We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Look Mama! Jon Schmidt!"

It has been about 9 years since I've lived anywhere with constant access to a piano in the house (minus that stint during the Bell's Tonga Research Trip where we babysat the digital keyboard and my baby fell asleep to Beethoven- and we bonded over Moonlight Sonata). Now, after all this time, my fingers had to relearn that piece and I've even busted out "Dozen a Day" exercise books to improve my fingering. Let's face it. I only has lessons for a year or so there, and have really only improved in the "having guts to play" department, since I was often the only one who could play at all for a couple congregations in Germany. So I sight read better. Better, I said. Not well. Just better. So when I can do something with ease on Friday that proved difficult to do the previous Monday, I am grateful again for having a family piano with some personality. Like the E down there on the bottom that has a gutteral clang to it that makes Lukas bust into pieces with laughter. (I don't want him to grow up too privileged after all, right?)

My favorite moments are when he is done with dinner, and wants to get cleaned up so he can play. Or when he'll sit there and tinkle the ivories while singing out "Ich liebe Jesus, und der Heilige Geist", or when he and his cousin Michael dance around the livingroom in circles before bedtime to "Moonlight Sonata" with the energy and expression of ballet dancers.

Thank you Jesus and Jon Schmidt and Ludwig for this kind of inspiration.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Free Tuesday Museums in San Diego- Space, Planes, & Automobiles

After reading Farewell to Arms this summer, seeing this nurse and soldier in an old Ambulance reminded me instantly of the book! WWI with non-happy ending captured well in literature.

The posters were very telling of their time, and unrealistic in our time, I thought.

We took the Snoopy picture thinking of Bo & Jordan.

The robots reminded us of Lukas' book Benjamin McFadden. "Games. Games are fun! Food. Food is fun!"

The Lamborghini picture makes me laugh. In your wildest dreams boys!

I love that after we got out of that museum, which was pretty cool all in all, complete with 4-D movie where Lukas got to wear super cool glasses, that Lukas was so excited to play out on the lawns and climb their trees as planes roared on by overhead. 

Estate Sale Score

Shovels.  The most highly recommended piece of beach equipment. We scored a couple of them at an estate sale for about 3 bucks a piece-- along with some hummingbird feeder powder and a Kitchen Aid dicing attachment. Booyeah!  It is sad when people die. Especially when they're hoarders and have HUGE amounts of things amassed from years of ordering off of QVC. 

Lord, may I never be in a state where my life revolves around ordering off of QVC for fun.

So we yard sale-d in the morning (Even scored some Magic Tree House books, which LUkas LOOOOOVES) and went straight to the beach.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pioneer Family Home Evening

Lukas thinks he's "a pioneer boy" and keeps singing "and walked, and walked, and walked and walked...". 

(I thought it'd be super cool to put a big ol' poster board over the top of the covered wagon part, but it wasn't happening with these little wigglers, so I skipped to the part where I give em biscuits so they could hear the story about the poor kid who only gets one biscuit per day. I asked Lukas if he'd like it if he only had one biscuit per entire day and his eyes got the "unbelievable mom!" look with the furrowed eyebrows as he shook his head and said, "Nooooooo!!")

Noooo, definitely not a pioneer boy. This boy gets honey and freshly squished strawberry jam on his biscuits. This little boy has well-fitted shoes to fit his size 11 feet for his 41 inch long and 41 pound body. This little boy has a plethora of lovingly made blankets to keep him warm at night. He has comfortable clothes fit for the weather (and please-- the weather?? That's what we all pay for here in San Diego county- the weather is amazing), he has friends who are not of our faith who don't tar and feather him, and don't drive him out of the city. This little boy has made happy acquaintance with most little people he meets. This little boy can walk and walk, but this little boy's mom and dad are okay with picking him up for a little while when he's all tuckered out. This little boy sleeps in a comfortable place (albeit the floor as of late- by his choice) and has enough room in his proverbial wagon for more than just strict necessities. The kid's got his favorite stuffed animals: Bear and Russell the elephant, to keep him company.  And seriously...This little boy gets to go to Sea World with dad when mom is sick. Not a pioneer, but will dress like one on Saturday when we have a celebration to remember those of our faith who overcame great odds to stand up for their faith, follow God, and settle the west. The whole country can be grateful for their sacrifices. There are roadways that were built where their wagon tracks forged the way. Just amazing, the sacrifices that those people made. 

A Vista Update:

Lukas and I have found our own little piece of nature close by (as far as West Manor). Our "Quiet Place"(such a good book!) It's  a duck pond with beautiful cranes, herons, coots, other ducks and tadpoles, duck poop, dirt, sticks, some woods near it with dirt paths to tromp through. We just pack up the bike trailer (as a stroller though- still no bike- and seriously I think the hills would kill me, so I'm a walkin' chick now- time for leg muscle workouts uphill and downhill- whew!) and head to the pond til he's either 1.done with lunch,2. so filthy that "it's time" or 3. it's so late that "it's time." 

The ladies at church are nice. An older sister and her best friend Beryl (from London with a cool accent) picked me up for RS Wed night. I think they're both 80 or approaching 80. SO adorable, these women.

Our neighbor across the street started coming to church with us. And I thought of Joe & Steph who always babysat Struppi, since I'm feeding our neighbor's goldfish this week while she's gone on vacation. See? What goes around comes around! haha!

Our neighbors (4 per stairwell) are Asian, Hispanic, and white/black. We are the world. We are the children.

The beach is awesome. I won't lie.

I kinda was a little bummed after being sick for a week, and being alone in a new city with nobody I really know. I was much grateful for shout-outs from friends.

I have to give a talk in church next week and am both excited about/dreading it.

I'm hooked on "The Wonder Years" since a week ago. Nothing else to do (that I want to do)?- buy Net-flicks for a month and watch Wonder Years.

Stake Pioneer Day celebration is at a park this weekend, and people are even dressing up. After that 4th of July amazing breakfast, I cannot WAIT to see what happens there. Already crackin' up thinking about it.

 p.s. We took Lukas to the aerospace/flight museum today in San Diego and I told Jared that I feel like a traitor when we visit patriotic sights and I'm speaking German to my kid. He says, well you are! (Bwaaa ha ha.  Ha.     Ha.) So I wore my anchor necklace to boost my sense of belonging to RED, white and blue instead of black, red and gold.  And I laughed when he points up to one of the WWI German planes suspended from the ceiling and said, "there's one of mine" with it's big ol' WWI German crosses (before the ones with WWII swastikas).  Yeah. Nice. He did however decline having his picture taken next to his county's airplanes.   LOL