We women have a lot to learn about simplifying our lives. We have to decide what is important and then move along at a pace that is comfortable for us. We have to develop the maturity to stop trying to prove something. We have to learn to be content with what we are." ~Marjorie Pay Hinckley~

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Nursery at last! Growing up!

Turn your head and take a look at Lukas' first day in Davis' nursery. Of course, his very first time was in Washington with his little cousin Ben-Ben, and he was SO happy there. Here he had fun too, and is happy to see his new little friends Lilly, Ava, Robert, Emma, Luke each week! He looks so little in that primary chair, and when he came to singing time in the Primary Room I was sure to play Tommy Thumb so he'd be happy. This last week he cried when he saw me so I set him on my lap to help me play the piano for a minute, then jumped into playing all his favorites while he sat on my visiting teacher's lap (Bless that woman!) as I went on there behind the piano. It's probably a really good thing I've been released as the primary pianist, so that Lukas doesn't become sad each week when he realized how much he misses his mommy. Same thing if he sees Dad in the hallway.

Our little sweetpea's growing up!
At his 18 month check up he was 31 pounds 4 ounces and 35 inches tall.
He's climbing the monkey bars, going down even the tube slide on his tummy, singing parts of "Liebet einander", saying please and thank you, uttering little prayers, kneeling for family prayer, says three word sentences, asks for specific foods (his favorites: pizza, Ombunga, sandwich (with) mmmm-butter und mmm-malade). He names everyone he loves by saying "___ lieb!". He's figured out people's moms and dads and calls them ____'s mama. He's really into posessives right now (mama's shoes, papa's waterbottle, mama's pants, papa's wallet). He knows that our neighbor had her baby and talks about it frequently since yesterday. "Tasha's baby" "Tasha lieb" "Tasha's baby lieb" "Hyrum's baby". He's going poop and cheering for himself at least 3 times a day. It's hilarious!

Here are some of the sweet things he's said that I don't want to forget:
"Opa lieb"
"Oma lieb"
"Steffen lieb"
"Liebet einander"

When he prays he'll say:
"Jesu Christi"
"Essen, Tempel, Monson, Mami, Papi"

Last week when I was folding up laundry Lukas said "Beten" (pray!)
I asked if he wanted to pray and he repeated emphatically, "BETEN!"
So I said, okay. Then he said "Hinknien!" I asked, you want to kneel?
He said "Hinknien"
"Should I kneel?"
"Mama hinknien!"
...so we prayed.
Afterwards, he could only say "Mehr! MEHR Beten!"
Since then this has happened about every day and we find ourselves praying at random times, and I find myself feeling something very very special about this little spirit in our home.

And all on his own a few days ago at dinner he said happily, "Danke Mama!" Yes, my heart was all full of warm fuzzies and I had tears in my eyes at how sweet this kid is, and how he expresses his love. A strong squeeze here, a morning cuddle with "Mama lieb" and petting my hair. Or same to papa. He's so affectionate and sweet!

Oh Lukas, we thank Heavenly Father every day that you are a part of our family!

If You Build it, They Will Come

Just barely up from a nap, Lukas wanted to build with the blocks, saying "Bauen! Bauen!" and out of nowhere he's not only stacking them well, but 4 high! Usually he'd just take joy in knocking down towers I'd build for him. And I saw him put one on top of another before, but this blew me away, and I didn't want to forget it, especially how happy he was at his own accomplishments: "YaAAAAYYYYYYYY!"

Alien from another planet

I shouldn't have. But I did.

I took my child to Fed-Ex Kinko's to copy a ton of posters for an upcoming stake primary event.

At the counter, my child limp armed me, sliding down to run around exploring as I'm explaining that no, I won't pay $40 per poster to get them scanned in and then color-copied.

Hang on, let me grab my child.

And then yes, let's do black and white.

Hang on, let me grab my child.

Could you take the posters over to the copiers?

Lukas runs laps around the big work island while we scrutinize the contrast of said posters.

After returning again from having just chased said child I say, "You probably don't get a lot of kids in here"

"No" (really-that is all he said- flatly with no expression-)

Inside I want to laugh so hard. "Oh, this is going to be hysterical!"

As he goes to throw part of a canceled copy into the recycle bin, I ask him for the paper and grab a pen, feeling like such a cool mom who can entertain her child in a place as child friendly as, I don't know, an antique glass store??!! haha!

Lukas says "MALEN!!" happily and starts to draw. For a minute. I leave it on the floor, thinking it will save me another minute in a few minutes. You know.

Then as I bring him back another kid suddenly walks in with his grandpa who is altering architectural blueprints. Thank goodness we're not alone on this strange planet any longer!

This other kid is totally creative (thanks to grandpa who is COOL enough to bring his grandchild to Kinkos to explore), playing with the paper cutter and cutting white out tape with long painty scissors, pulling off parts of copier trays hollering "This one's broken!".

Lukas is child's play now. I set my little wonderpantz up on the counter and feed him raisins, admiring the way he's so quiet and charming at the moment. I could feel Fed-Ex man's conversation bubble bump me as Lukas's little fingers shoved in one black blob after another. "Sticky fingered little person on workspace area! Code Red!"

From the towering height of the counter Lukas looks at him squarely and says "Hallo!" and then "Hallo" (because he didn't answer the first time. The no-face looks up and flatly replies, "Hi"(which translated was "oh.my.gosh. What are you?! little Earthing on Planet Paper?")

And the best part. A raisin did fall to its death on the floor only to be recovered by Paper Man bending over with previously mentioned entire sheet of drawn-on poster sized paper- used to remove that little tiny raisin (as if that entire sheet of paper were a tissue) and place in "trash" bin. Inside I laughed, "That must have been one lethal raisin!", and right after,"And he couldn't risk that pesky little fruit in the (gasp) recycle bin! hahaha!"

He was really nice to run all those poster copies off for me though! Thank you Paper Man. I'll never ever forget you.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

In Memorium: D. Michael Stewart

Jared gasped in total shock today as he received an email informing him that his first mission president passed away unexpectedly in his sleep. As those who know us well, you know that we both served a mission for the LDS church in Frankfurt, Germany. Overseeing each mission area is assigned a Mission President and his wife, who have a great influence in your life while away from home for 18 months to 2 years. They have very high moral standards, are extremely positive, motivated, and inspirational; the pull the best out of us during that time of our lives as we are in the Lord's service.

Jared had the privilege of serving under President Stewart. I only heard about him my whole mission, as he left the week before I got there. I met him at a mission reunion later and could see why he was so very loved. He radiated love and joy in his words and actions. He will be truly missed.


D. Michael Stewart, GOP stalwart, educator and developer, dies at 71
By bob mims

The Salt Lake Tribune

Published: October 16, 2010 03:40PM
Updated: October 16, 2010 06:23PM

D. Michael Stewart (right), a longtime Utah Republican Party statesman, real estate developer and educator, died Friday. Pictured left is his widow, Betty Lou Stewart. (ldschurch.org photo) D. Michael Stewart, a longtime Utah Republican Party statesman, former Salt Lake County commissioner and real estate developer, has died. He was 71.

His wife of 48 years, Betty Lou Stewart, confirmed Saturday that her husband had passed away Friday.

“He appeared to be in perfect health. He just went to sleep and didn’t wake up,” she said. “I was the one who found him. … He was very peaceful.”

Stewart, one of six children of Harold and Abbie Stewart, was born in Salt Lake City on July 29, 1939. He is survived by seven children and 21 grandchildren. Funeral services were tentatively scheduled for Thursday, according to Salt Lake City’s Larkin Mortuary.

Stewart’s political pinnacle may have been his run for the GOP gubernatorial nomination in 1992 against eventual Republican Gov. Michael Leavitt. Stewart went into the party’s convention that year nearing the end of what had been a 12-year run on the Salt Lake County Commission, ending as the panel’s chairman.

Stewart, a University of Utah graduate who earned a doctorate in constitutional history and public administration from Wayne State University, taught history at Brigham Young University for seven years in the 1970s. For three years prior to joining the County Commission, he worked as a real estate developer.

Bart Barker, who served for 10 years with Stewart on the commission, remembered his friend as “an incredible leader, one of the most impressive men I’ve known in my life.”

“We were close. One of the many things about him that impressed me is that the day he first took office [in 1981], he brought in key people at all different levels of management from all over the county . . . and several dozen goals and priorities resulted,” Barker said. “He brought them all together, and we accomplished almost every one of them.”

Randy Horiuchi, a member of the current Salt Lake County Council, served with Stewart on the former commission from 1990 to 1992. The two were sometimes at odds, but Stewart earned the Democrat’s respect — and affection.

“Mike was one of the most genial, pleasant people to work with in the history of Utah politics,” Horiuchi said Saturday. “He also was pretty nonpartisan in his approach [and] he really treasured his position and its responsibilities. He was held in high regard nationally, too, as chairman of the U.S. National Association of Counties.”

Stewart’s 1990-91 term as the only Utahn ever elected president of the USNAC was just one of his many public service milestones. He also served as director of Human Services for the state of Utah, was appointed by former President George H. W. Bush to the National Advisory Commission on International Relations and held a directorship with the United Nations International Year of the Family.

A lifelong member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, his latter years were busy in leadership roles within his faith, including in presidencies of the Germany Frankfurt Mission and the Salt Lake Temple Square Mission.

"He told us that we needed to Be The Buffalo. He talked about the shape of the buffalo's back, and how when the rain comes and the snow falls, the buffalo just lets it roll of its back without any worries. He told us that our missions would be difficult. That the sun wouldn't always shine, and that there would be rain and snow and hail. But if we plowed along, letting these troubles roll off our back, we could continue to be happy and successful. This message has stuck with me for life."
-Alan Bradford

Farm Out!

Our new Weekend Retreat: Grandpa's Barn at Impossible Acres
The goats were born just a couple of weeks ago. Did you know they butt heads in that first week? And jump up and to the sides, as if prancing- like in the cartoons??
Lukas goes right up to them, and says "Ziege streicheln" (Goat petting)

Then he's off into the barn (He calls "Scheune! Scheune!" when we get there) to see Darla- the bunny. And Clarisse. They're big bunnies still in cages, probably the mommies of the baby bunnies outside that we get to hold.

He leared last week what a turkey is and we make the gobble noise at home. Then we saw it in the barn and are calling to Lukas, "Guk mal Lukas, TRUTHAHN!! We must've looked so smart :) I'm glad we could offer the rest of the barn goers a little entertainment, now that I think of it. Lukas was fearless to pet the thing!

Lukas likes Candy. But it's not what you think...

He'd have waited all day on that fence just to get to pet her.

She's very calm when he's there, and he loves to sit on her back.

The chickens don't think like Candy does.

I sense that they may feel a little cornered sometimes by our mini-farmer :)

The kids loved the chance to ride all the way around the farm on the tractor-pulled trailer, driven by Jana's Brother Mark. Just kidding, but it sure looks like him! Della and Rich brought their kids and friends' kids and we had a great time together.

Footy Jammies...

Whether it's working on the car...

...exploring with blocks...

... or practicing for STOMP auditions...

...footy jammies are still the choice of creative toddlers everywhere. Keeps the good ideas from escaping.


"Throw your HANDS up, their playin' my song..."

So every Monday night is Family Night, and we begin at dinner with the person in charge of conducting: "Herzlich Willkommen zu Familien HEIM Abend" (welcome to Family Home Evening!) followed by, "YAYYYYY!" to which Lukas also throws his little hands up hollering, "YAYYYYY!"

Then I finally finished this project:

Now he looks up there and says FAM-ILL-EEE!!!

It's old picture frames(Think dollar store), crumpled up supermarket paper sacks, and cut out scrapbook paper. Wha-LA!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

General Conference a la Lukas

I was too slow and so Jessica beat me to the potty, the potty story that is. And since I do not write nearly often enough, I figured I would share with you our General Conference experience with an eighteen-month old. As you can see in the pictures, Lukas was quite captivated by the speakers. I failed to turn off the flash on the first few, which is why it seems as if he stares at the blank TV, but it was, in fact, President Monson and President Eyring who got his attention and repeated outcries of "Monson!" "Ey'ing!". Monson!" were Lukas' excited chants regardless of the general authority speaking at the time.

He was such a good little boy and was pretty happy during the morning sessions and slept through half of the afternoon sessions...sound familiar? j/k He especially loved the music and thought that every prayer or talk should be followed by a song: "Singen!" "Singen!", he demanded emphatically after each "Amen". As the video shows, there might be a future for him as the director of the tabernacle choir, only he would have to wear pants!

Sept 28th- First time going potty!!

Yayy! We really are there. For almost 2 weeks now, Lukas has been going potty on the KLO.

First just mornings after breakfast, and now he's really onto things, and can tell when it's time for anything happening to get onto that Klo and GO! haha. It's so cute. We whistle the BYU fight song every time. So, like Pavlov at BYU games someday, I'm sure he'll have to go to the bathroom.

Why you ask?

I recently asked one of the Chinese women in Orchard Park about their potty training technique. If you've ever seen it, you've done a double take as a bare bum walks by, seen through the huge gap in the back of the pants. She informed me that these aren't pants cut open in the back, but rather the pants are made this way, with the slit oval top-to-bottom (no pun intended!)

These live-in Chinese grandmothers (who care for the children most of the day here while the parents are at school) potty train their grandchildren from birth, bending their little bodies every morning to help move their bowels along, all the while WHISTLING. And wouldn't you be surprised to know that this WORKS??? And that, much like Pavlov's experiment, the children begin to react to the whistling to go poo? ANY whistling. Imagine that! It gets the children out of diapers much faster too, thereby saving money.

Now, if I could just get myself a Chinese grandmother...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Real World Today

In case you thought everything was just butterflies and bon bons:
This literary and photo collection on my blog is the celebration of life,of family and of the joyous events I DO NOT want to forget. And the rest? ah, just forget about it. It takes too long to explain tangents that I know I'll take of why I think this and that about this situation and that one (lest I misrepresent any misgivings I'd have about things) so it's easier to slap up a few pictures and captions rather than write all the real world events that also jam up the day.

Grant it, I do get a lot done in a day... most of the time. Sometimes that means getting emails sent, organizing OP events, or church things, or making some cool food, or any food at all, and sometimes, like yesterday, it means playing outside with Lukas for a couple hours straight because dad isn't home til 7pm and I have no real reason to make any REAL dinner. Some days I finally catch up on a nap that I haven't taken in months and enjoy every minute of it. Sometimes I just can't wait til Jared's home so I can psychologically let go a little and give Lukas some more excitement than I at the moment may have to offer. (Read: Here's a wisk! See how it clangs on the pot? Mommy's making dinner, look!)

Then I thought it would be good to get a glimpse into an ACTUAL day so that the grandkids (and let's be honest- you) won't look at this BLOG book and think everything was ONLY hunky dory. If you still do, that's okay too. Although let me say, we do look at our kid-situation differently than some since it took us so long to have him be a part of our family. And since there is only one, I really do have the time to focus on just him when he's awake, and I have a HUGE help in a husband since Jared helps around the house when he can, roughhouses with Lukas while I finish dinner, and likes to give Lukas baths (so I can clean up dinner dishes) and after scriptures and prayers we divide and conquer: I pick up while he gets Lukas down to sleep. Without that, life is a little more frazzly, and a little later, and a little more messy til I get 'round to it (like last night when Jared had obligations til 7pm).

So in celebration of ordinary days, here's today so far ;) It's for posterity, so feel free to stop here and skip it.

6:45- Breakfast #1- chex & banana for the still-jammied guest while I put away dry dishes from washing night before. Put away laundry from yesterday's Laundry Day, which I realized last night as I was falling asleep was actually supposed to be today. (Wed=WashDay) Oh well. I thought it was Wednesday pretty much all day yesterday.
7:00- Start making waffles from scratch. Mesmerize the little onlooker with separating egg whites, then whirring them together til fluffy in the nut grinder.
7:10- Realize we don't have a waffle iron any more.
7:11- Improvise with sandwich maker & let Lukas down to play with whatever til dad gets home from Seminary
7:30-pray,eat breakfast (#2) as Lukas calls "Waffel, Waffel"
8:15-Jared lies down to rest before heading back out for school to teach a class at 9am. I'm dying to get more sleep- just tired, and see eye-rubbing as my ticket for zzz's. I put Lukas down. He's quiet.
8:30- I change his poopy diaper and give up on sleep.
8:45- Dad's off to school, I'm into real clothes and attempt to dress Mr. Squirmy Pantz.
9am- We vacuum the living room and under his chair. I ask him to take himself and his book he's reading in the middle of the floor to the couch. He hefts his wide book onto the couch, then climbs his little legs up there. God bless this angel child.
9:15-I succeed in finally dressing Mr. Squirmy Pants.Grab water, phone and diaper bag. (Does it even have diapers in it right now?)
9:30-We're outside, pushing the wagon over to the playground. I think we're the coolest parents ever as Lukas gets to the curb at the street and looks up and me, hand outstretched and says, "HAND" so that we can cross. He immediately sees a squirrel to chase. We watch a woodpecker eating bugs from the bark. We eat snacks from the green picnic table he can climb up on. We track blue jays swooping from tree to tree. We go over to check out the trash truck picking up a huge dumpster. Lukas is enthralled, and then since said trashman is blocking the street and all the bikes are blocked Lukas is running now towards the trash truck and towards moving bikers. Yeah- coolest parent ever feeling gone. I grab my runner and tell him he always always always has to stay by me at the street. I set him down again on "safe" ground and he runs off to the next thing: a squirrel , another bird. Now the swings. We swing forEVER, and go down the slide a few times. Head to office to check box, wind up back at our house, put wagon away and he's off like a shot to the playground. Play with the soccerball for awhile. Lukas looks for Peter the maintenance guy and meets Sam the maintenance boy. He rides some kids tricycle for awhile. Runs to playground. Plays with the tetherball, sees Abduli and calls his name. Plays on the monkey bars and almost biffed it. He was pleased with himself nonetheless. We made it over to the swings where he lie on my stomach as we swung back and forth, back and forth, until the ropes looked cooler. Then he was off, and then to the bridge again. Man that bridge. Finally, it's almost 11:45 and I'm thinkin' we've gotta get you lunch. One more time across bridge and DOWN THE TWISTY slide for the first time on his bum (went headfirst yesterday) and then I scooped him up (He kicked and screamed to show me how excited he was) and went all the way home, into the house.
11:50- Eats peas, pepperoni and cheese slice. Diaper. Into bed. not a peep.
12:00 I quickly check emails from people about the Creche Festival Musical performances and from people who want to volunteer for the Halloween Party at OP.
12:10- Courtesy call. ug.
12:20- Jared calls. We schedule the rest of the week since we didn't get to it Sunday night. And it's Wednesday. We're flying by the seat of our pants this week. And we can tell. Haha. We plan Thursday really fast since we have major schedule conflicts
12:25- I'm back to the madness. I write back the volunteers
12:40-Co-worker calls. Turns out I'm not on call this weekend afterall, but will be next weekend instead. Yay for homecoming football game! I eat rest of strawberry jam and whipped cream-covered leftover waffle from this morning while on the phone.
12:50-Write back the people from craigslist about performing in the Christmas thing, Check a couple of blogs, and begin this for posterity's sake.
1:30-a peep. PlEaSE don't wake up yet! You're only getting one nap today- it has to be long!
1:55- Sigh of relief as I'm finishing this blog post. Gotta eat and organize donation letters for local businesses that I'm handing out today! Double whammy for OP and Jared's Seminary Kids.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Rise and shout...

We're talkin' one proud Papa here. He taught Lukas to catch, throw, run, turn around, then catch. The next one's so funny!


Here's Lukas waving to the little boy on the grass as Lukas eats his OmBUNGa!

We made this Sunday dinner almost entirely from scratch! About a week ago, I used the apple cutter to make a ton of potato wedges. I put em in the freezer and today we just threw them in the Fry Daddy and fwa-la! French Fries! Jared made hamburgers from scratch (not premade frozen patties) and is now an advocate for the Tupperware hamburger press! LOL. And the tomatoes are from our garden (which we really have little time for, but it gives to us anyways!) The jam we made over a month ago together for a family night, and tonight we had no hamburger buns, so I thought, "I'll bet the Walker Family Cookbook has it and ta-da, it did! They were super easy for a bread recipe and are so good I want them again! I was so excited at how pretty they turned out. The eclairs are overkill, I know, but I'd just made them for the ward dessert contest, (and got second place!) and had TONS of filling left (can't let pudding and whipped cream go to pot!) so I whipped up some more to gobble up tonight!

Pumpkin Search

Wow, there are so many? Which one do I want?

THIS one!!

Here Papi, can you take this to the car for me?

Thanks Papi! You got it? Yeah!

We worked hard! I need a break! Time for wheaties and raisins...mmm!

This thing's bigger than I am! HAHAHAHA!

Thanks Waite family for taking us on a Saturday Pumpkin excursion and thank you to the awesome brother in the 1st ward for letting us take home a couple HUMONGOUS pumpkins!