We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

UNO !!

Lesson I learned from today: Not only is Sunday a great family bonding time, but almost 3 yr olds can start learning to play Uno, and get just as much joy out of giving draw fours as your husband might! He's practicing numbers and colors this way too, so it's a win-win.

The Weekly Insider...

...Because for a week we literally just hung out inside!
(Oh the weather outside is frightful, But inside we can create delightful!)

Have you ever noticed how kids' toys let you be a kid again too? I had a BLAST this week, just playing with my beenie-man.

We busted out the playdough, the bubble wrap (and experimented biting it too- a big hit), the art easel (thank you freecycle.org!!), watch the big trucks rip up & repave the parking lot (so so cool! except Lukas says "Es ist stinkig Mamili!!"), playing drums to Jon Schmidt's "Peponi", and hey, why not hang out in your jammies all day?

That big shirt is actually the, and I mean THE ticket for getting this little jack-in-the-box to stay in bed right now. Behold: Papa's t-shirt. It's big like a nightgown, and special like- well- a hug from dad. And here he just woke up and had to see the trucks again.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Two Year Old Conversations...

...revolve around labeling and claiming it seems. And sometimes telling the others what the rules are (labeling for others) and complimenting (claiming too, huh). From babysitting extravaganzas over this week, I've heard the following quotes:

Bronson to Jared: You're a good guy Jared.
Lukas: He is a good guy. And he's my dad.

Bronson: I'm making a basketball court (with playdough) Lukas: I'm making also a basketball court. (Love the German grammar to speak English sometimes! So endearing!)

Lukas to Bronson after I handed out playdough and tools: Say thank you mommy. Say thank you Jessica. Say thank you for the playdough Jessica! (so emphatic about the thanking over here!-- yesssss!)

Lukas while playing with the shape sorter and singing to himself to some made up tune:
Geh mal rein'
Geh mal rein
Es macht so Spass im Himmel sein!
da da da.... (usw.)
(First of all I'm shocked that he's rhyming on his own, and then ran to grab a piece of paper to write it down because it was so sweet. I can tell he loves Jesus very much.)

Before going to sleep last night (one of the many times we put our little Jack-in-the-box back into bed) I asked him, "Lukas, worüber denkst du nach wenn du hier alleine liegst?" (What do you think about when you lay here alone?) Lukas says: "Jesus.... Mamili, und Papili... Onkel Steffen, Onkel Joel, Onkel Justin,...Omi in der Kita."

Me & Lukas at the Kitchen Table:
Lukas, du bist ein besonderer Junge, weisst du das?
"Ja, und du bist ein besondere Frau....... ICH! LIEBE! DICH!" (and my heart melted and all was roses and daisies in the world)

On  Jon Schmidt's Star Wars theme song MUSIC VIDEO that I won't let him watch because of the sword fighting (I dislike the immitation factor. Plain and simple. Do I like getting whacked by a sword for the sake of music? No. So I told him that Heavenly Father doesn't want little people seeing violence, so mommy and daddy decided that he'd have to wait til he was older to watch the Jon Schmidt You Tube video again, but we can still listen to it on the CD. He seems to respond really well to this, but later out of nowhere, after a nap most likely where all kinds of thoughts just come randomly pouring out, he said this:
"Mama, ich frage Papa warum das nicht gut ist...am Telefon... Warum Chewbacca zu wild ist."
 (Long Pause....)
"Manchmal Mama....gibt es zu viele Woerter darin!"
(Trans: Mama, I'll ask Papa why that's not good...on the phone... why Chewbacca is too wild.
Sometimes Mama,.... there are too many words in it!")

Mama!!! Ich taufe dich! ("Mama! I'll baptize you!"-- then he held up his arm and wanted me to lay down on the floor like I was getting baptized. It's those moment where you had better not laugh too much so they don't think you're making fun of them, but you smile, cuz you think it's cute that they're all into baptism at the moment,... and then you laugh your head off when he runs to the kitchen, grabs the kitchen towel and yells "Hier ist ein TUCH!" ("Here's a towel!")

After waking up from a nap (which was initially not wanted, but very needed)
I said: Lukas! Ich freue mich das du wach bist! Und du wolltest nicht schlaffen...
Lukas sagt: "Aber ich habe das gemacht!"  (Me: Und wie fühlst du dich?)
Lukas: "GUT!!" Ich bin glücklich!! (Me: Und wie fühlst du dich wenn du kein Nickerchen machst?)
Lukas: "Böse!" (way to call it like it is kiddo!)

"Ich mag Bronsons Spielplatz. Das ist ein guter Ort zu sein!" (I like Bronson's playground. It's a good place to be.)

I wanted to share some of my lunch with Lukas. He said "Ich muss das nicht essen. Danke dass du mir angebietet hast." (I don't have to eat that. Thank you that you offered it.")

Lately, the ploy to get Lukas to stay in bed at night is wearing one of dad's t-shirts as pajamas. We've gone from 15 times jumping out of bed to 5 or less. Last night zero. Tonight only 3. It's progress nonetheless. Anyways, after family scripture reading he's checking out his jammies in his mirror and it looks like a nightgown since it goes to his little ankles. I said "Guk mal!! Du siehst aus wie ein Engel!"
and he looks in the mirror, smiling at himself at how he looks like a little angel, then he says to me "Mama, steh auf. Guk mal in den Speigel. Kannst du das sehen? Du siehst auch wie ein Engel!"

On NIGHTTIME in the CAR on the way home:
"Warum ist es so dunkel?"  (Jared: Warum ist es so dunkel?)
"Weil wir heute so lange bei Bronson geblieben sind!" (And we look at each other amazed at how far he's getting with crazy German grammar. YAYYYY!!!)

Let go 'my LEGO

What a fun week it's been with Lukas inside. With rain, sore nerve in foot, and new inside fun, we've had a bonding week- mostly just the two of us while dad's been working hard at his first week of student teaching. Lukas asks dad about his students when he gets home, and gives him big arms-wrapped-around-neck-twice hugs. 

Bo gave Lukas Legos for Lunar New Years and we played with them every day this week for long stretches at a time. (I feel like it's somehow a right of passage to have and play with lock blocks/legos/duplo so it was a kodak moment of sorts in my mind.) I realized quickly that we had to talk about how the pokeys face up on the blocks so that they click together, and then by the second day he was having more fun than frustration. Fun is also happier than frustration for mommy . And I won't lie. I was totally building little houses and what not, and on one day this week we even re-created the high rise house and courtyard where Omi and Opi live in Germany... where Lukas built the snowman with Uncle Steffen and Papa. We also had a showing from a little giraffe and a helicopter, but my FAVORITE "creation" was the cello Lukas put together, and danced with in the living room. I was of course beaming with pride at the creativity and musicality of my little wonderboy. I love this little free spirited, loving kid and am so so glad that I get to be his mom.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Mornings

Family bonding time on the football field. I run the snack shack and do free lancing babysitting on the side. Sometimes I run boys to a Dixie-Klo, and I also give a sweaty man a ride home. Charitable act for the week: no, no! The sideline chatter is worth all of it, and it's a total win win. The boy thinks being active is good. Jared is active, and I'm actively runnin' my mouth with some pretty cool sisters from the ward. Let me reiterate: WIN WIN!
Coach Isaiah calling the plays "Now run and catch it!" he calls as the two year olds
run- just run- giggling their little heads off. That is until one little person pushes another
little person (sacrifice for the game, right?) Oh dear.
Does anyone else wonder what they're looking at?
My phone doesn't catch motion so well, eh?

Here you'll lip read: OOOohhhh!! (just like a couple of teenagers)
which was followed with a mix of:
"Yay Topher! Nice shot!" "Good job Jared!" "Go Fred!" "Good. Job. Daddy!"
So funny coming from the mouths of babes.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Introduction to Television...

...per YOUTUBE.
My parent (and former teacher/babysitter/citizen of this world which involves lots of plugged-in kids) opinion: Media is worth embracing in small amounts, with shows that are slow paced, and teach something worthwhile along the way.

(And sadly, also learned that even when you practice at the beginning what to do when it's time to turn off the video, it still leads to tears when it's time to turn off "Dumpy" as Lukas calls him (Gumby), or Mister Rogers.

I haven't let Lukas watch TV up til now, except for an occaisional BYU Football game (but not the commercials), a 5 minute Jon Schmidt you tube clip, or the church video "Joy to the World" which we had to stop watching when he started imitating the one "bad guy" in the movie who 'fronts' Nephi and his people in a grass hut. Great. That's over. No more enacting the mean guy. My body can't take it. And I won't lie- it's not easy to keep the TV/videos off. It is a huge break from parenting to just let him veg out for awhile in front of the tube (computer screen) and watch whatever keeps him quiet. But I think the results are paying off at 2.75 years old, and I'm starting to see the benefit of the vocabulary building and content learning available in TV. This all said:

I've heard Mister Rogers mentioned in a few different books I've read on some aspect of parenting for these reasons:
-He is slow-paced
-He does the same things every time he walks in the door (think teletubbies concept but much more normal)
-He teaches kids about feelings, and that's HUGE for little ones trying to navigate the world and feel validated in feeling the way they feel about things (scared, nervous, embarrassed, worried)

Gumby happens to have no violence or disrespect to adults (an issue for me concerning a lot of kids shows), and in fact displays a leave-it-to-Beaver mom and dad (he kisses her when he walks in the door, isn't that cute?). I like that the only bad guys are the "blockheads" who cause mischief and when they go after those 'rascals' they don't do it by harming anyone. And let's face it... does it get any slower than clay-mation? Haha! 

And Lukas LOVES Gumby. Oh man.

What kid shows do you just love for your kids?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Why Tylenol is my friend:

...and why I'm grateful that we live upstairs to get a bird's eye view of these babies:
Lesson: When they keep asking why, keep coming up with answers, or go find them. We learned a lot about concrete mixers, how they work, and how the concrete truck operator cleans it when he's done.

Chain saws to prune the trees.
Shredders to turn the branches to mulch.
Concrete cutters to remove sections of damaged sidewalk.
Pounding in the ceiling and walls of the new model apartment below us.
Cement mixer to lay new sidewalk.
At least the big trucks add a bit of excitement to the life of a 2 year old boy I know.
After 6 weeks of all this though, I think I experienced my first migraine headache.
When I told Lukas in the car that the radio had to be out because my head hurt, he would ask every 5 seconds, literally, "Is it gone now?" -- 'no, not yet. I'll tell you when it's gone.'
"Is it gone now Mama?"

Saturday, January 14, 2012

NBA + Interpretive Dancing

Lesson: Find new perspectives. Outside toys inside equals double excitement. Add music, and you have unleashed creative genious.

Now, wouldn't the NBA be more entertaining if it were mixed with interpretive dance? I mean,  there is still a shove here and there. And misses. And ego. And Jon Schmidt. What praytell is different? Really? :)

Other suggestions for cool outside toys indoors? I've seen before and loved: a hammock (hooks in ceiling) and a swing.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why the 8 minute ride takes an hour and a half:

Lesson learned: Take time to stop and blow on those "wish" flowers, limit the "scheduling" of little kids to minimal appointments (I'm talking bedtimes) and leave time for "exploring" along the way. There's much to learn (science), much to label (vocabulary), and much to bond.
There are dandelions that need to be blown out.
There are sticks that need to be picked up.
There are rabbits that need watching.
There are squirrel holes that need inspecting.
There is jogging to do.
There are sticks that need dragging.
There are snacks that need to be eaten.
There are bike paths that need, aparently, to be sat on.
There are cars that need to be motivated to honk at us from the overpass.
There are old gardens that need to be rediscovered.
There are hanging red swings that need to be tried.
There are toy cars left out that need to be played with.
There are stumps that need to be stood on.

All in a day's work.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Help

Tonight Lukas says to me:
"You is 'pour-tant!"
Nice. I probably better stop quoting Abileen.