We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Davis--- on the way out!

When Lukas and I steal away to the Farmer's Market so Jared can get more school work done, we have kind of a ritual. We'll wait on that main street for a parking space -- someone ALways leaves, and we get a really close spot which is SO worth it when it's time to leave. Then, after carefully getting across the street, Lukas b-lines for the carousel! It was packed the day of our most recent trip, and the kids all stood in line, clutching a dollar that would buy them 3 minutes of blissful youth on a bicycle-powered carousel. I asked Lukas what he wanted to ride, and he was pretty into "that animal with the ball on its nose", so I asked him what he wanted to ride in case the seal was already taken-- you know, just in case. Well, that little three year old just said all matter-of-factly, "Dann werde ich warten!" (Then I'll wait!) And I had a quick reminder of the famous Marshmallow Test, and was exuberant about my child's ability, in moments like these, to wait. Apparently the wish for the outcome just has to be strong enough.  Turns out, he got to ride the seal, and our sweet neighbor who always calls him "Master Luke" was there as a volunteer to help him off when the ride was over.  And to our surprise, we ran into Michelle and Lily there, and were so happy to see the two kids running freely through the huge field, and climbing on the caterpillar, and the rock fountains, and just playing. And the sky was blue and clear, the huge purple and white flowers were brilliantly covering the trees, and life was just amazing. Don't I wish I could put that feeling in a jar to set on the shelf for rainy, or unhappy days!

Other adventures this week included going to the grocery store to buy celery for Jumbalaya. We love to eat it and I'm sure Lukas mostly likes to say it: JumbaLAYa....   And he picked out what he always gets at the IGA-- a huge carrot.  How can I say no? Yes, we buy them when he's begging for a huge carrot or two. And we'll walk home crunching away, til it's time to sit down and wait for some bird to come eat the "cherry" Lukas has found, and he'll call up to the roof where a bird is perched saying, "Iss mal Vogel!!!" (Eat it Birdie!!) and I don't laugh too loud, lest he stop and my amusement come to a questioning stop. I just munch my carrot and watch.

We made it across campus to see Bronson. Lukas realizes now that he's moving away in a few weeks. He knows that 2 hours away from Davis is farther than where Dad goes to school in Sacramento... which led to major devastation and some tears, mumbling "Can we go see him??"  We'll see honey.

Because who on Earth knows where we will end up anyhow??  The job in Galt didn't work out. The teacher who wanted to retire isn't allowed to because her school district won't pay her health insurance. So, away we look for other options. Most recently Jared was reading off places with job listings for HS German Teachers: How 'bout New Jersey Jess? What about Illinois? Or Minnesota?

I said, "What about GORTEX?! You invest and we can live anywhere." (I freeze quickly)


Tabitha said...

Galt????? That is where i grew up!!! I lived there from 2nd grade til graduation!!! That would be weird if you moved there! I would know everyone in your ward and depending on the school you taught at I may have even had some of the teachers as my teacher!!!

Small world.

Jess said...

AHHH! Yeah, would've been Galt High with the German Teacher there who has been there 25 years. Weird, huh?

And Wendy... PLEEEEEASE keep looking for us!!! EVERYONE keep looking for us!! Check your local school district sites to see if any German teacher positions are available!!! We'd love to move somewhere where a familiar face is waiting!!!