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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Do You Hear What I Hear?

When a kid turns three, the doctor's office visit is like a big party. Everybody recognizes you and is happy to see you, you get to stand on cool machines, play peek-a-boo with your ears, and play awesome NEW games. This visit included the Pirate game, complete with eye patch. Lukas held one hand over his eye and had to label some pictures on the eye chart for the nurse. It's cool because it not only tests sight, but for us we noticed how he talks- in English-, and how confident he is to talk to the nurse, and how long he could stand this game for 5 turns per eye. As he'd call out so meekly, "birthday cake", I couldn't help but shrug in a giggle. It was adorable. Then, to label the hand symbol, he called it "Stop". Guess we do that at home kind of emphatically- hand and all. Ha! It felt good to hear the nurse sound all impressed, saying that most 3 year olds don't have the focus or concentration to do that task.  (Why do feelings up pride swell in a parents chest over such silly things as an eye test?!)

 Next up was the recording studio where he checked out the latest hits from The Beeps. He got a real kick out of this game of pointing to where the sound was, and I do not lie when I say my cheeks often hurt from smiling at my child so much- especially this day. I've come to like the Doctor's office. Because at least from HIS point of view, we are doing an aMAZing job at helping our kid eat right, helping him make physical progress, and helping him learn things --- and he actually tells us that, which was extra good this week, since there was a scare from another doctor who was concerned about his slight funnel chest, and wanted an MRI (where our kid is 'put under') to confirm other possible theories she had going, like checking for genetic heart concerns and confirming that the heart will have enough room to grow. It's moments like these that I'm glad that Lukas' pediatrician is the head of pediatrics (i.e. the boss of the lady who suggested said MRI), and that we were going to see him for the 3 yr check up within a week of the visit we had about his week-long virus fever, which is fine now. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that she'd thorough, but no MRI for this kiddo just yet. Not without probable cause. But of course the nagging question still remains. I'm getting some information from the source about family health history of heart issues (since I know there are some), and will for sure look into this once we've moved. For now? Movin' and a groovin' to The Beeps!

It's nice to hear a doctor tell us that our greatest challenge as Lukas' parents is probably (for now) going to be staying ahead of him, since he's growing/doing/learning so quickly.

For the record, he's 39 pounds and 41.5 inches. That's about the average height of a 4 or 5 year old he says. Lukas is 3, mind you. He wears a size 10 shoe, and he's in mostly 4T clothes. He rides a bike, can read the word "the", and can identify a ton more letters lately, thanks to the occasional session of "school" on Starfall.com-- which I love to watch Lukas repeat over and over what he's learning as he "plays school".

Here's a cool thing the doctor said about food: Don't ever make food an emotional issue. No food for rewards (no biggie- we are all huge fans of stickers, hugs and crazy happy dances around here). And no limiting food for kids either (this could have started becoming an issue with our little bottomless pit).  Doctor March said that what I DO have control over is WHAT he eats, so as long as I just offer healthy food, he can eat as much as he wants. Hello

HATER ALERT: If you're unhappy about your kid's eating habits, and really don't want to hear about it, please skip the next part! 
And in these moments I'm glad that Lukas likes to eat things like: Spinach leaves, garbanzo beans with Trader Joe's "African Smoke" seasoning (thanks Meredith!), rice cakes, pirate booty, apples, bananas, oranges, raisins, sunflower seeds, cashews, peanuts, craisins, tortilla chips, frozen blueberries, dried bananas & apricots, freeze dried strawberries & peaches, real carrots (his fave to pick out at the store and carry along to the checkout- just one lonely carrot!), anything with peanut butter or salad dressing.  I didn't give him anything sugary till he was two, which wasn't too hard, but took some creative navigating. I tried to stay stocked up with alternatives in the go-bag, and steered away from junk and went for fruit at bday parties, etc. Give that kid a strawberry and the rest of the world doesn't matter. He has dessert occasionally (like Sunday and Family night- hello Tiramisu!!!), lest anyone think we're completely off our rocker (who needs a rocker anyways?), but in those first two years I'm pretty sure he got to like a TON of other tastes besides sugar. I remember when he went on a Hummus kick. THAT was hysterical. I felt like we couldn't keep enough of it made in the house! He'd dunk some snap peas, broccoli trees, bell peppers- and I'm laughing because I didn't even know what hummus WAS when I was a kid. AND he likes water. Yes, a person could truly consider our family quite weird--- and totally from Davis. Ha ha. I've discovered vegetables and spices here, and it's changed my life forever!

Another bonus: No shots at a 3 yr. checkup. Yipeee! So we celebrated Jared's last school day and Lukas' rockin' check up by heading to Ludy's, where my Super Ludy dunked his house salad leaves, carrots and tomatoes in balsamic vinaigrette dressing, and yelled "Es ist MEINS!" if anyone tried to take any of that little man's salad. Um, can I polish his halo when we get home? 

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Tabitha said...

40 lbs? That's crazy! My little guy is well...so little.

You are an amazing mother! You are doing an awesome job. I wish we lived closer so we could spend more time with you and cute Lukas!