ear, wobbling around jumpy with excitement, eyes fixed on the tv, and he'd say "Wir werden den Propheten hoeren!!" or "Es ist Praesident MONson!!!" and "Komm schnell! Es faengt an!!!" as I'd finished getting breakfast plates to hungry mouths. He recognized a few faces and watch pretty attentively for a 3 yr old! I was super impressed, and grateful that I could listen to these messages that are so inspirational and important. 

I'm grateful for the 2 hour break in between sessions, and we tried to go wear out the wee one (after all that sitting and yummy breakfast eating!) with a long hike in the sunshine. Red-cheeked and tired, he was back and ready for --- more conference. So we let him stay. I mean, how do you tell a kid "No, you can't watch servants of the Lord, you need to go to bed!" so he hung out on the couch- exhausted- til he fell asleep. Isn't it a beautiful thing to watch a kid fall asleep? Those droopy eyelids, the bobbing head, the crash. It's sweet really.

I loved the messages to the world stand and be counted. We can't dip our toes in the water and say we went swimming. We need to show commitment and duty in our membership in the Church, and as Christians in this world. We can't just sign up and do nothing.  Also was excited by the prophet's big announcement about missionaries! With boys being allowed to go at 18 yrs old now instead of 19, it will allow so many more to go on a mission without fear of scholarship or place revocation at a college when taking 2 years off after just one or two semesters of school. I personally think it will also increase in the liklihood of boys going on missions since they will not yet have left home, and can still feel the support of the other priests in thei quorums to rally around and support them in efforts to go. 

With girls allowed to serve at 19 years old instead of 21, it's like a whole new ballgame for the sisters. Imagine being home at 20 or 21 instead of 22 or 23.  This whole "too old to date you" phenomenon exists in so few places outside of crazy Mormon culture, and it seems that be having missionaries come home closer to the same age, and younger, that their chances for school and marriage can be better. A huge note for sisters too, is that with many already having 3 years of school under their belts (or graduated) they can have already become quite 'set in their ways' and expertise, and that can increase the likelihood for clashing with fellow sister missionaries.  Many of the young women I work with right now can go next year now!!! Crazy to think about how much that has changed for many young women, that they can go 2 whole YEARS earlier than before!! 

And the biggest thought I had was what all those 18 yr old young men watching (and 19 yr old young women) must have thought when they realized that they could pick up mission papers the very next week to fill out... and when they considered, most likely in utter shock... if they felt ready NOW as opposed to later. How did their PARENTS feel? And if a kid is not ready now, what is that one extra year going to do to drastically change that?  It's like the parable of the 10 virgins. They should have been saving up all along, so hopefully they could be ready at any moment, by families teaching gospel principles every week at Family Night, and reading scriptures daily as a family, and eating meals together to build and glue together a family identity that provides safety, security, and a chance to build in love and faith.  What a life changing announcement for so many!!

Lukas can go on a mission in fourteen and a half years! He's already so excited. He says he knows it will be strenuous, but that he can do it!  :)  I hope his excitement will continue to build for 14 more years!

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