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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Boys + Ducks + Dirt = Happy Boys

Bike trailer + 100 pounds + warm weather = good workout for Mommy.

Lukas' cousin Michael came to visit on Saturday night. Laaaaate Saturday night. They got here around 12:30 am and were up for the next long while with poor Michael who was puking his little guts out.  Mixture of  a long car ride (Washington to Utah to California) and maybe some bad chicken.

Lukas was of course thrilled to see them Sunday morning, and pulled out grapes to share with Michael on the kitchen floor.  After some skyping and Sunday breakfast, we headed to church where Lukas completed a decent score on the vault and floor exercises during Sacrament Meeting. It was a hayday for sure.

On Monday, I walked everyone down to the duck pond. Michael was especially excited, having never  been there before. The boys had a blast exploring the area, and we found lots of neat places I hadn't discovered before. Frogs hanging out in a stream with eyes above water, red and blue dragonflies, and lots of hidden trails. And then I remembered about rattlesnakes in the parks here and was grateful we were spared. We finished a long hot trek before heading home to dump bodies into the pool. And again, I felt so grateful that there is a pool in our complex!! A saltwater pool no less! We're there most evenings, taking a load off at the end of the day while relaxing in the jacuzzi (me) or swimming (or bouncing) along in the pool (them). Lukas has now reached the point that he can bounce along one whole half of the pool unassisted, and is quite proud of that. Not yet ready to put his head under yet, but with enough swim time he'll get there. His little friend at the pool, Makatu, is his latest evening motivation to go swimming. It's adorable really.

For Family Night on Monday, Lukas and I went to Jared's classroom and finished (started) making posters of different procedures for his class, which was starting the very next day!! And when Jared came home from work on Tuesday we had a First Day of School Party to celebrate the big event! With a Schultute and posters and hamburger dinner, we congratulated, hip hip hooray-ed, and were grateful for his job.

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