We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Eternal Family Day!

Lead me...

Guide me...

Knock beside me...
Help me find the way...

Teach me all that I must do...

To live with them someday.

It's been a whole year, can you believe it?
Yesterday, to celebrate we drove to the Sacramento Temple after naptime. Christmas tunes on the way and enough interesting tractors, cars and buildings along to way to keep Lukas happy. Oh, and raisins. Lukas' face lit up as soon as we could see Moroni-and fled the car immediately to get a closer look! It was so neat to see his special happiness and wonder for this place, and feel the spirit of the temple there. Deer and turkeys were also there (made his whole day) and afterward we had a picnic lunch in the kitchen at the Stake Center next door. Good ol' Thanksgiving sandwiches and "punkinpie" (yes, one word) and cantelope for dessert. It was our special day- just us- and we all felt so happy and grateful to be together, and to be HAPPILY together!

Lukas stands all amazed...

We were so grateful for the one person walking around right then in the cold to take our picture together!

This is how Lukas feels about the temple. I could sense he felt what a special place it is. He says, "Jesus Haus!" and along the way as we talked about the temple and said it's where Jesus can come- it's his house, Lukas folded his hands right away, saying, "Vater Himmel- Beten!"

Lukas pondering the deeper things of life- I was so glad I could catch this little moment into his thinking.

One good-lookin' husband! WHOOO!!

I can almost hear the giggles when looking at this picture:

Reverently touching the marbled fountain edge...

...and then reaching a little here and there...

Then smiling up at Moroni- his favorite thing at the temple!

Back for just a little more...

Enjoying the finer things in life:


This next picture only makes sense if I fill you in. It's not supposed to be cold here. We're not supposed to have frost on rooftops and grass. We're not supposed to have to scrape windshields. But on this day, we were just grateful for heated seats and the scrapers still in the cardoors from Utah days. (BRRRRR!! 33 degrees)

Lukas' adventures in yogurt eating. Feeding themselves is like dressing themselves- you just let em figure it out as they go.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Feeding the Turkey

Thanksgiving Breakfast today was far from spectacular, but what's not to love about toasted homemade hamburger buns with butter? Apparently though, mandarin oranges are no fun when one has a sore in one's mouth, which one's mother didn't notice until screaming ensued following the eating of one certain pineapple. Poor little guy.

While getting oven items together, I ditched the commentators in the crowds at the Macy's Day parade (no parade- just commentators) for The Nativity Story playing on another station where the plot was longer and the music was pretty (that was after all little Turkey's request :)- "Musik!!" That led to Lukas saying "Maria" and "Joseph" and "Baby Jesus" and on his own "Vater Himmel" "Beten"- so cute!
Then we wrapped Bär in a swaddling blanket and layed him in his little couch cushioned manger. Yes, it was a moment.

Then as I peeled jackets off the boiled sweet potatoes, he built this little masterpiece- all by himself- I swear. And I thought it would fall over with the 4th can. I stood all amazed at 5. He tried to put the French's Onion can on for #6 but they all fell down and I was a little nervous about cans crushing tiny bones...

...so we switched to this. Notice the tippy toes.

Notice the pre-kiss and post-kiss squooshed sagging cheek.I love how excited he gets when little friends are around to play, especially if they come to our house. Apparently he regards it with a special "home court" excitement!

This morning Lukas and I made turkey, yams, greenbean casserole, and a TON of mashed potatoes while Jared played some Turkey Bowl with guys in the Winters Ward. Everyone had a nice afternoon resting and then we played outside for awhile. The Dettman's joined us for Thanksgiving Dinner and the Dumas' joined us all later for dessert.
Everything was yummy, especially the homemade cranberry sauce that Lisa made. She's a wonder in the kitchen and I am forever learning new tips from her! She was the inspiration for the Pumpkin Bisque which will soon be in the Kleines Cafe. The apple pie was just delicious and I can't wait to get the recipe.

Playing in his room with familiar friends

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How I Fell off the Face of the Earth---

When I didn't post for almost 2 weeks my mom called. Twice. Was I okay?
Yes, but man have I had my hands full. Our Stake hosts a Christmas Festival every year as part of an Ecumenical Society, involving people from all over the community. I arrange live music performances to run the length of the event- three days from 3pm-8pm. Needless to say, it's a lot of coordinating. I get to direct our stake adult choir and stake primary choir, and the stake will be part of a huge community concert on one of the Festival nights. When all the choirs finish they join together to sing "O Holy Night" and the Hallelujah Chorus. There will be over 100 people singing together!! Here's a taste of the season to get you into the Christmas spirit! My brain is full, the nap times are filled with phone calling and "gettin' 'er done" and the wake times are filled with playing at the playground mostly. Or making dinner, since that's a new habit- since "the farm." (sigh)- it's changed my life forever, and my husband's stomach thanks you!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tides are turning- catch the wave!

YUM! New food discoveries are making the kitchen such a fun place to be lately. It's been an ongoing process- seven years of a love/hate relationship with cooking. Quite a metamorphasis of Jessi- from crazy busy school girl, to super busy teacher lady, to super busy mommy. Always busy. Not the excuse though. I just didn't catch the spark of creativity and adventure that comes from making things from scratch, and having them taste so good that you want them again, and trying new recipes for things you thought wouldn't be as good as they turn out (well, not all that time, but enough to make me want to keep trying more) It's like entering another room of a house I've lived in for a loooooong time and discovering how much I like the paint, the crown molding, and the artwork on the wall.

Pumpkin soup coming up soon! Just go over to KLEINES CAFE and check it out!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Buddy

It all began with wagon rides out around the park, Lukas in front and Lorenzo in the back of the Radio Fyler ATW. Giggling and sharing snacks they'd cruise around the park, play on the swings, stomp in puddles, and get dirty. Just boys.

When Lukas prays on days they've played together and we get to the "Danke für..." part, he'll say, "Thank you...Renzo"

He gets a kick out of a few of his little friends. The ones he squeals at when he sees them from afar, the ones in his little person prayers.

SO cute. I just had to post pics from this day as they chased each other around our house screaming, eating pretzels while perched up on the chair, then playing with blocks and puzzles in Lukas' room.


I do think this idea has paid off in huge dividends, and will for the rest of Lukas' life.

It's a book of Lukas' firsts. It ends around 8 mos. but goes in chronological order so it tells the story of his adoption and life adventures quite naturally and easily. He asks for his "Baby Buch" often, and has learned SO much vocabulary because of it. And it's a long book too, which amazes me when he can hold out for most of it. Also, with pictures of family, like Grandma Meredith for example, who he doesn't see that often, he still knows their names when he sees their pictures. It was an easy thing to do on Costco.com.

Can't wait for the "Who are the people in your neighborhood?" version of such a book. Coming soon to a shelf near Lukas.

"Seifenblasen Bitte!"

The bathtub has got to be one of the coolest learning environments in the house! With everything from measuring cups back and forth to funnels, flour scoops, and small buckets, there's a lot to learn about water, animals, counting, opposites, and just having fun.

We pour water from high, then low, then fast then slow, then into cups and out of cups, and count sometimes as we go. Lukas learned about sea lions and likes to immitate them with his little barking noises.

We sing the alltime preschool classic, "Slippery Fish" and Lukas loves to do the "Home Alone" face as he says "OH NEIN!!" inbetween ocean animals.

He said the other day as something sank, "unter Wasser"- putting underwater together all by himself. So cool.

He also learns about water pressure as he makes waves in the tub, sliding himself back and forth on his tummy. Sometimes we're more wet when finished than others, but it's always a fun time and part of the nightly ritual.

From there it's off to find jammies, read from the scriptures, brush/wipe off teeth, sing, pray, sing, and sleep. He's starting to ask for water at night now, which reminds me of the Dr. Seuss book: Marvin K. Mooney, will you please go now? haha! "Mama, Wasser! BITTE!"

Like mother like son.

Jared says he learned it from watching me. Oops.


Perhaps the coolest "toy" in the house at the moment (behind his football, of course) is this box of instruments. Only once did I get hit, and he's figured out each thing quite well now. He even rubs together the grooved sticks to make the ratchet noise. He often hands us the harmonicas so we can play his favorite songs (any song with the word "LIEBE" in it) and really likes to blow on the top pieces of the recorder. This has been the happiest use of Lukas' time while I finish getting dinner ready.

A bit belated

Happy Birthday Grandpa! We finally got this uploaded. We celebrated your day with fun and good food. Here's a hug and kiss for you! Lukas colored this for you!

WHY??? - A series of almost unexplainable moments

...because this reminds me of the guy on the dime, and I love this profile.

...because the camera case is otherwise so pointless! Mom rarely lets the thing rest!

...because I thought I'd really surprise him this time.

...because when I dance I don't care what you think of my moves.

...because mom said to put my drawers on.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Quarter Horse

Yep, just a quarter- or was it two? The Bonanza Theme filled the air as our wide-eyed cowboy lit off on his first horse race. He'd yell, "PONY! PONY" and dad couldn't resist on the way in. And so it is now, that we hear those cowboy cries every time we walk into Wal-Mart. And dad sets Lukas on the pony for a minute before plopping him in the cart to shop. "But not every time!" dad will say. Because of course, we wouldn't want him to exPECT it every time. -yeah- He is SO cute on there and SO fun to watch.