We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yee Haw !

Now that the 5+ loads of laundry free of campfire smoke and the groceries are restocked, we are officially home again. We have just finished a road trip of around 2500 miles over about 20 days. Without a ton of notice, but armed with a ton of books and snacks, we just packed up the car and left one early Wednesday morning and started the long drive towards our first stop of Winnemucca. All in all it was full of adventure, great friends, awesome family, and beautiful scenery (yes, even in Arco, ID)... and we all survived and still like each other.

When we got through Nevada and settled at the hotel, getting right down to the business of frequenting their pool, we noticed all these cowboys rolling in with the big hats, belt buckles, boots, the whole bit. Turns out there was a rodeo in town! That would be our adventure for the evening after gorging on Pizza Hut's finest (complete with gambling games on screens at your table and TV blaring about how Casey Anthony was let off for the murder of her little girl). When we got to the grandstand at the Fairgrounds we noticed huge posters for the teams from Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, and sat with a bunch of cowbell-ringers from Utah. I felt like the only city slicker there as I gasped outloud, hands covering my mouth, as one cowboy got stepped on by his partner's horse in the steer wrestling competition. For the rest of these folks I guess it was ol' hat. Lukas still imitates the cowboys throwing a lasso and talks about the guy who fell off his horse onto his head (from a bucking bronco). We had an absolute blast, as did the kids next to us who got Lukas to chase em across the stands, and up onto this perch where he ended up sitting to watch for a long ol' time. And no, Lukas, the girls weren't killing the goats when catching them, wrestling them onto their back to tie their legs together. Giddy up!

Monday, July 4, 2011

It's a Party in the USA

Lukas last night in the kitchen, running around in his diaper, and out of nowhere:
"Hands up, playin' my song!" (Followed by deep little-old-man laugh)

Our tri-ward fun run/flag ceremony/pancake breakfast was so fun this morning. Lukas was thrilled to get to race around and, let's be honest, the most thrilled to get inside to those pancakes!! Here's Lukas with his little buddy Bronson, who is 3 months younger. They carried tambourines with them and shook 'em along the route. Cute boys. I have not run in aWHILE and was happy to go again. Tired, but happy.And just look at Jared bursting with American pride. I'll have you know HE dressed Lukas, coming out this morning, holding the American flag shirt and Camo pants saying, "It doesn't get any more American than this!"

To make it a real holiday we BBQ'd hotdogs, etc in the sweltering California heat then jumped RIGHT into the pool for relief. Lukas loves Bo because she's so sweet to him and always laughs when she's around and it was fun to hang out with them, the Schlotty's and Lori & her kids for dinner. All close by, really easy. My kind of relaxing.

Moving Tutorial

1. Be grateful for the people you leave! These guys, Daryl and Carlos, have been SO nice to Lukas since he was a baby. Lukas knows them by name and even prays for them on occasion. We've been so blessed to have had people be such wonderful examples of kindness and happiness to our child. Of course there are so many more, but we're not "done" with Davis yet, so I'm not counting the rest yet!

2.Get down to paperplates, plastic cups and no more untensils to pack by the last two days. It makes baking pizza interesting because we used a cereal box for a plate and cut it with who-knows what now. Dinner and a movie on the already-taken-apart bed. (Really don't recommend watching "Hotel Rawanda" the night before you move though!!- SUCH a great movie, but I was so tired already and it made me so upset at how people wouldn't help them, but I digress) Stage boxes in main part of house, make a list of the biggest things to go in the truck first so that husband can play tetris in the truck while wife directs upstairs. We were SO glad neighbors and friends came to help! It went so quickly! We packed the truck up, hauled it and unloaded it all inside of 90 minutes! Then the guys even helped us put the bed and couch together while we waited for the pizza to get there. What a blessing, and boy did we have our work cut out for us when they left!

3.For this local move, we got to pick up Lukas in the MOVING TRUCK from the friends who were babysitting him, and he couldn't have been more thrilled to sit in the front of that thing, his little cheeks just jiggling along as we bounced down the freeway. You can see from his face that the constant bumping took a little getting used to first, but his vrmm vrmm noises and constant staring out all the windows showed me he was in pig heaven.

4.Arrange child's bedroom as fast as humanly possible to give him a sense of belonging and serenity. He loves his new room and is especially happy about his "Ikea light" that he can now turn on and off with the switch- all part of the bedtime routine.

5.Conjur up LOTS of happy thoughts! This new park is really amazing and only a half mile away from our apt! It even has bathrooms, which is so timely since Lukas is asking to go potty everywhere we go now. Shaded too, and has a merry-go-round that has been banned in most other places because of broken arms/lawsuits/etc. YAYYY!

At Oma's during Christmastime Lukas was allowed to blow out his own candle at the dinner table. Wha-la, let's bring some warm fuzzies to this place with THAT happy memory- no candle rules here! booyeah!