We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Last Hurrah

On our last evening in Davis, we did the usual. Wed night Picnic in the Park to hear the bands play. Somehow my child has learned to do "the sprinkler" and is pretty proud of those dance moves. Especially cute was when Bailey was begging him to go dance with her: "C'mon Lukas! Come dance with me! Don't you remember how I used to push you in the swing when you were a baby? C'mon! The song is almost over."  And she's 4. Ha ha! 

The kids had a blast running around holding hands (and then crashing into the ground) Joining in on the "swing your partner round and round, then you throw them to the ground" was also Lily, Cami & Renae. 
We didn't do a big goodbye thing. This may sound dumb, but when there are a lot of people all gathered on my behalf, I never feel like I do any of them justice in time or attention, and would rather avoid the self-inflicted feelings of trying to appease so many people at once when my life is already in a time to transition and major upheaval. I really just hoped people would come help us move on Thursday morning!
So just a regular Wed night for us. The last fresh cherries. Last fresh strawberries. Last bounce house. Last picnic dinner. Last live band in Central Park.

Lots of goodbyes, said and not said. A few I regret not hugging to say goodbye (Bethany, I mean you here too!) I've learned a lot from watching lots of wonderful people doing amazing things! 

On Market night it was neat to see our awesome OP neighbors again, since we've known them the entire time we were in Davis. Tony & Christie will forever be remembered in our house whenever we make Pesto, wear tie-dyed shirts, or make eggs in a mug, and hear flamenco music. Their little girls were so sweet to Lukas, and he and Cami were best buds for quite some time.  It was so sweet of Devrey to bring us dinner (since the chuck wagon was long-since packed) since they have such a busy family schedule. We used to babysit swap with them, put each others' kids to bed (go Babywise!!), and Lukas adored tinkling the ivories in her apartment! I'll never forget the way Chris would be excited about Lukas (and I'm so glad they're having a boy!) and how Devrey's sense of humor and super openness lead to side-splitting stories of her real-life thoughts. What a great spirit that woman has! What dear friends who will be missed! Speaking of dear friends and memories, I was so glad Joe & Steph could come hang out too with little Claire. There's nothing like a great friend in close proximity, and I know that staying in Davis this past year was partly so I could have a friend like Steph. She's a strong, faith-filled friend who lent perspective, kind words, food and company. I was just thinking tonight, now that I'm in Vista,CA, how nice it would be to run over and knock on her door to chat. 

I'm hoping all goes well with Graham baby #5 (shout out to R) and that you just keep on with your amazing family- learned a lot about perspective and love from you! I'll never forget that note you wrote me that one time that made my day when you had no idea what was going on in my life to know how much I needed to hear what you had to say! Thanks to R.G. for putting up with us behind you in that 3rd pew for, seriously, this whole time?? Loved the book perspectives, the hairdos, the honesty, and the validation- all not to be forgotten! Thanks Kirks for that amazing 4th of July wonder cake, the motivation for a Triathlon, and the amazing and much needed perspective I gained from knowing you. Love to B.M. for teaching me to cook Chop choy, and indulging me with long ol' conversations about matters important and completely trivial over Hand & Foot.

We'll probably not find something like this atmosphere of Davis anywhere else. New places come and go, but friendships travel across miles and miles and linger in our hearts & thoughts when they're worth it!
We met so many wonderful people in Davis who we'll soon not forget! If you're ever in the area, you're always welcome to stop in at Hotel Loehrmann- no matter how big your family is, or how sudden the notice. We always have food and a rood to share. I'm mostly glad that I'm taking my very best friends with me in the moving truck, and that God will watch over us wherever we go. It's overwhelming to think of all the miracles that have happened in the 4 years we got to be this amazing place.

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Joe,Steph,and Claire said...

Love you Jess!!! Miss you!