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Sunday, April 1, 2012

I was at a Conference this weekend...

...a really General one. THE General Conference. And because Lukas hardly watches TV, he is PRETTY stoked about the tube being on for the whole morning while we watch, listen, pray, sing, learn, and write notes about things that have stood out.

And my thought every 6 months is always this: If Moses were on the Earth today, speaking as the Lord's prophet, wouldn't I want to know what he has to say?? So I wait. I watch. I listen. I hope. I write.

I look forward to this with a lot of anticipation. I think of questions I have about things going on in my life, and hope that someone will say something in a talk that will come as an answer. It's not like a fortune cookie, or like a magic 8 ball, but I DO believe that God hears my prayers, that he cares about me, and that if I'm really looking for answers that I'll find em. I also believe that God speaks through inspired men today, just as he did in the Bible days of setting up his church on the Earth. I believe that the Gospel in its fullness was restored through the Earth through Joseph Smith and that through him God brought forth The Book of Mormon- Another Testament of Jesus Christ

I love the way Lukas gets all into the singing- waving his arm around directing music... and how his face lights up every time he hears a song he knows, exclaiming "Das kennen wir!" ("We know that!")
I wonder sometimes at all the things I don't "know" and how there's so much about life to learn along the way, from every situation, from every person I interact with, from every trial.

I listened today feeling SO grateful for NOT acting on really bad feelings I'd had for a couple of months about a situation that felt very much out of my hands. I wanted to justify my point of view- express my discontent, and "set things straight" but I've just kept holding out, thinking that I would keep the situation in mind through Conference and see if there was some wisdom that would help me, and there was plenty. Oh, how horrible I would have felt had I acted on my "natural man" feelings and let someone have it. I endured to the end. Not gracefully, but I was glad I endured. And I feel peace. Finally.

I readjusted my attitude about a few goals I have, and refreshed my willpower to move forward in some good directions. So many great talks given that give me cause to ponder. Good thing there's not another one for 6 more months.

Anyways, so if you aren't familiar with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, you now know that twice a year we (in our house anyways) hang out in PJs with notebooks having just eaten Orange Rolls for breakfast, and watch 4 hours of satellite broadcast for 2 days straight in one of the most spiritually uplifting events of the year. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings too, and wouldn't you know it... for one session of the conference (there are 4 main ones), the Missionary Training Center Choir sang and in the front row was AMERICAN IDOL'S David Archuletta, who is in the training center to go on a mission. He's left the big ol' world of recording and singing and fame to go on a mission. That's commendable in my book. Pretty classy. Can you imagine being there at the same time though?? Wouldn't you want an autograph or something?

Inbetween sessions I'd take the little man outside to run AROUND and AROUND and AROUND before naptime. He hung out with the only other little kid around: Wong. Wong talks about 100 miles per hour and doesn't really stop actually. Kinda stressful, but he's sweet and I thought it was so funny that he and Lukas grabbed cardboard boxes to play boats. And then there's Lukas on the obligatory wear-you-out-walk today, branch in hand. That's my boy.

And while we were at it, we decided to celebrate Lukas' BIRTHDAY!!! He's 3 years old!
Jared is going to be gone the whoooooole day Monday- on Lukas' ACTUAL birthday, but explaining all of that gets very tricky with a three year old, so when he woke up this morning, we sang him the Happy Birthday Song and made cupcakes today, and let him have the bubbly apple juice at dinner- the yummiest day of his life for sure. He opened presents & letters from grandparents and from us, found a frog outside, AND got to have cupcakes & strawberries.  Three years old is grand. I love this little boy with all my heart and am beyond grateful that he is a part of our family. His spirit brings light into our home, and his laughter brings smiles to the faces of all those around him. A sentimental post about this little boy is surely coming tomorrow. I stand in awe of the person he is becoming, and feel such a great weight on my shoulders to be his mom. (But I am so giddy happy that it gets to be me!!)

Happy Birthday Lukas!
He woke up after snuggling the last couple hours in our big warm bed and started the day with singing followed by a smoothie & Cinnamon Roll breakfast. Jared spread out the new books from an amAZing Garage Sale and Lukas was super excited to see Corduroy on top. We handed him packages from the mail this week and he opened the Luftpost from Opa Uwe & Oma Sigrid to find books & and an adorable pop-up card. He plopped himself right down in my lap to hear the book about the soccer player-right then.  Then he opened the box from Grandma & Grandpa in VA. He sang "ooooohhHh!!" as he'd peel open paper to find clothes and a singing card (those cards get a lot of mileage in this house!), and he and Jared danced to the froggy song for awhile before opening the little wrapped bundles inside. He wanted to wear his soccer jogging suit right away, and it fits perfectly! He even wore it on our walk this afternoon. When we got back we made cupcakes from Omili & Opili and ate all but three after a big steak & potatoes meal that Jared made. I LOVE it when he cooks! It's like gourmet and we all feel spoiled. Lukas was super excited about the "spikey water" that we all drank (Martinelli's) and would have probably had only that, had the choice been only his. After a really long, extra bubbly bath tonight, we got our little birthday man to bed, and I sit in awe of his love, his humor, and his existence at all in our family. I am SO grateful for him and celebrate these birthdays with a lot of held back happy tears. A career job as a teacher was nothing to the fulfillment I feel being this child's very own mother. 

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