We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Father's Day

This year was Jared's 3rd Father's Day. His son adores him. He runs to the window when Jared leaves for school to wave "Bye Papa!!" and his eyes light up when he hears Dad coming up the stairs. Ah, the joy of youth. That's what makes all the diaper changing, tantrums, splattered food (read general inviting mess here) worth it. They prick our hearts with their little love kisses, sweet songs, sincere "ich liebe dich"s and then let us walk through the mire til there's more.

And we do it. Willingly. We like them. And we do a lot for those tender feelings we share.

Happy Father's Day Jared! (1st time I remembered to USE the camera I took to church!)

And then there's my dad:
He's still not 60, was a sailor man. Both my parents were in the navy actually. Met in the chow hall line from what I understand. And they fell in love, got married, had 4 kids, and are still alive to tell about it.
This is the man my mom fell in love with: my dad... Lukas' "Grampa"
Happy Father's Day dad.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Orchard Park to Brush Creek-

They sound like towns from Little House on the Prarie. We are settling here now.and went over to the OP apt today to pick up Struppi. Poor fish has been all alone (as if he cares) and we got him home with no major mishaps. The first night here Lukas said he wanted to go home a couple of times, probably to sleep, since he was so tired from no nap. I don't blame him though, with all the excitement of getting to play with Bailey all morning, then we picked him up in the moving truck and took him with to W.Sac to return it (and pick up our car there). I mean, having gotten to ride in the moving truck- a big LKW?? "The vrmm vrmmm" as he says, -it might'as well have been his birthday. We unpacked allll afternoon (since a certain liliputian wanted no part of napping) and took a break to all jump in the pool before dinner.

I told Lukas to take bear all around the house to show him where everything is so that he could find it and I heard, "OUR bathtub, OUR couch, OUR bed, OUR living room..." and on and on, and by Tuesday night- last night- all seemed well. He went to sleep okay, reminding me "When Lukas falls from bed, Lukas sad" and we found him on the floor last night around 11 when we checked on him. It's not high up at all, but it can't be comfortable. Mini rail shopping time- any suggestions?

Other than that, we were at the OP park today and Lukas seems attracted to Anaise's place like flies to honey, or small children to Disneyland. I mean she does make "Energy Balls" that he LOVES, and there are so many fascinating things there that we just don't have at home- guinea pig, birds, sandbox,computer playing potty songs (hilarious) and the different toys and Mirea's singing car. Oh that car. And of course Jon, with whom he seems to have long hysterical conversations from the way he's laughing.

As for me, I'm loving the feeling of having elbow room here. I always thought that a walk-in closet was SUCH a luxury, and see how NEEDED it now that I know how much stuff a person can store in there out of sight! It's a storage unit in your house that is socially acceptable, because "it's just a closet"... thank you whoever invented them. You have a new admirer. Pictures and the big mirror up on the wall feels like home, and we learn to live with less- knowing that we have to pack all over again in a year. When I say less, what I really mean is less books. Comparative German Literature books with Brecht, Nietsche, and Goethe are awe-inspiring and great reads, but not necessary for any of us at the moment, so they keep each other company in Xerox boxes in the walk-in storage unit.

The apartment manager lives downstairs and is so kind and super relaxed/easy going. I think his previous neighbor had loud parties and played the drums, so an excited two year old is a walk in the park for him. In any case, I'm no stressed about it. The floors don't have magic "don't step here or the floor will creak" spots, we have double paned windows, a garbage disposal, a counter around the sink in the bathroom, a pantry in the kitchen PLUS a hall closet, plus a storage closet on the balcony. With my walk-in storage unit, the rest of the closets might seem excessive, but really it just shows me how jam packed the previous closets were, and how much we worked to "hide" things we were storing.

That being said though, I will miss the rabbits, turkeys and birds running around so abundantly, and just having that wide open space outside.for Lukas to run in. Yesterday after we cleaned all the windows, swept away cobwebs and did last wipe downs we had a picnic lunch on the balcony as it started to pour down rain. We were safely covered and had a great time just watching. I will miss that. As I clicked the door shut today before turning in keys I said "Tschuess kleine Wohnung" as I have said to every apartment we've been in and loved. It was extra special- this last one- because it was the place we brought Lukas home to and have watched him grow in his constant quiet little world. Now I feel we're on an adventure roller coaster, but we're together, so it's all okay.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Three Peas in a Pod

When a neighbor who is a photographer agrees to take family pictures in exchange for German dinner, you JUMP on that. Jared did. He arranged a photo shoot for a Mother's Day gift, and I couldn't be happier about it, especially since we've never had a real family photograph taken. Just fun snapshots. It was a gorgeous day, Lukas had a ball, and Kiana was so fun to tromp through the park with.

When I look at pictures of family, I'm reminded of what life is all about, and I feel so grateful for the little eyes peering up at me with outstretched arms to pick him up while I'm making dinner. And I couldn't be happier about the sound of Jared reading books, or playing cars with Lukas.

Our life has certainly been a roller coaster, getting married, moving to Germany, moving back to the states, driving across country from VA to BYU, then out to CA where we adopted our little sunshine boy - thrilled to finally be parents, and now we embark on a new adventure as we have moved from our sweet little Orchard Park apartment -- all that Lukas has known and loved -- to Brush Creek, where he already stands on the balcony yelling hi to the apartment manager standing on the sidewalk below. We have each other. We have the gospel. We have friends. Life is good.

I Love to See the Temple

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lake Berryessa

What to do when the house is in boxes, it's summer and friends start moving away? GO CAMPING! Get away from it all. Our neighbors invited us and we were happy to get to go. Lukas doesn't fit in a pack-in-play anymore and I scored a sleeping bag for free at an estate sale, so camping experiment here we were!

First things first: Set up camp! This includes jumping around the tent, testing out the hammock and testing out EVERYone's chairs. Then, it being so hot, we dawned our 110 spf sunscreen and went straight for the water!! Superboy was back this year and the water was "sehr erfrischend!" (very refreshing!)

Lukas had a BLAST with dad in the water, and would tell him: "Tauchen!" (dive),
Ready, set, GO! and then shrieks of laughter would echo through the cove as Jared would swim under water to him, and then pop up right in front of Lukas, met with little arms flung around his neck. You can see how small they were from up on the bluff where we camped!! Lukas air dried in the hammock for awhile, then played with his little buddy before cookin' hotdogs at the fire! He really looks so grown up now and exclaims on occasion: Lukas nicht Baby!!

By the time we headed home, after a morning of roasting breakfast sausages and stick bread over the fire, then swimming in the cool lake, he was plumb tuckered out!
We can't wait to go again! There was nothing nicer than the quiet stillness that technology robs us of during the week. We took a walk together along the shore, the three of us, Lukas found a HUGE pinecone, laughed at the wild geese, and could walk right through the tunnel of low hanging branches. Yay for camping!!


...to Davis. What? Yes. We've decided to pay a little bit more rent so that we can stay in a place that doesn't NEED to be gated, where Lukas can keep his primary friends and familiar surroundings, where I can keep my support group of friends/ward, and it means that we'll be biking around Davis all week, and living it up on the weekends when Dad isn't communting to and from Folsom and Sac State for his Student Teaching in a high school German class from 7am to 7pm.

We're still moving on the same day, but only two miles away. We're still packing. We're still surrounded in boxes. We're still SO incredibly grateful to our friends with the Xerox boxes. WHAT a blessing.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The B.E.D. "Convertible"

During the last week, Lukas has been saying "Hier schlafen" (sleep here) pointing to the couch, our bed, the floor, the bathtub, whenever it was nap or bed time. As I contemplated how I got ease the growing tension coming with bed time, I felt inspired that the reason for Lukas' fit was that he wanted to take more charge. So asked my self: "Self, how can you give Lukas more freedom, and still get him to bed, thus creating a win-win situation?" On Saturday morning came the answer: Take of the front rail of his crib, so that he can climb into his bed himself, rather than being put in it. When I asked Lukas, if I should make a bed out of his crib, his eyes lit up underscoring an emphatic "JA!"

So I took out a view screws, and voila, Lukas crib was converted into a big boy BED. When naptime came, I was somewhat worried, but he climbed in, I tucked him in, and he...slept. Two and half hours later, Jess and I were sitting on the couch, we hear the door to Lukas' room opening, and soon thereafter the sliding door to the living room opened and in walked a cute, independent Lukas, still with puffy red cheeks from just having woken up, but proud as can be, and cheered on emphatically by his parents.

But what about night time? Well, he climbed in his bed, but minutes later I heard clonking noises against the door, which I chose to ignore for the first fifteen minutes, after which I checked out the matter, and was puzzled by the scattering of puzzle pieces all over the floor. I reminded Lukas that it was bed time, tucked him in and then didn't from him again. When Jessica and I checked on him before going to bed, we found him curled up next to his bed on top of a lot of blankets. So stinkin' cute! In the morning, he wokes us up with his "I am ready to play" cry, and when I entered the room, he as lying on his back in his little bed holding his "besonderer Bär" (Special Bear). How awesome! We were so worried that he would make a fuss about going and staying asleep, but he continues to be the best behaved kid I could hope for.

Yesterday after church, I thought that he for sure just pass out, but after 30 minutes we heard weird noises from his room. When I walked in, he has sitting in his bed, mind you, but rather than sleeping, he was tinkering with his singing mailbox. I confiscate the corpus delicti onto the top shelf and reiterated the charge to nap, which he did. After another 30 minutes I checked on him and he was out for the count. Two hours later, he awoke chipper, and ready to play. On Sunday night, he went down without a peep, and at 5am, Jessica had to save the poor disoriented Lukas, who was lying in the middle of his room. Following Jessica's successful rescue mission, we all slept for another two hours. Both mornings when we got Lukas from he bed, he exclaimed: "Ich mag mein Bett" (I like my bed), and "Mein Bett schön" (My bed is nice). A big bed rocks! Now he can "hier schlafen" (sleep here)!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

What do groundhogs do all day?

Was machen Erdmenschen den ganzen Tag?

Lukas: Essen (eat)

Mama: Essen? Was noch? (Eat?! What else?)

Lukas: (pause)...an Jesus denken. (They think about Jesus.)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Heavenly Father must love Lukas a WHOLE lot. Today I was packing up a few boxes of books in our room when I hear Lukas cry, and then turn to screaming and he runs to me holding a can of peas in one hand, with the other hand's thumb stuck in the can. He must have scaled the handles of the drawers in the kitchen to get the can off the counter, then tried to snitch some peas.

I swear, I thought his thumb would be hanging by a thread from that can! AGH! Gives me the heeby jeebies just to think of it. I bent the lid down further while pushing his hand down a bit, and it came right out.

Little Green Giant vegetable thief learned HIS lesson !!