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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Best Views from my Chair

Men at Work. This is why I live with them too.

Lukas off in search of sand (?) while dad settles for local dirt.

Bringing in a load to add to the mountain.

Off- Free as a bird.

Hahahaha--- until that wave broke. They were powerful this day!

Soft moments together that make butterflies in Papi's heart and sunshine in Lukas' soul.

Finding treasures on the beach together (Lukas LOVES to hold sand crabs!)

Watching the waves drift in and out

Lukas being so brave! "Hi Mama!!!!" (See that wave behind em?)

Yeah. That wave kind of got them. Look at the cringing! All the way to his chest today with happy hoots and hollers!

This reminded me of a tabloid picture. Maybe they'd think we're "hiding" our kid from the press. Or way over protective.  "Jared with his son, Lukas, covered head to toe" Have they seen the boy's whiteness? I've seen the pedigree chart in real life. Boy needs some barriers or he'll be one fried tomato!

Happiness (a heel click?)

Bwaaa ha ha ha

Found some kids at the beach to hang out with. They played so well together!! They were really excited to get to borrow Lukas' sand shovels, and Lukas was thrilled to dig around in the sand with them. He'd run after the little girl when she'd go out into the water-- making sure she would come back and that she was safe. It was adorable. And he'd go pick up the boy's boogie board for him and hand it to him. I was of course so happy inside with my kind and polite little boy-- to see him share and act with so much love. It was actually sad for all of them when it was time to go!

My man. Love this picture.
And for those wondering why there are no pictures of me? Well-- imagine first really sandy dirty hands with the camera. Yeah, no. And then imagine me sick, bundled up in a beach chair with some nasty cold/cough thing. Ocean air is therapeutic right? I just stayed there warm from the sun, protected from wind while the boys bonded over water, salt and dirt. Beautiful.

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