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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Career Start. Ready, Set, GO!

Jared's first day of school is today. He's been doing a marvelous job of balancing things out since we got here. And even this week, with trainings and the pressure on, he's pretty cool, pretty calm, pretty collected, and I am SO excited to hear about his day when he gets home!! He left a message at lunch time saying he had 4 classes behind him already, that the kids are awesome and that he's having a great time. I am SOOOO happy to hear that, since HE is just so happy!!! We were in his classroom yesterday late afternoon for about 3 hours making bright posters of his daily routines and some important procedures.  His room looks great! He was blessed to get some great materials from a few retiring teachers before we left Davis, and has found a great colleague in the previous German teacher here, who has just changed over to teaching history.  He says it feels good to feel part of a team all working towards the same goal, and it feels great to be on that team, to get to know the other teachers better, and to finally start his new career! :)

Lukas and I celebrated by making a sign for the front door, and making his lunch this morning, and crying because foamy soap was an option instead of regular soap (Lukas, not me- lol).   :) Tonight it's burgers, corn and celebration!!  And then mutual, since I just got called to be the Laurel's adviser! Tonight will be my first mutual in.... um... 14 years.  A poignant moment came when Jared and I accompanied the youth to a temple trip Friday. (*Our first visit to the beautiful San Diego temple!!!... which means we finally found a babysitter!!) Jared was sitting there at the rail as one of the witnesses at the baptismal font, and I was standing there in my white dress with towels for those coming out of the font.  So interesting to be on the other side of that perspective. 

We've had a little stress getting everything done over the last week, especially with lots of phone calling being made about some interesting family situations, and with Jared prepping for his first week of his career.  My brother Joel and his wife and son dropped in late Saturday night to visit for a few days. Craaazy.  Family brings out the best and worst of us for sure. Interesting waters to navigate for sure.

After a long day already, Lukas is passed out right now. For him, the day started early (he hears people up, and gets up to join the party), and we walked a mile up and down hill to get to a duck pond/ nature park/nature walk. I pushed Lukas and his 6 yr old cousin there and back in the bike trailer. (Feelin' pretty good about that!) Then we all jumped into the pool after Popsicle. It's pretty hot today!! (Say people here because it's around 80, but to their credit, it is more humid-- and pushing 100 pounds up and down hills, I can agree!!)

We are LOVING the weather here, and have taken ample advantage of the close proximity of the beach!!! Just there again yesterday, and even bought a boogie board at Costco. Lukas loves the waves, and holds my hand as the waves push against him, then pull back into the ocean, taking sand under his feet with it.  It's such an easy activity to plan, and we find ourselves often grabbing a bag and just going to the ocean.

It feels right to be here, and the right time. I visit teach two super neat ladies, one who just joined the church on Christmas Eve, and another who is older and super adorable. We even saw baby racoons at her house in the backyard as we were leaving. Lukas was of course more than thrilled, and she was so happy to get to show him. (Her property backs a nature preserve).

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