We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Monday, January 31, 2011

All in favor, please manifest...

Parenting lesson learned: Help kids learn the culture of church AND help them notice when they are being spiritual- not just that they're "cute"

Stake Conference. It's like church at a good time of the day with 1000 other people in the dark (when it's a braodcast). Kiddo held out an hour, even raised the arm with 1000 other people (and then held up said arm periodically through Elder Packer's talk. Funny cute boy.)

Then I told him it was time for primary and we went to the Relief Society room for the rest of the time where he put tons of stickers in a notebook, scribbled, and played with cars.

And I got to listen to President Eyring.

Here's what stood out the most from everyone's talks:
Sat night Adult session with President Bunker from Santa Rosa CA mission (ours):
We don't care if they are lazy. We can teach them how to work. We don't care if they have scriptures memorized. We can work with that. We don't care if their testimony is just this big. But please send them with integrity. Don't be something you are not. He has sent home about 15 missionaries in the last year and a half and participated in three different disciplinary councils and some people's membership is on the line. One boy had a sexual relationship with a girl and told her not to tell anyone- it'd all work out. Yeah, until she confessed and the bishop called the mission president. Uh oh.


Anyways. Huge wakeup call.

The stake's goal is to fulfill our duty to the rising generation. Bringing up the youth with correct practices and without coercion. Purposeful parenting and purposeful influencing of youth around us.

SO awesome.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

No Ears Were Lost in the Creation of This Image

Parenting lesson learned: Get dirty with your kids. It creates bonding and laughter (and a mess!)

Tunnel Vision

Parenting lesson learned: Celebrate physical milestones. Be on that floor to play.


Parenting lesson learned: Let them grow up.

Mom and Dad: Lukas, you're a big boy. You don't need this anymore. You can go throw it in the trashcan! Yayyy!

Lukas: (holding pacifiers in hand, grinning, chucks em on in and cheers)

(3 hours later at naptime)


(10 mins later: Zonked)

Goodbye pacifier. We've been without you for two whole days now, and are doing just fine without you!

Pew as I'm Pewing.

Parenting lesson learned: Don't worry about cheering in church. God likes praises.

Sunday at church was to say the least an adventure. A few laws of Physics come to mind. What goes up must come down. (Climb up on the pew, at least get down on the knees) What doesn't go down must stay up. (Kids at church during naptimes= awesome rapt attention and quiet reverence. Not.)

The best was when Lukas saw dad up there in the front blessing the sacrament. He watched intently as he spoke, then stood up. That's when Lukas cheered,"Gut gemacht Papa!!" (Good job dad!) and when the Stake President sat down from his talk at Ward Conference Lukas reverently spoke, "Danke" as if it had been for him personally. Oh yeah, and I think our kid was the only one who raised his hand to oppose the sustaining of President Thomas S. Monson as the Prophet, Seer and Revelator. Nice.

Watch out for Undulations

Parenting lesson learned: Remember (record) the funny things they say. Before you know it the lispy words are more refined and the little specifics forgotten, and make family outings an ADVENTURE!

I hoped this picture would brighten someone else's day- seeing my house in "lived in" mode during Hurricane Lukas.Watch out for Undulations in my living room.

And then B comes to visit, and I'm telling Lukas that he really doesn't need to hug him all the time, lest he pop B's little head off. To Lukas he is little.

He hears B and says "klein" and "Traurig" (B is new to nursery) - hence the wanting to make him happy with hugs (what else is there?-- Oh right. Throwing the football!) Such sweet little buddies. Today all I keep hearing is "Goodnight B--" and how they threw the football back and forth. Oh, the mind of a toddler.
Speaking of which, would you also like to have a "STICKY BUMP" for breakfast? Just wondering. Lukas: "Mama! Ticky Bump essen bitte!"

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Balancing Act?

Parenting lesson learned: Be disciple first, wife second, mother third- and read the Women's Conference talk from April 2010 to set your priorities straight. (I read it after this blog post and was VERY satified at its way of solving my wonderings.)

Today we had this great discussion at church about personal revelation and priesthood line of revelation and how much they overlap. So many thoughts came to mind, and the lesson began like this:

A girl who is super smart and capable, has received a prestigious scholarship at a great school and wants to study medicine gets the chance to meet an apostle of the Lord and gets to ask him one question. She asks something along the line of "Should I go to medical school" to which he says, "No- get married and start a family"

We went on to have an interesting discussion about not asking your priesthood leaders about things to which you should be asking the Lord yourself, and over which you have a responsibility to talk to God yourself. At the same time, it's wise to counsel with leaders and might I add, heed their counsel and prophetic warnings, teachings and when we hear them, to pray about them to know for ourselves through the spirit that they are good and true.

By the end I'm actually thinking to myself, Why on earth would this girl ask such a question? And also, if an apostle said that to me, I'm pretty sure I actually WOULD rethink my life plan a little, because obviously in the huge spectrum of this life the most important things ARE family and that "fulfilling our calling in life" could mean a lot of things to a lot of people. BUT, general guidelines and ideals are taught, then we are supposed to use personal revelation to see how they best APPLY to our situation--- not just how we THINK they best apply, but how the LORD sees in OUR situation that they best apply. And we should be ready for HIS answer, not just the one we WANT.

That being said, I had to think back to my studies at BYU and how I started out actually studying medicine. I'd taken advanced biology classes in high school and done a summer anatomy class through a summer and LOVED feeling so smart, and dissecting cow eyeballs, sheep lungs, a cow heart, sharks, pigs, frogs, working with Petri dishes and ekg machines and discussing brain synapses. However, ---duhn duhn duhn. I am not a doctor. I didn't do medical school. ME. I did not. For ME, after taking gospel talks and teachings into account, and my own preferences in lifestyle, and wanting to be able to have a family and be home with them and teach them, and see them grow up, I -for me- chose to study something that I ALSO love. Teaching. (And let's be honest, the 3 months off in the summer was the straw that broke the camel's back!)

I'm not saying other people can't be successful faithful Mormon women by studying medicine, law, accounting, etc, but I am saying that I chose to forgo those routes in favor of something I enjoy that would be more conducive to raising a family.

On that note, I also used to have a really hard time with the sense I got that women should go get an education, do all they can to learn, but don't use that degree if you can get married and have kids. Kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Probably due to the age I grow up in with all the progress of women and the good they've done. Yet, that nagging OTHER phrase comes back again and again, that no amount of success can compensate for failure in the home. Ooooh, that's a big one. I wanted kids. That meant a choice against career. Kudos to people who try to do both and actually feel successful in both areas.

My situation lent itself, however, to actually teaching for about 5 years in different capacities in schools - using my degree- before being a stay at home mom, which I feel makes me a little bit different from other stay at home moms... especially ones who HATE staying home. I don't relate to them. I LOVE being at home. My job was awesome, I loved it and I was so so good at it. I'll admit it. And people told me so and I loved that too. I had a name for myself.

At home I'm Mamili, Mama, Mami, Jessi, Schatzi- but Mrs. Loehrmann is pretty much done. But I get asked a lot actually if I miss teaching.

Um. I'm still teaching.

I still read books about his age level, about discipline, about child development (just like when I was a 6th grade teacher) and I incorporate methods I see have been proven successful, until they don't work for me. I find a lot of fulfillment in this job because there is SO MUCH TO LEARN about SO MANY THINGS. How does one feel bored (overwhelmed yes, but bored?) when there's so much to learn as a mom about: child raising-(how to's in every phase, the discipline, the birth orders, personality traits, birth order, healthy sleep habits,), about human health (the cures for random ailments, home remedies, good prevention), about nutrition (what's a rutabaga? How can I incorporate foods we SHOULD be eating into foods we DO and LOVE to eat? What can I grow easily in a garden? What is eating the leaves of plants in said garden? How do I kill them organically because Davis won't let me use chemicals?) , about finances (Hey I'm no accountant but I can squeeze more pennies outta that dollar!, investing, what types of life insurance? College savings plans? budgeting to have money for the fun stuff too and still "live life" without feeling like our joy in life is comparable to the poor guy in the gutter). Then there's the whole education world in which my degree actually lies. How do I help my kid read? Learn numbers and mathematical concepts? Musical concepts? Spatial concepts?

I suppose I could lament all the naps or lazy sleep-in Saturdays I'm missing (which I do when I'm just exHAUsted), how unfortunate it must seem to some that we are home by 7 at the latest to put our kid to bed (yeah, right! We actually have time together), how I can't watch a TV show because he's awake (if you know me, you know that I couldn't care less), or work on the computer because I don't want to neglect him or give him the feeling he's less important than (gasp) dumb ol facebook (although checking email to see if some soul is thinking of me today is a REAL temptation). Some people feel that their kids make them dumber... that they have no adult conversation. For me it's less of an issue PERHAPS because we speak German, and there are (sigh) still words I don't know, so I'm always learning, and let's be honest- kids are the ULTIMATE access to adult conversation because you have an instant reason to be OUTside ALL day whenEVER it's nice, and talk to the people on the playground- with lots of interuptions of course, and never looking them in the eye- lest you miss the reason that child A just pushed child B- oh dear)

WHat are PeopLE'S DRAWBACKS they feel for being a STAY AT HOME MOM? I'm curious as to what it boils down to for other people at the end of the day. If you want, comment anonymously.

It's fun to define self once in awhile and still continue to discover along the way and to really face that reflection in the mirror and see what's she's REALLY all about. Because if at any moment there really IS somewhere else I'd rather be, I have to either rationalize why I'm still here or get my rear over THERE.

The hard thing is when you- after all your defining, feel that you are so defined that nobody wants to play in your sandbox. I feel really lucky that Jared and I are such good friends, but I beg to ask the question to other stay home moms--- how on EARTH do you find FRIENDS? Not acquaintances, not just Relief Society sisters you see at church, not just people you like and they like you too, but FRIENDS??

Don't just blog-stalk this one! With the responsibilities at home, how do people juggle friendships or make new ones? DO TELL!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Movin' on Up

Parenting lesson learned here: Take joy in the littlest of moments so that the crazy ones seem worth it. Let them try hard things.

This is a proud parent moment that I have to record :)
On the way home from the park, watching the trees being trimmed and shredded and chasing squirrels, Lukas bee-lined it for the park, and me not feeling well didn't care and just followed him.

Then, after awhile of romping around he began climbing the net. And he DID iT! ALL BY HIMSELF!!


He was so overjoyed each time, that'd he'd run across the little bridge and put himself right down that big tunnel slide like a big boy.

Other big boy feats lately:
-Size 9 shoes
-Can hop into high chair booster seat and click himself in
-Can clean up all his toys
-Can put my hairband on his head and run up to me: "Mama- NEPHI!!"
-Goes happily to nursery like a big boy.
-Sings whole primary songs
-Sings the beginning and end of the Cougar Fight Song
-Asks to pray
-pushes the cart at the grocery store
-Can pull out his own boogers and ear wax
-Can hold and eat with a fork.
-Can keep a beat to music
-Can help mama fold over and knead bread dough
-Helps "mix" over the gas stove without spilling
-Gave another boy water in a sippy cup before getting his own, although he was thirsty, and said Later, "Jesus, Wasser geben" (We had talked about the Woman at the Well story)
-Repeats big words during Book of Mormon scripture study "Zarahemla" "Aminadi" (Abinadi) and can handle small FHE lessons with lots of pictures to hold.

We love our big boy!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jail Call

Parenting lesson learned: Stay calm. Don't freak out. But if it IS a prank call, just push that pound sign darn it! Let heaven & nature and their little ears RING!

RA PHone Rings.

I think to myself: I can't wait to never have to answer that phone again.

On the phone I hear:"This is a collect call from Drew, an inmate at the San Diego County Jail"

I pushed the pound sign til I was sure they'd hung up.

Too bad I already sent in the weekend report. Creepy.

...Hope it wasn't his only phone call.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hey everybody... been awhile coming, eh?
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Happy reading!


Monday, January 10, 2011

We LOVE Primary

Parenting lesson learned: Just give thanks for the angels who think your kid is adorable. Go with that. Celebrate their cuteness. Treasure it. Don't let it go to your head. Or theirs. But enjoy all the squooshy feelings inside. And PRAISE those nursery leaders!!

Thank you Jenn for these awesome impromptu Nursery time pics! It was a nice surprise! Who doesn't love pictures of their own adorable kid? :) (Way to hook a sister up! It was really thoughtful of you!)