We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Familie...Just Ducky.

Dear Dad,
Thanks for the afternoon at the Arboretum. I really liked following the ducks across the grass, climbing the wall, watching the turtles, and eating picnic lunch on a blanket. I was so happy to see you! You're my hero. Can't wait for you to come home!

Lesson learned by mom: Give me a bike trailer and I'll bike the world over. Running is just not my style at the moment. Glad I can finally just accept that and go from there.

The original plan was to bike to the park, go running while the boys play, then eat lunch together and bike home. Um, after the first time biking THERE I knew that plan A was scratched- at least for now. LOL. I've biked almost every day since, and am so tired at night. Tonight I put Lukas in the bathtub with both socks still on.  We both had a great laugh as I wrung them out. Sheesh.

wish I had a picture of...

... Lukas digging in the dirt today, letting the roley poley crawl all up and around his hand as he'd giggle.

... the look on his face as he'd say "WORM" - holding one for the first time as they crawled through the freshly turned garden holes.

... that big smile as he'd throw himself down into the SUPER long grass- just laughing.

... that big pouty open-mouthed cry... no, wailing actually... at having to put ON the bike helmet. (Once it's on we're good. After a couple minutes anyways.

... him riding in the bike trailer SO happy to be on "an adventure" "with Mama" and looking for ducks.

... showing me that he can float in the bathtub

... sleeping in his "Baby Bear Bed" at the end of the Goldilocks story with his "Opi blanket"

Oh Lukas, thanks for a fun day! I love you!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Lukas!

Lesson Learned:
Keep it simple. Make it fun for the birthday kid!
 Best 29 cents we ever spent at Target for this basketball hoop!
 A dollar store balloon that made his entire morning- the look on his face was priceless.
 What?! Don't you eat yogurt/cheerios with --- PICKLES!!???
 Helping at the party
 Jared tag-teaming in the kitchen with chopping & mixing.
 Fixing the Stadium we made from FamilyFun magazine!
 The Orange Bowl, "Grape Game!", First Draft Pick-le, and Final Four
 National Champion-chip
 Super Bowl 2- Fruit Salad that Lukas thinks is Ice Cream
Home Plates and World Cups 
 Training Campe
 Finishing the soccer field lines
 Happy Birthday Sweet Lukas!
 He's so excited to see the finished product!
And there it is- that face. That's the reason we do all that we do! 
Marisol- such a sweet little friend 
Aztec Stadium, Mexico City  (7 Layer Dip) 
Soccerball and Baseball Apple Muffins with slightly sweetened Creme Cheese on Top 
 Spring Training Grounds
Amy, Azilee, Devrey, Meredith & Topher 
 Lukas LOVED the food, and was so excited to get to eat that "ice cream" !
 At the table with little friends
 Dad and son. So sweet.
 Time for singing and candles!
 Here you go little one! Happy Birthday!
 Bailey "made him a cake" and gave it to him for his birthday. She's such a sweet friend to him. She's always been nice to him, and he's always thrilled to see her.


"Pep Rally": The kids colored on posters taped to the floor for Lukas
 Helping Dad pack and put away. He wanted to help dad all day!!
 LOVES to sweep!
We had SO much fun planning this, and after awhile, the ideas just started rolling in. Everything from "linesman-ade" to the "Champion-chip Bowl" We needed a project like this to do together. It was SO fun to decorate the church last night, have little sleep, and pull off everything together this morning.
Dear sweet little Lukas,
The looks of joy on your face this morning with your balloon, jumping in the bounce house, singing your songs, your excitement to blow out the candles, and your boisterous clapping as the smoke cleared made it all SO worth it. Thanks for having such a happy spirit- so full of love!
We love and adore you!
Mom & Dad