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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Family Night Lessons...

Recently someone asked me what we do for Family Night. Made me laugh since we keep trying to figure that out as we go! When it was just the two of us, we'd sing, pray, read the scriptures together, or a General Conference Address, and call it good.

We've been trying to figure out the best ways to teach this 2/3 year old about Jesus and our beliefs in God's plan for us. So, with General Conference coming soon Jared did a lesson on prophets tonight. I was surprised that Lukas could name so many! (Moses, Noah, Isaiah, Adam, Joseph Smith, Thomas S. Monson-- and the way he speaks right now sounds adorable when he says Mwons-onnn!)

We grabbed props for some biblical & modern-day prophets in the Follow the Prophet Song, then had Lukas hold em as we sang the verse to him, then all sang the chorus together (Follow the Prophet (x3), don't go astray, Follow the prophet (x3), He knows the way!) marching around following Lukas as Moses, Lukas as Noah, etc. He LOVED it and it was really fun.

The driven-home point to repeat this week was "When we follow the prophet we are happy and safe!"
(Such a difference from so many weeks of "when we are obedient (LUKAS!!!) we can be happy!" haha)

Boo yeah for dessert afterwards (the dance of joy over the announcement of dessert would have made you think it was the happiest moment of Lukas' entire life- HA- and I was glad I still had strawberry slices and jogurt mixed together from last night!)

In the picture is the 10 commandments tablet, the Ensign with the latest words from the prophet today, the ark of Noah, a box with a book in it supposed to be the plates found that Joseph translated into the Book of Mormon. The card with the cloud is one of a bunch I made with the computer to put all over the floor for Lukas to pick 3 songs to sing at the beginning of Family Night-- seriously my BEST FHE idea ever and yes, I am so proud of that. As a teacher, I often just steal other great ideas and adapt em and roll with it. The Primary Sunday School song book back there is in German is to help us sing em all in our Family language (because I definitely do not know most of those songs in German!! -- Danke nochmal Omili!!)

Lukas later wanted to play with the 10 commandments on the back of the tablet (i.e. play with markers) and when we said them and he asked me what it means to "not commit adultery" at first I said it means Mommy doesn't kiss other men  and he said " nur PAPA!!"  but then I got to thinking that if he ever sees me kiss an old man on the cheek, is he gonna get the wrong idea? Better address that later. Hmmm...

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Ixchelle said...

Jess, you are an inspiration. I truly enjoy reading about the neat things you are teaching Lukas. Your education is blessing lives. I love you and appreciate the wonderful mother that you are. If you get a chance, read/listen to the YW broadcast from last night, especially Sister Cook's talk. She talks a lot about being a Mother and using your education to teach your kids. LOVED it!! I love you and your husband and Lukas who try so hard to follow the Prophet.