We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011 - Orchard Park

Lukas and his best friend, Cameron:

Lukas found 4 eggs and was done...as were most of the 0-2 year olds! How do you explain the purpose of picking up a bunch of plastic eggs? It's like clean-up time!

Here's what he'd rather do instead: Lay on the slide, play on the swings, eat strawberries (wouldn't you?) and play with balloons!

Lukas really wanted to let a balloon go high up into the air. He watched and watched with squinty eyes till he just couldn't see it anymore and called out:

"Bye Balloon!!"


Christus ist auferstanden!
Ja, er ist wahrlich auferstanden!

Papa reading Lukas his new "What is Easter?" book with Lukas.

(See his famous sucker face? It's a popular look lately!)

Our attempts at some family photos after naptime:

Just love this Lukas face! Haha!

Our only photo with all three of us in it, sort of. Mostly he wanted to run around in the grass, pick flowers for Mommy, and then imitate whatever Dad would do. "Look at my finger!" only made Lukas hold up a little pointer and stare at it. So classic Lukas. Such a sweet boy with kisses and hugs galore. We are so blessed to have him in our family.

We are so grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ and that there was "Joy in the Morning" when he rose from the tomb after three days. Because he lives we can all see our loved ones after this life and the sting of death is swallowed up in Him.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cowlifornia Weather

I saw cows and a water polo game today...but not in the same place!
I love how California weather let's you go outside for so many months to play:

Somebody loves mom's homemade pizza!
("Pizza?!! Fuer mich?? MMMM!! LECKER!!")

Lukas kisses make my whole day!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My strange source of Happiness:

Family Circus:

Mama: Lukas, wiese kommst du nicht die Treppe herunter? (Why aren't you coming down the stairs?)

Lukas: verletzt! (Injured!) (points to lip from when he got clobbered by the shape sorter this morning from his little best friend and it hurt his feelings- and his lip, which apparently makes it impossible to go down the stairs alone.)

Lukas as we left a baseball game tonight: Mama! Sie beten! (They're praying!) (I turned around to see the team bringing it in, in the middle of the field in a huddle- all on bended knee.)

Mama: Lukas, du hast so lieb gefragt! Ich bin ganz stolz auf dich!
Lukas: Danke!

Tonight at Jared's soccer game a guy was stretching, getting ready for his team's game next.

Lukas: Was macht der Mann da?

Mama: Der streckt sich. Guk mal, Er streckt die Waden und Achilles Sehne damit er sich nicht verletzt (wie Papa damals dachte ich- obwohl das nicht unbedingt wegen Strecken/Dehnen war)

The man leaves to do other warm ups, and Lukas goes over to the pole the man was holding onto in order to stretch his legs, and Lukas puts his hands and head to the pole just like the soccer player, and slowly moves his feet out from the pole enough to "stretch" his legs. haha!

Down the tunnel slide:
Lukas: "Wo ist mein Bienielein??"

Lukas woke up and wanted to "take care of" his bear- his favorite I think. I bought it the last month of my mission before coming home because it was so soft. He's already lost an eye, and been thrown around enough to make him an exedrin addict. Lukas rocked him, helped him go potty, wiped his bum (with his hand) and put a diaper on him. So sweet.

Lukas "cooks" a lot now, especially pretend pizza in his tent... He loves the mixing with the "Schneebesen", then "falten und pressen" with the dough, then baking in the oven (with special gloves of course!) and getting out, cutting, serving and eating. It's so sweet. He'll always give others a piece first, even with real food. He's really so giving and loving, and I hope it stays that way.

Today he snuggled in bed after waking up and stroked my cheek singing, "Ich liebe Mama!"

I am really a spoiled mom. I love this little Lukas Pukas so dearly.

Sick and tired....

...of being sick!

Lesson: Stay away. Just stay away from humanity until you are better. If you go somewhere, lysol the swings (because of COURSE that's where we go) before leaving.

Check out our stash!

I have bronchitis. Boooooo. Lukas was xrayed for pneumonia, only to find it was a bronchial infection, thus the wheezing. At least sitting on the xray table to get his picture taken was an adventure for him. Then Jared got a cold on top of that, both of which I inherited a few days later.

Oh, joy. I took a picture of all the medicines in the kitchen cabinet today, just to remember this week of sickness.
"And it came to pass, the entire family fell ill"

Gee whiz.

Now Lukas and I BOTH have an inhaler- which makes me totally jittery to hand shaking levels. He said it's like a cup of coffee, that doctor did. Another reason to not drink it. But honey--- you can DEFinitely drink that!

I'll get to it. Really I will. Right after I stop coughing uncontrollably :
My goal? Sleep while the baby is sleeping. You'd think after 2 years I could finally follow that advice.

p.s. At checkup appt for wheezy baby we discovered no-longer-wheezy boy now has two inflamed ears- and one hurts so bad he holds his head whimpering "Kopf weh tun! Ohren weh!" Ooooh, so so sad! This morning he just came and lay on my chest in bed to sleep a little longer. Poor baby.

Just like...

Lesson Learned: Let kids have "idols" or "heroes" or whatever it is that you want to call them.

For some kids it's TV characters (and you know how I feel about kids and TV), but for this kid it's Jimmer Fredette: He's real. And yes he lost. But he's part of something good, and when Lukas yells "Wie Jimmer Fredette!" I can't help but laugh. Yeah, he watched parts of some BYU games- his only tv ever: sports. But when he makes a great shot in his plastic Tykes hoop and thinks he's like Jimmer-- well there you go. A little BYU fan. And when Lukas flicks one leg up behind himself before shooting, I just have to keep it in to not bowl over laughing because it's so hysterical. Just look at these guys and you'll see where the idea came from:

And today climbing the "cargo net like Uncle Justin in the Army" was priceless. "Wie Onkel Justin- ARMY!" and he made it at least 5 times, no help, like a trooper. We love you Justin. Come home safe!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chip off the ol' Woodblock

Lesson: When you see big trucks, walk/drive/run the kids over to see what's happening! (My mom once drove over 20 minutes out to some farm in Texas as a kid because we all wanted to see where the smoke was coming from. A field was on fire and workers were trying quickly to save the fence posts from burning as well. Oh, and there was also that dead dog...)
It was a normal walk back from the park after singing lessons (for mom) and playing with Ava time (for Lukas) when we saw/heard Tree Man up in the bucket with his chain saw, pruning the tree hanging over our house! In the wagon he watched from a safe distance eating raisins, watching branches fall past our balcony to the ground. Naptime was definitely upon us though so we headed up to our apt, and out onto the balcony for literally a birds-eye view of EVERYthing!!

And then--- it happened. Tree Man descended in his white bucket with a rather thick branch. He navigated himself in under our overhang, and handed Lukas a piece of tree that he had just cut off with the chainsaw just -right in front of us- for this blooming little Arborist. AHHH! Look how stunned and happy he is!
He just held it like the greatest prize ever, and stood on it to look up "even higher" and then pressed it to his face, his tongue (nice). and didn't want to let loose of it (i.e. Sawdust EVERywhere).

Mind you, it was at least a half an hour after we were "heading upstairs for naptime" but really-- who can sleep when the chainsaw and shredder are outside the backdoor? SO much excitement going on. Please, I was excited to watch!! We had a ball, then wrote them a THANK YOU sign on our chalkboard before putting the little tree man to bed, where he looked up at me, excited all over again and said, "Man schnitten! Für LUKAS!"

Thank you John from the Tree Crew. We hope you like the Blueberry Muffins! You made his whole day!