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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Christmas in October

 We got a package in the mail from Omi & Opi recently- full of yummy goodness. It all started when Omi asked if Lukas would like to play with this cool wooden sword & shield, and since we've been cruising through The Magic Tree House books lately and read a few with Knights, etc. I knew he'd love it. You can see from the expression in the picture above how he felt about getting mail, and promptly dubbed everything with the sword. He saw the Duplo and Gummy Bears right away, and was overwhelemed at the largeness of the Baumkuchen (tree cake?). In Lukas terms, it was "WUNDERVOLL!"  He and I had Semmel Knoedel for lunch the very next day. Making them in their little cooking bags and then eating them with Lukas on the patio brought back so so many mission memories... the smell of them. Mmmm..... and stuffing the still-bagged knoedel, warm in my pockets still, to eat at the train station while waiting for the elders to get to Zone Conference. Ahhhh, how I loved my mission!! Anyhow, and the Sun Rice reminded me of Schw. Hedrlinova from Czech who introduced me to Nippon- the yummy chocolate covered rice puff squares! AHHH! I might have eaten most of a package in one evening :)  Below, I told Lukas to give me his best "Ritter Gesicht" (Knight Face) and this is what I got.  And many many many... many... requests for gummy bears. Did you know that lots of food colorings in the states are illegal in Germany? (hmmm!!) And these are colored with real food. (Why don't we do that in the U.S.??)

 One of the coolest kid toys I've seen in awhile was instantly useful this day was now Jared was really sick from whatever Lukas and I had, so we went to (of course) the beach to give Jared time to rest. And this awesome funnel is split into sides for water/sand to give it a perfect consistency with which to decorate or build castle walls. Shoot, even I enjoyed playing with the thing. We had a great time at the beach-- one of those perfect moment kind of evenings-- just laughing together, playing together, no stress...well...except that one nasty potty run to the portable klo (HATE those) but even that wasn't SO bad, and the water was even remotely warm (not freezing! YAY!) and the sun was out.   In October.  I love living here!
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the hatch batch said...

Ohhhhhh....I love mission memories!! And sweet Sch. Hedrlinova. Love her so much!! Did you know that she picked mushrooms out of the church lawn in Offenbach and made me dinner because she was mad that the elders were destroying them because they are FOOD! It made me pretty nervous but I lived to tell the tale. :)

Tabitha said...

I love Lukas' long curly hair. What a handsome kiddo.