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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Life Ain't no Picnic...

...but UCD Picnic Day is pretty fun, and starting off with a pancake breakfast over at the Institute Building at 8 in the morning, we walked over to campus to see the Picnic Day parade for the first time!! While waiting for it to actually start, we scored some free popcorn, we got to use an old 1940s dried cob popcorn kernal shucker, and got to put the dried seeds in a baggie to take home to pop that afternoon. Lukas also made some "sand art" with different shades of Earth provided. (Note to self: Bring a paper plate and glue to the park sometime!!)

We saw the band perform, cheerleaders do stunts, lots of old bicycles in the parade (this is Davis, after all!) and lots of politically insensed entries in the parade as well. Especially funny was when he saw the smoke from the BBQ pits in the Food Quads on campus, and said, "Was ist DAS?? Sollen wir DA 'rueber gehen??" (What is THAT? Should we go over THERE??!!")

We watched some water polo, toured the fire station, watched the dogs catch frisbees and do tricks outside before heading indoors for the big Doxie Derby, where wiener dogs race for first place. There was even a doxen with a wheelchair of sorts for its non-functional hind legs. Some dogs ran in the wrong direction and some nipped at the legs of other dogs. The owners were also a hoot to watch, sooooo into their little poopsies, trying to make sure they were in their little gates all safe & sounds before they'd finally leave em to get to the other end so the race could start. Much like the interesting cross section of society we call 'the people of Wal-Mart' were also the interesting "people of Doxey Derby." After a few heats, we headed back out. Lukas really wanted to play football with dad on the grass (I thought it was such a sweet expression of his priorities!) as a band rocked out on a stage behind us.
Lukas was also so excited to see a helicopter fly so low as it was landing on campus, and was generally thrilled to see everything new, hold a red balloon, eat things, try new activities. The last time he was at picnic day, he was just a few weeks old, and then it was also super hot!

We watched some rugby to close out the hot afternoon of walking and looking at things while super sweet Jared went & got the car. The boys jumped into the pool after naptime, despite the frigid water temperature! To appease the please of his son, Jared did many a cannonball into the pool to make huge splashes, and took Lukas swimming all over the pool with his noodle and little diving fishes.
Happy Picnic Day, and goodbye Winter. Hello Summer. (We don't really get too into spring around here, do we?) Can you believe it's just the middle/end of April??


jana said...

What a fun filled day!!

V said...

Community events are amazing.
The weather looks beautiful.