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Monday, July 16, 2012

FHE- God is in the Wind

... the lesson we have when there's just too much yelling going on. Seriously.

Lesson Overview for Lego-fanatic 3 yr old:
1 Kings 19:11...
God's voice wasn't in the loud. It was in the quiet. We need God. We need quiet(er).
See these legos? Each color represents quiet voice, room voice, and loud voice.
Jared gave hilarious examples and Lukas passed him the corresponding lego and built the towers.

God in his infinite wisdom gave man the Bible. And Legos.

I wonder sometimes if these lessons make a difference, and then I hear Lukas at the piano tinkering away and singing "Ich folge Jesus... und der heilige Geist!" (I follow Jesus... and the Holy Ghost!)

Tonight he tinkered 2 notes enough to keep singing, "And walked,... and walked,... and walked... and walked... and walked" -- and he was BEAMING with pride. I love that "I.am.SO.proud.of.myself" face. I had to chuckle.

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