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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Because there's Pink Ice Cream at the End

For the "Mormon Helping Hands" project this year, our stake went down to Winters to beautify some of its river areas. Lukas and I went, armed with apples, sandwiches, carrots and strawberries to keep him going. We pulled a ton of weeds around seedling trees, and packed mulch around them to keep the undergrowth from returning. Lukas' hard work included running up and down river banks, throwing rocks and large blades of grasses into the current.  Here you see him at the beginning, the middle and the end... so tired, and SO ready for that promised hot dog picnic lunch over at the church.  I felt like I was in the south, sitting under a tree as all the kids ran around on the thick green lawns, playing tag, some wielding sticks bigger than themselves, as some discovered the perch of old tired trees on the grounds. And why is it that a hot dog tastes SO amazing after a lot of work?! Please, pass that relish, this is the BEST FOOD EVER--- really? Did I say that? And the reward of all rewards, saved for things we need good associations with (always church and sugar right? Please. Where there are Mormons -ah, hem, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints-- there is almost ALWAYS food... and almost always some sugary food.) and we had ourselves some yummy strawberry ice cream out of those little cups like in the elementary school lunch lines. And that was Lukas' little piece of Heaven. And he even gave me some. I'd like to think he's got a hang of this whole "service" thing.

Recently at a General Conference address the Prophet asked us to help serve in the communities. So on the way there, having talked about it on the way, Lukas would say "Wir helfen dem Propheten!" (We're helping the Prophet)-- and more correctly, we're serving the Lord. "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God"- Mosiah 2:17

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Kim said...

We just did ours this morning! How fun!